The Dangers of Deceiving a Viscount

Las Malas Lenguas De La Alta Sociedad Inglesa Estar An Encantadas De Saber Que Una Dama Como Lady Phoebe Fairchild Ha Tenido Que Montar Su Propio Negocio Para Salir Adelante Por Eso, Cuando Sta Se Ve Obligada A Coser Para Las Hermanas De William Darby, Vizconde De Summerfield, Decide Adoptar Una Personalidad Ficticia Y Convertirse En Madame Dupree Phoebe Descubre Que Su Atracci N Visceral Por El Vizconde Es Correspondida Cuando L Le Propone Que Sean Amantes A Medida Que Crece El Deseo Del Uno Por El Otro, Tambi N Aumentan Los Riesgos Conseguir Phoebe Que El Vizconde La Siga Amando Cuando Descubra Su Verdadera IdentidadThe Dangers of Deceiving a Viscount

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!!> PDF / Epub ☆ The Dangers of Deceiving a Viscount ✪ Author Julia London –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 416 pages
  • The Dangers of Deceiving a Viscount
  • Julia London
  • Spanish
  • 11 September 2019
  • 9788408094920

10 thoughts on “The Dangers of Deceiving a Viscount

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    Well, at least this was better than The Perils of Pursuing a Prince, but not by much I actually liked the theme about the heroine s talent in designing and sewing women s clothes, and the blackmail threat to expose Phoebe to the scorn of the ton was very realistic, so I had no problem accepting that premise My problem was with the behaviors of the two main characters Will couldn t see that his attempts to seduce a widowed, defenseless seamstress were reprehensible than the sexual habits of a female servant in his household And Phoebe was so realistically able to act like a downtrodden servant even when she was slapped viciously in the face and to work her fingers to the bone while sewing wardrobes for two girls under miserable working...

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    3,5 Carino, ma l ho trovato il meno romantico della serie.In realt piuttosto originale come trama, perch qui la nobildonna si finge modista di umili natali, per poter lavorare e commerciare sfidando le convenzioni dell epoca Salvo poi essere ricattata proprio per questo e, paradossalmente, pregiudicando con il suo comportamento scandaloso proprio i tentativi di riforme progressiste portati avanti dai suoi parenti maschi.E di certo originale, vero e doloroso, l atteggiamento che subisce da parte dei nobili padroni la sorella del visconte la schiaffeggia e non uno schiaffetto, ma le lascia il livido , il fratello del visconte sul punto di aggredirla, tutte le damine la trattano meno di zeroQuindi, per tutto il libro, la nostra passa dall altra parte E comprende cosa si subisce.Non mi piaciuta molto la seduzione operata dal datore di lavoro Ok, lei ci cade come un...

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    3.5 stars I m glad I read this series until the end, otherwise I would have missed Phoebe s story I believe her storyline is the most interesting one I got hooked in the first pages and couldn t put it down until I reached the very last one Lady Phoebe Fairchild, daughter of the Late Earl of Bingley, sister to the Marchioness of Middleton and cousin to the Princess of Powys, is being blackmailed by her ruthless employer, Mrs Ramsey, into working as Madame Dupree, a fake identity Phoebe had created in order to be able to work as a modiste As a consequence, she is forced to visit the estate of William Darby, the Viscount of Summerfield, to design ball gowns for his ill mannered and undisciplined sisters where she assumes Madame Dupree s identity where she experiences first hand life as a servant.William has just returned from 6 years of extensive travel around the world and finds his home in havoc his father had become an infirm and has been unable to tend to his siblings, who have become unruly, they shout and hit each other at every turn the youngest being 17 years old As such, he finds himself in need to hire the best mo...

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    IMO this was the weakest book of the series I love London s writing because she usually writes a big part of the book from the hero s POV, which didn t happen here That left Will kind of a stranger for me, plus I didn t really like the way he pressed an employee of his into an illicit relationship No matter how mutual the attraction was, her initial response was No and I believe pressing, even gently, someone who s financially dependant and in lower social standing than yourself, is not proper hero s behavior.There is also the matter of the ridiculous plot premises The shopkeeper that sells Phoebe s dresses blackmails her to reveal her identity to the ton, if she doesn t go to Lord Summerfield s estate and make dresses for his sisters, posing as Madame Dupree And Phoebe reluctantly agrees and goes I m sorry, but how stupid is believing that not Viscount Summerfield nor his 4 siblings, not even any of his guests that he invints in his house for a fortnight will come to London and ...

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    Me he malcriado mucho recientemente y solo hab a le do cosas muy buenas de este g nero Por eso este en comparaci n se queda un poco corto en cuanto a la narrativa, pero no est mal y la historia tiene su encanto Las tramas secundarias a...

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    Lady Phoebe Fairchild is a great modiste She can fashion clothes that everyone admires, however since she is a part of a society which rules dictate you cannot have a profession and be a part of the ton she is pretending to be Madame Dupree However she is blackmailed to go to a country estate and fashion dresses for two young ladies or she will get exposed So she travels to the estate of William Darby, the Viscount of Summerfield to make dresses for his two sisters who are going to be coming out this next season.Welcome to the house of horror for civilized members of the ton, the Darby s are hilarious Darby eldest has come from 7 year around the world trip because his father s health has declined to the point where he can not move or talk He finds his family appalling He has 2 younger brothers and 2 sisters, the lot of them totally uncivilized and rude One of his brothers is constantly in mischief for cheating at cards and generally hates and is hated by people The other brother is a young rascal who terrorizes his sisters The eldest sister is enad by a smithy and she and the youngest are cat and mouse.Poor Phoebe felt to like she has a heart of gold and never ending patience She does get cross with them but she understands how they feel.William is chased by all unmarried daughters in the county and he has promised his dad that he will find a suitable wife and give him a grandchild as he wanted However he is intrigued by the modiste and decides to purs...

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    The last book of the trilogy, where Lady Phoebe Fairchild finds her own happily ever after.Being blackmailed into working as Madame Dupree by her unscrupulous employer, Phoebe finds herself in William Darby, Viscount of Summerfield s estate, where she is designing ball gowns for his unruly sisters, while learning first hand how life is as a servant.William has just returned from his extensive travels around the world to find his home in shambles, his father infirm and unable to talk and his siblings ill mannered and undisciplined In an effort to make his sisters presentable for society, where he hopes to have them married and settled, he hires the best modiste in London, Madame Dupree.The attraction between them is obvious and they find much needed understanding in one another that brings them close, but a number of obstacles in the way of their happy ending, Phoebe s deception one among them.Apart from a coup...

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    A good book, but not quite as good as the first Julia London book I happened upon so I m rounding down I liked the characters, the situation was plausible, and the romance was passionate I like the way that London brings family into her stories or at least, we re 2 for 2 on that trait Brothers, sisters, ailing fathers there were relationships here than just the main romance and it all played into the plot My main reservations was that I thought the plot was a bit flat, especially towards the end It was obvious that once Phoebe revealed her identity, there wou...

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    I loathe, loathe the mistaken identity theme Mind you I knew what I was getting into before I read the book But my reason for it reading the was the author I love her books, and I thought that maybe, just maybe, I wouldn t be put off by the theme My mistake It bothered me a lot.I found that the whole masquerade mistaken identity in this book, was overly done She could have told her secret at a...

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    I liked this one better than the average, most of my usual frustrations with romance novels occurred not caring about propriety, the difficult angry siblings or children, the hero being ridiculously unreasonable about something silly but were resolved in a believable and satisfying way The hero actually REALIZED he was being unreasonable and apologized Also, for once a series like this didn t make me fee...

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