Niamh and the Hermit: A Fairy Tale

The Daughter Of A King And A Fairy, The Princess Niamh Is Glorious Fair Perhaps Overly So Her Incredible Beauty Proves A Curse For No Man Can Withstand Even A Moment In Her Presence Without Running Mad Suitor After Suitor Is Turned Away, Since No One Regardless Of Family Name Or Credentials, Is Able To Approach The Princess Without Suffering Intense Burning The Kingdom S Only Hope Rests Upon A Most Unusual Bridegroom The Hermit With The Claws And Wings Of An Eagle, And The Head And Tail Of A Lion, The Mystery Of A Magician, And The Piety Of A Saint, He Alone May Hold Her That Is, If He Can Find His Bride Before She Is Led To Perdition By The Wicked Count And His Shadowy Minions Written In The Evocative Lyric Style Of Lord Dunsany, Niamh And The Hermit Is An Exploration And Exultation Of The Classic Fairy Tale, Blended Seamlessly With All The Imaginative Complexity Of A Tolkien Esque Subcreated World The Author Weaves Fantasy And Fable Together In A Beautifully Written Tale Of Love And Deception, Valor And Weakness, Hope And Fury.Niamh and the Hermit: A Fairy Tale

Emily C A Snyder has been inventing stories since she was old enough to babble, and writing them down since she was old enough to dictate A prolific writer, Snyder is the author of The Twelve Kingdoms series from Arx Publishing, LLC, as well as several Austenesque novels, including Nachtsturm Castle A Gothic Austen Satire.The premiere international scholar on writing new verse drama, she is th

❆ Niamh and the Hermit: A Fairy Tale kindle Epub ❤ Author Emily C.A. Snyder –
  • Paperback
  • 276 pages
  • Niamh and the Hermit: A Fairy Tale
  • Emily C.A. Snyder
  • English
  • 04 April 2019
  • 9781889758367

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    Oh, it was beautiful Oh, it was lovely Oh, I will read this again and again Where to start Niamph and the Hermit is truly what it promises to be an exultation of the classic fairy tale The prose is glorious, the story is glorious, and the characters are ah glorious Glorious, I say Simply glorious Not to mention the world building Which deserves much than a mere mentioning.It s easy to see why this book has been compared to The Lord of the Rings If anyone deserves comparison to Tolkien s magnificent construction of countries and cultures, it s Emily C A Snyder You know an author s done her world building right when the index in the back of the book, instead of being a bore or a crutch, is fascinating HOWEVER It isn t fair to simply say, It was awesome, just like Lord of the Rings because that makes it sound like a Lord of the Rings rip off It isn t It s different from Tolkien s masterpiece, drastically and beautifully different For one thing, the conflict is not caused by a Dark Lord trying to cover the worlds in eternal night Snyder smashed that clich by making the stakes much individual The villain is out for one thing and one thing only the destruction of Niamph You might think the fate of one princess could not be all that important But it is Oh, it is One maiden s beauty a beauty which does not stop at the physical, but is symbolic of all her inner virtue is of such value that the entire kingdom f...

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    Princess Niamh pronounced Nee EHV is perhaps the greatest beauty of the Twelve Kingdoms, one whose loveliness radiates within and without so strongly that nobody in Castell Gwyr is able to appreciate it Potential suitors have either died or gone mad at the slightest exposure to Niamh, leaving everyone in the kingdom of Maelgwynn, including King Gavron, to wonder how Niamh will be able to take a husband and keep alive the line of Siawn Shieldbearer.The most logical solution to this problem comes to prove that opposites do indeed attract when it is suggested that Niamh be betrothed to a mysterious healer Known only as Duncan, the bridegroom is a hermit with the head and tail of a lion, and the wings of an eagle How or when Duncan came to be so enchanted hexed is a mystery, though Gavron and the kingdom are relieved when Duncan accepts the offer of marriage That there is true love evident between Niamh and her Hermit during a clandestine meeting should have bolstered the pending celebration, were it not for the presence of evil lurking about the kingdom.Still nursing the loss of his son to Niamh s beauty, an avenging Count steals into the bride s chamber and convinces Niamh of a method...

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    This reminds me, both in language and style, of some of the better intricate, dreamlike, epic faerie tale literature of the late nineteenth century Snyder has created characters and sagas here that require thoughtful careful reading and until I discovered the notes in the back of the book note taking to keep all the characters sorted in your head Characters are varied and intriguing, th...

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