We are LOCAL Residents and Businesses Campaigning Against The Mini Holland Road Closures

E17Streets4All Founder Paul Sheckleton Has Passed Away

E17Streets4All Announces Sad Death of Group Founder

The Disadvantaged Stand United Against Mini Holland Road Closures

The council continues to ignore the affects of road closures for these heroes

Resist the Draconian Road Closures - Lambeth Residents Did and Won

Learn More About the Successful Lambeth Protests and Join the E17Streets4All Protest

Mini Holland Petition No. 1

While E17Streets4All supports a number of aspects of Mini Holland, for now we ask you to:

Sign The Stop Mini Holland in Walthamstow Petition

This is due to the draconian road closures, some of the issues and problems listed here, and also as a protest against the council’s clear anti-car policies.

Mini Holland Petition No. 2

Dear Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan:

Re-open Roads Closed under Waltham Forest Mini-Holland Scheme Petition

Click link above to sign petition which will be sent to the Mayor of London. Thank you to Christine Greig for starting this petition.

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Emergency Services

We are constantly led to believe that Mini Holland has no affect on Emergency Services. The issue is not that Emergency Services can no longer reach any roads affected by road closures – indeed they can. The real issue is the road closures mean Emergency Services have to take longer detours – frequently on grid-locked roads. Watch this video and see for yourself the affects delays have on Emergency Services – then imagine these delayed fire engines were trying to save you and you loved ones. Don’t be fooled by those who claim Mini Holland has no affect on Emergency Services. One day this will be a matter of life and death. Enough with dogma – we urge the council to stop putting lives at risk and reverse the draconian road closures. Many thanks to YouTuber MiniHollandE17, who sees the choas caused by Mini Holland all too regularly, for the video.

If you have any examples of Emergency Services being impacted by Mini Holland, please send them to us using the form below.

Angry at the constant traffic jams, the affect on your daily lives and the impact on emergency services caused by the draconian road closures?

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