Les voyages extraordinaires: Hier et demain: contes et nouvelles

In The Year 2889, Which Was First Published In 1889, Portrays A Futuristic Day In The Life Of A 20th Century Newspaper Editor Much Of The Story Sounds Like An Episode Of The Jetsons For Example, A Man Is Clothed By A Mechanical Dresser Before Being Whisked Off To Work The Story, Which Is Set In New York City Now Called Centropolis , Delves Into What The Future World Might Look Like, Including Technological Advancements, International Relations, And Social S First Published N 1889 Under The Name Of Jules Verne, In The Year 2889 May Be Chiefly The Work Of Jules Verne S Son, Michel Verne Michel, Who Was In Charge Of Publishing His Father S Work Late In Jules Verne S Life, May Have Had Financial Motivation To Utilize His Jules Verne S Well Known Pen Name Regardless Of Actual Authorship, Many Of The Topics Covered In In The Year 2889 Echo The Ideas Of Jules Verne, And The Tenor Of The Book Is Generally In Keeping With Jules Verne S Optimistic View Of Future Possibilities Jules Verne 1828 1905 Was A French Author Who Helped Pioneer The Science Fiction Genre He Is Best Known For His Novels A Journey To The Centre Of The Earth 1864 , From The Earth To The Moon 1865 , Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea 1869 1870 , Around The World In Eighty Days 1873 And The Mysterious Island 1875 Verne Wrote About Space, Air, And Underwater Travel Before Navigable Aircraft And Practical Submarines Were Invented, And Before Any Means Of Space Travel Had Been Devised Consequently He Is Often Referred To As The Father Of Science Fiction, Along With H G Wells Verne Is The Second Most Translated Author Of All Time, Only Behind Agatha Christie, With 4223 Translations, According To Index Translationum Some Of His Works Have Been Made Into Films.Les voyages extraordinaires: Hier et demain: contes et nouvelles

Journey to the Center of the Earth 1864 ,

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    7 10 Every one is familiar with Fritz Napoleon Smith s system a system made possible by the enormous development of telephony during the last hundred years Instead of being printed, the Earth Chronicle is every morning spoken to subscribers, who, in interesting conversations with reporters, statesmen, and scientists, learn the news of the day Further,...

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    The most interesting aspect of this story wasn t the scientific or technological predictions for 2889, but the socio political state of the world that Verne imagines Frankly, I think he would be shocked by the technolog...

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    1889 1860 EM 1870 1880 1890 1900 42 11 18 1910 optical fibers 1837 1963 1622 1833 1871 videoconference 1835 1884 1922 1926 5 , , .

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    Little though they seem to think of it, the people of this twenty ninth century live continually in fairyland I first heard about Jules Verne and his amazing imagination when I was eight years old Since then, I ve always wanted to read his works and see for myself, the things he had imagined of the future Although it seems like this book had been written by Jules Verne s son, Michel, it still lived up to my expectations In the Year 2889 , quoting from the book, is the history ...

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    You just have to admire Jules Verne for his earily good predictions of the future In this novella, amongst other things, he predicts the existance of videophone and global news coverage by a form of on demand and live television It s quite mindblowing how ...

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    I read this story today It must be the first sci fi story that I found particularly unimpressive To be certain, the story isn t set out to be anything like a fully fledged work of fiction, or an ambitious or too elaborate picture of the world in 2889 it is just a hasty sketch, a quick snapshot of a particular view of the future that the author entertained, as if during a short break from doing something else Having said this it must be clear why I haven t given the story a lower rating it is because for the kind of work it is, it just doesn t make sense to compare it to a fully fledged work of fiction, it must be evaluated by other standards.Now the interesting point The way that in 1889 Verne imagined the world of 2889 would be like seems to us today not particularly advanced In fact, we have already invented better versions of most of the things mentioned in the story There is in the story a relatively very small number of inventions to which we don t yet have an analogue advertisements projected on clouds in the sky being a particularly undesirable example Yet the po...

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    This was an interesting read where through Jules Verne or Michel Verne s imagination we see how the 29th century will look like This whole post is a spoiler.In the year 2889, people consume food that is compounded and prepared according to scientific principles, and they breathe an atmosphere freed from the micro organisms that formerly used to swarm in it hence they live longer than their forefathers and know nothing of the innumerable diseases of olden times Rumours has it that nutritive air is yet to be discovered.They have mechanical dressers.They receive communications from Mercury, Venus and Mar via phototelegrams this book was written in the era of photographs and telegraphs No cell phones, no Skype, no IMS, no Facetime and etc Apparently, these planets are inhabited.Some new planets sre still being discovered, such as the Olympus It is said to be a great planet gravitates beyond Neptune at the mean distance of 11,400,799,642 miles from the sun, and to traverse its vast orbit takes 1311 years, 294 days, 12 hours, 43 minutes, 9 seconds In the event of a cloudless sky, the scientist could create artificial clouds Even rains when they felt it necessary.They seem to have solutions to housing problems and the problem of existence reduced to it simplest terms, eg, instead of the endless suites of apartments of the olden time, one room fitted with ingenious mechanical contrivances is enough Here a person sleeps, takes his me...

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    Verneovsk poviedka z kateg rie scifi a polfi politick fikcia dej sa odohr va o 1 000 rokov nesk r 1889 2889 Niektor veci m me u teraz farebn TV, internet, videohovory, transplant cia org nov , mnoh nie hibern cia ud , kontakt s mimozemsk mi civiliz ciami.Spojen t ty severoamerick anektovali Spojen kr ovstvo ako kol niu Rusko siaha a po R n a pohltilo Indiu ne navrhuj politiku jedn ho die a a M di u nie s piata ve moc, ale prv Medi lny magn t m za man elku profesion lnu kr sku, ktor sa asto pres va do Par a kv li m de Reklama je v adepr tomn a ovplyv uje sa kv li nej pekn po asie biele mraky treba ako podklad na premietanie reklamy Povedom V ase p sania bola priemern d ka do itia 37 rokov, Verne o tis c rokov nesk r predpokladal 68 U teraz o 100 rokov nesk r sme dosiahli vy vek.Prv troj veta Lid tohto XXIX stolet , ani si to uv domuj , ij jako v poh dce Jsou p e...

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    The review from afar No 5 Revised forward to these overseas reviews Since I am cycling back and forth from the US to Asia like a piece of string in search of a yo yo, I have forgone the usual joy of slugging 8 12 paperbacks along with me and taken a previously unused Kindle 3G along instead It is to the fine folks at Project Gutenberg that I tip my hat virtually every title I have or will be reading comes from their worthwhile endeavors or endeavours, when in a former British colony In the Year 2889 is a piece of short, speculative writing that relies not so much on a mystery, or plot, or characters, but on the fertile imagination of its author That it follows and builds upon the science and predictions implicit in Jules Verne s novels there can be no doubt Whether this work was written by Verne pater or fils is a question that is apparently much debated I do not know which of the two or how much by each this was created Nor do I care, except in some abstract, gee it would be good to know that , kind of way What matters are the intellect and the genius of these ideas Is this a perfect realization of what the world might become 1,000 years out Of course not Writers of fiction, including the best Science Fiction writers take ideas, current trends, and even historical trends ...

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