Shutterbox, Volume 2

❮KINDLE❯ ❆ Shutterbox, Volume 2 Author Rosearik Rikki Simons – View Chapter 1 at URL Megan awakens from a dream to find that she's back in Merridiah University and now attending the afterlife school as a full time living exchange studentBut she'd better be carefu View Chapter at URL Megan awakens from a dream to find that she's back in Merridiah University and now attending the afterlife Shutterbox, Volume ePUB Æ school as a full time living exchange studentBut she'd better be careful there are certain rules here that must never be broken When Megan starts her first uarter classes to become a living muse she soon discovers that Dane is out to get her expelled and in the afterlife expulsion carries a frightfully high price.Shutterbox, Volume 2


Shutterbox, Volume 2 Kindle ☆ Shutterbox, Volume
  • 184 pages
  • Shutterbox, Volume 2
  • Rosearik Rikki Simons
  • English
  • 21 September 2016
  • 9781595322012

10 thoughts on “Shutterbox, Volume 2

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    Such a twisted story this one pulls you in every direction and turns you every which way except loose

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    Shutterbox Volume 2Authors Rikki Simons TavishaGenre FantasyRomanceMangaSynopsis We get to learn about Merridiah and AJ We also learn that if you die in Merridiah you stay in Merridiah Megan must capture the Banshee she accidently set free to not be expelled from Merridiah; because if she is expelled both her life and soul will cease to exist anywhereReview I found that it was getting easier to follow the format of the manga Learning background information made the story easier to understand and interesting to me in the long run I still didn’t understand why this manga is categorized as romance as I have yet to see anyRating ⁎⁎⁎⁎

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    Shutterbox Vol 2 was everything I was hoping that it would be The plot begins to pick up the secondary characters are fleshed out this is exactly what a second volume should be Megan has returned to Earth briefly before beginning at MUSE Things are getting a little hectic for her she realizes that things in her real life are not has they appear and even things with her best friend Dagny are a little complicatedIn this volume the reader really gets to know the characters from Merridiah and some of the juicy back story is unveiled In a way the back story really surprised me I was not expecting some of the elements to unfold the way that they did This was a very welcome surprise since manga volumes can sometimes be come a little predictable In addition to the the twists the characters in this volume were hilarious This was a fabulous addition to the series and I cannot wait to start the next volume

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    The story conerns Megan Amano a 19 year old girl living in Los Angeles who has the ability to go to a place in her dreams called Merridiah University The odd thing is that it's a school for people who are actually dead or never incarnated a special school to produce muses spirits who help authors etc in producing their worksShe has a chance to become a special student at the school for a year studying to become a muse herself There are also a variety of other uite interesting characters and strange events going on all the timeThis is a really really good manga The story is fascinating the artwork good the lead female character somewhat different than the standard junior high or high school character and there's also some good comedy This is really enjoyable and absolutely worth getting

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    Beautifully drawn magical creative enthrallingly poetic; the world of Meridiah is like a cross between Wonderland and Hogwarts and otherworldly than either Turns of phrase become literal and literal matters are turned into word play a strange alien upside down world full of whimsical and compelling characters This is really such a great series I'm thrilled to be reading it and I can't wait for the next book

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    I'm not totally sure about this series though I was totally excited when I read the author bios and realized that the guy was the background colorist for the Invader Zim series and the voice of Gir The idea for the series is interesting and it is going well so far but I am looking forward and anticipating a decline Maybe I shouldn't rate books when I'm in a bad mood

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    Refer to the first volume for my review of the series

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    because the story is so beautiful and so rmantic

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