Just Too Busy

Just Too Busy Is The Story Of The Kraft Family S Head On Collision With Busyness And The 12 Month Experiment That Changed Their Lives When Their Children Could Recite The Dollar Value Meals At McDonald S Faster Than The Times Tables, Joanne And Paul Kraft Knew Something Was Very Wrong So, Instead Of Continuing Their Busyness Habit And Fitting Into Their Schedules, They Took A Year Off From All Extracurricular Activities And Learned How To Be A Family Again In This Book, Readers Will Laugh Their Way To Learning The 10 Telltale Signs That They Re Just Too Busy And Find The Courage To Guard Their Families From The Temptation Of Constant Distraction.Just Too Busy

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Just Too Busy book, this is one of the most wanted Joanne Kraft author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Just Too Busy
  • Joanne Kraft
  • English
  • 22 January 2019
  • 9780834126091

10 thoughts on “Just Too Busy

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    This is a fabulous little book full of wisdom and humor When Joanne Kraft took her family on a radical break from all things extra curricular, she had no idea she d be influencing so many While reading her story, and that of her family, I knew my soul was chewing on some good stuff Her words strengthened me, they made me cry, and they made me laugh lots And whi...

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    Although the target audience seems to be moms with older kids, I loved every page of this book Joanne Kraft shares about her family s struggles and triumphs centering on their one year radical sabbatical from activity I saw myself in many of her descriptions and am grateful for the perspective before we reach the school,sports, and everything else phase Each chapter had great...

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    Christian parents this is a must read Especially as moms, we need Joanne Kraft s wisdom I look forward to reading it again before I pass it along to another mom.

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    Great practical book offering busy families the option of choosing differently than expected I met this author at a retreat and was so inspired by the idea of taking a year off of running around, however I discovered that most of my running is for my special n...

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    This is a book that I read in one day, it had me laughing and even sometimes wanting to cry but I found it to be wonderfully enlightening on our culture today that says we must go, go, go and do,do, do That being said we are a busy family, thanks to my mom my son takes martial arts twice a week, my oldest is in dance once a week as is my other daughter and all go to Awana and they are all in 4H once a month as well Some would say, whew For us it doesn t feel busy, I guess since we homeschool we don t have to compete with school sports, homework, etc so we have hours than a family who has to have a strict bed time and awake time My children do these activities because they want to, not because they are forced and they are early enough in the day that we are all home by 6 30 or 7 at the latest That said there are still things that rob our time and that is what I thought was great about this book.She has great ideas for family devotions how many times have you thought I m too busy to do devotions or I m too busy to have a set prayer time , and how to deal with other time thieves like Facebook, computers, game consoles, T.V., etc it doesn t have to be just about sports, dance, and other extra curriculars anything that makes one too busy to attend to your family One thing I took issue with was when she was writing ab...

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    As parents, we tend to want to give our kids the things they want We want to make life easy for them and give them the opportunity to be involved in every activity that is available to them But we have become a society that is mastered by busyness As moms, we ve become zombies driving a mini van shuttle all day and tossing fast food burgers back to our frazzled, tired children And we ve come to believe that this is the accepted way to live it s simply just the way it is While talking with a friend one day, playing the game busy mom poker I ll see your basketball practices on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights and raise you a 6 30 a.m bus drop off time, author Joanne Kraft realized that busyness had taken hold of her family and was wrestling them to the ground She and her husband decided to take a radical sabbatical For one year, their family said no to any organized activities For her four children, this meant no baseball, music lessons, and no soccer They planned a monthly field trip as a family where each member of the family got to choose where they would go and what they would do as a family that day.Although her children were shocked at first, the family began to see the advantages to having a less busy schedule and time together Instead of ships passing in the night, they had time to sit down to dinner, have family movie night, and learn that qual...

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    Wow After reading this book, I think all families might be in need of a radical sabbatical in one form or another, that is I ll be the first to admit that as a mom, my day to day life is just plain chaotic but through the writings and revelations of author, Joanne Kraft, it s easy to see that it doesn t have to be this way In fact, as moms we do have a choice, and rather than shuttle our kids back and forth every day of the week, from one activity to the next, maybe it s time we finally opt to place that minivan into park instead Kraft has also provided each of her readers with a gift if you will the opportunity to stop the insanity that envelops our lives, and the realization that time spent with our sweet families is truly the greatest blessing of all So, if you happen to find yourself just too busy throughout your week, then believe me when I say that you ll mo...

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    Taking a year off of extracurricular activitiesJoanne Kraft tells of her family s radical idea to stop doing so many things and instead spend time together They ate dinner that did not come in a bag and ate at a table rather than in the car Even though her kids missed playing sports, they found that the peace and rest they got was a good trade off My kids ...

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    What a great idea to keep busy families devoted to what s really important A must read for all parents

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