Professional Test Driven Development with C#

[Reading] ➿ Professional Test Driven Development with C# By James Bender – Hands on guidance to creating great test driven development practice Test driven development TDD practice helps developers recognize a well designed application and encourages writing a test before wr Hands on guidance to creating great Driven Development MOBI î test driven development practice Test driven development TDD practice helps developers recognize a well designed application and encourages writing a test before writing the functionality that needs Professional Test PDF or to be implemented This hands on guide provides invaluable insight for creating successful test driven development processes With source code and examples featured in both C andNET the book walks you through the TDD Test Driven Development ePUB ´ methodology and shows how it is applied to a real world application You'll witness the application built from scratch and details each step that is involved in the development as well as any problems that were encountered and the solutions that were appliedClarifies the motivation behind test driven development TDD what it is and how it works Reviews the various steps involved in developing an application and the testing that is involved prior to implementing the functionality Discusses unit testing and refactoring Professional Test Driven Development with C shows you how to create great TDD processes right away.Professional Test Driven Development with C#


Professional Test Driven Development with C# PDF ↠
  • Paperback
  • 327 pages
  • Professional Test Driven Development with C#
  • James Bender
  • English
  • 04 February 2015
  • 9780470643204

10 thoughts on “Professional Test Driven Development with C#

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    TDD can be intimidating to some developers This is especially true for developers who do not spend the reuisite amount of time away from work learning new technologies and techniues The TDD approach is uite a departure from the traditional way of developing software This drastic change can be difficult for some developers to understand and deal with Some strategies can help members of your development team understand and adopt TDD Telling then about this book is a good start in addition you can use some strategies to get your teammates interested in TDD 2011 Bender et alWith these uote i resume all the book Excellent book and highly recommended a lot information about TDD Principles good practices in software development and a lot of reference to other books and frameworks Despite the book was written in 2011 is a good introduction for developers interesting on doing the things rightGetting management buy in for TDD can be difficult task TDD especially for a developer or development team who is learning it represents a significant learning curve that can make initial development much slower Managers are tasked with getting software delivered on time A good tactic is to demonstrate that although the upfront development takes longer dramatically lower defect count after application reaches A and the higher customer satisfaction after the application is deployed than make up for the perceived slower start up Managers like charts and figures Show that TDD provides value than development without TDD and your manager will have to pay attention 2011 Bender et alI felt totally identified with this uote specially with the last one

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    When I read this it was a pleasure to get some decent information on testing and how to properly test codeNice examples nicely explained and there was proper justification to actual project management vs expected project management

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    This is a decent book to convince yourself that writing tests before code is a good thing It is very readableFor each class of tool used the author picks one for use in the examples The result is examples that relate to each other allowing a reader to reinforce the concepts each time There is a chapter which summarizes some of the different other tools which exist out there so you know that they exist More tools will come out tools will evolve techniues invented etc Hence this book can be used to jumpstart one's foray into TDD or BDD? see next paragraph but cannot possibly be a comprehensive referenceThe word 'testing' is in TDD hence I can understand advocating the use of testing frameworks IoC containers and mocking frameworks However this book does much of the tests in a BDD style I feel that the book's title will be better named something like Writing Tests before Code A positive example would be the book The Art of Unit Testing which focuses solely on unit testing has a paragraph saying that TDD is good but does not otherwise sneak in TDD into the bookThat being said I am not angry with the author In fact I'm rather pleased with being exposed to BDD Nonetheless I will be reading 'purer' TDD books Test Driven Development By Example Growing Object Oriented Software Guided by Tests to find out about TDD and will find out about BDD

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    I was curious about this book as I have already read other ones such as Test Driven Development By Example Test Driven Development A Practical Guide Test Driven Practical TDD and Acceptance TDD for Java Developers or Growing Object Oriented Software Guided by TestsSo this books is indeed about how TDD helps produce maintainable code This book is—as its title says—focused on MicrosoftNet platform and the associated tools It recalls important concepts such as the SOLID principles how to mock dependencies etc before to dive intoNet specific examples that cover WPF WCF etcWhat I like most is that it illustrates TDD in the context of Agile development explaining how to break down a user story into features and in turn into tests

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    I'm not sure what to think about the inclusion of NBehaveit either should have been covered or left out entirely IMO I guess I'm intrigued enough to look into it some As with any book that covers TDD there's uite an emphasis put on various frameworks mocking dependency injection etc It can be a lot to try and absorb if you're tentatively poking your toes in the TDD waters Anyway this was pretty well written Personally I liked the integration of unit testing with the overall sample project you build in the book Pro ASPNET MVC 3 Framework better That sort of put everything in a really good practical context which is a bit lacking in this book

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    very comprehensive coverage of what developing c# code test driven is If you need one book that covers unit functional and even give you a uick glace at UI test this is the one for you Definitely recommend this one

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    This book is a must read for any C# programmer looking to start testing Had to share but I recommend you just read the book

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    Still reading Very interesting

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    I thought that the book would give me insights on how to use Test Driven Development But it was of a cursory overview of TDD

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