Under a Desert Sky

PDF Epub Under A Desert Sky By DiAnn Mills Pocket Bikes.us When Eva Fortier S Grandfather Is Murdered, Her Attorney Urges Her To Leave New York And Take Refuge In The High Desert Area Of New Mexico Leaving Her Life Of Wealth Behind, Eva Attempts To Make Sense Of The Tragedies In Her Life Navajo David Benally Has His Hands Full Taking Care Of His People S Medical Needs But When His Father Asks Him To Help Fulfill A Vow Made To Eva S Father, He Has No Choice But To Oblige He Views Eva As A Spoiled Rich Girluntil He Sees Her Strength In The Midst Of Life Threatening Danger.Under a Desert Sky

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  • Paperback
  • 316 pages
  • Under a Desert Sky
  • DiAnn Mills
  • English
  • 05 May 2019
  • 9781609361389

10 thoughts on “Under a Desert Sky

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    Under A Desert Sky, by Diann Mills was a tale about Eva Fortier and her new life in New Mexico after running from dangerous men.The book was okay for me It seemed to have a personality disorder as it didn t know whether to be a romance, a mystery, or historical I love all of those genres and you can mix them together with a good storyline, but this book fell a little flat.Eva s character was very hard for me to like at first She seemed childish She was 23 years old, but based on descriptions and her mannerisms she seemed like a 13 year old Towards the end though her character seemed to flourish and develop a likeable charisma.The beginning of the book started off fast with an immediate murder, but then slowed down drastically cooling off the air of mystery in the story A bit of drama was thrown in here and there, but nothing heart stopping.The ending o...

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    The most interesting part about this book is the first page, after that it crashes.The story is desperate to be a mystery but fails royally I won t even begin to point out the many holes in the plot, things not making sense so many quest...

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    Actual rating 2.75 starsThis wasn t a book for me This book has been on my TBR for a while and I decided to knock it off my pile This wasn t a bad book, but it wasn t exactly a great book either It was extremely predictable, and those are my least favorite kind of books.

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    What a sweet story Really enjoyed the read.

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    Loved this book

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    While Eva and Tahoma s story is interesting and I loved the plot twist, the shift between 1st and 3rd person made for clunky reading and the pacing felt slow I would recommend it for light reading, but it s not necessarily a new favorite suck you in type novel I do wish the author had played up some of the many opportunities for tension the story offers an interracial relationship in the 1930s, the trauma of witn...

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    Title Under a Desert SkyAuthor DiAnn MillsPages 316Year 316Publisher Summerside PressTahoma Benally is a Native American of the Navajo tribe He has recently returned to his Navajo community to practice as a doctor after spending ten years in Chicago training for this career While in Chicago, he discovered God and Christianity He has yet to tell his parents or community of his beliefs for fear they will shun him or that he will embarrass his parents He soon meets the new guest at Ghost Ranch, Eva Fortier and becomes instantly smitten, but what can he offer a wealthy, white woman He tries to keep his distance emotionally, but with his carrying out of his father s vow to Eva s father he is constantly near her, weakening his resolve.Eva Fortier is sent to Ghost Ranch to hide from the people who killed her grandfather She has been raised as a rich socialite with all the finest things money can buy On the ranch, she learns a new way of life that she never thought she would embrace, but she does She meets Tahoma and falls head over heels in love, but does he return her feelings She has a job for the first time, which she loves She is a gifted teacher and longs to someday teach others She also finds God at Ghost Ranch amidst her emotional turmoil and the...

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    When picking up a book by DiAnn Mills, I can always count on a fun adventure, with suspenseful moments and tender romance mixed in She s done it again with Under a Desert Sky Eva has witnessed a murder and, miraculously, was allowed to live But now the murderer has apparently changed his mind and is trying to silence her for good A compelling and intriguing beginning Reading about Eva at the beginning of the story, and then watching her grow in both courage and independence, was one of my favorite parts of the book She grew up with every comfort imaginable and a governess who bred in her a distrust of men and other people in general When Eva s suddenly been forced to live with strangers on a ranch out in the middle of nowhere and learn to fire a gun for protection, she s pushed to find confidence and trust in others Her change and growth was encouraging to read Tahoma, her at first reluctant, then willing, protector, was a pretty complex character as well Being Indian, but embracing some of the white s culture, he was torn His spiritual journey was very inspiring to read.Having Under a Desert Sky focus on Eva running from a killer was neat Almost like the nowadays witness protection program, Eva changed her name and disa...

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    This review was posted to my blog on July 28, 2011http lynnhugginsblackburn.blogspot.Some of the first grown up books I can remember reading were in the historical fiction genre Prairie romances I think they re called now These days, I still love reading books set in a different time, where the plot and characterizations are influenced by the s of the day and both time and place are used to add dimension to a fantastic story.And I recently read a great one Under A Desert Sky counts as historical fiction because it s set in pre World War II New Mexico It counts as a romance because, well, there s love in the air And, it counts as suspense because it opens with a murder and ends with well, you ll have to read it to find out Trust me It has a twist.So we ll call it historical romantic suspense In my opinion, the best of three worlds DiAnn Mills set Under A Desert Sky at Ghost Ranch after she spent some time there a few years ago Eva Fortier, our heroine, is on the run after witnessing a grisly murder She hopes to find safety What she finds is a whole new way of life and love.But nothing is as it seems And nothing is easy With a compelling setting, fiery characters, racial tension, challenged faith and blossoming romance, Under A Desert Sky will keep you turning pages long after you should have gone to bed Well, maybe you have self control, but that s what happened to m...

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    I thought this book was really good, definitely worth reading It gives you a glimpse of what life was like living in the west on an Indian Reservation in the 1900 s It also keeps you on the edge of your seat because along with being a romance novel, it also is a mystery I think the author, DiAnn Mills, did a great job at combining the two I was constantly waiting to see what would happen next Under a Desert Sky is about a girl who is sent out to the wild west after witnessing her grandfathers murder in New York She has a lot to learn to survive on a ranch that is nothing like what she was accustomed to back in the big city of New York She is under constant surveillance by armed bodyguards but her stalker is smart She realizes no matter how far she goes, she can t outrun her problems Meanwhile, she begins to fall in love with a doctor for a nearby Navajo Indian Reservation Can she survive in a foreign land, and will she beging to like it there Can she truly...

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