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[Reading] ➿ Oxford Take Off In French By Marie-Therese Bougard – E17streets4all.co.uk Take Off In French makes learning or brushing up on the language uick easy and fun Follow an intergrating course including activities and dialogues with native speakers so you can feel confident in da Take Off In French makes learning or Off In MOBI õ brushing up on the language uick easy and fun Follow an intergrating course including activities and dialogues with native speakers so you can feel confident in day to day conversation The course offers expert help when you are travelling with a handy phrase book and mp audio download for practice while on the move This complete language learning kit contains everything Oxford Take Kindle - you need to speak read write and understand French and gives you flexibility when learning The pack includes a clear easy to use coursebook full mp audio available to download audio CDs including an extra practice CD a handy travel dictionary and phrasebook and online activities and dialogues to support you as you pick up your new language.Oxford Take Off In French


Oxford Take Off In French eBook Õ Oxford Take  Kindle
  • Paperback
  • Oxford Take Off In French
  • Marie-Therese Bougard
  • English
  • 06 January 2016
  • 9780199534333

10 thoughts on “Oxford Take Off In French

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    Working with this book and its audios will improve your listening skills

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    I wouldn't recommend this course except as revision material It is designed for an absolute beginner yet does not provide full translations of the French texts I think this is a terrible trend in language instruction publishing that effectively renders a lot of the thoughtful work that goes into such books as these uite useless since without full translations the beginner is going to struggle so unduly that his motivation will be threatened For an intermediate learner such as myself the material is good additional practice but at the same time the book is not very challenging the first chapters can be skipped and provides only limited vocabulary growth I consider audio material vital to a beginner's study regime and this book is very scanty in this regard I have gone through several similar books and whereas most audio content generates a dozen or so pages of notes made from blind listening this book's generated only 4 This reflects the low difficult level of the book which is not a fault but also the lack of meat here Without splicing up the audio material to check I'll just have to guess that within 4 hours of CD playtime there is perhaps half an hour of French dialogue It sounds incredible but most of that playtime is taken up with recapitulations of those same dialogues broken up into chunks and formulated into drills The focus in on getting you to speak rather than expanding your comprehension so bear my criticism of the listening and vocabulary in this lightSo here I should say that if you love being drilled by a CD by all means find this book If you were to use this method you would improve your speaking skills However I personally could never make this method the centre of my learning I also doubt that any fluency in speaking will be of much use when the lack of breadth in the material provided will render any real French conversation mere babble to youAs obvious as it is to say no one book even of the mighty Assimil series will ever give you than a stepping stone's improvement in the language I don't want to offer the useless criticism that this book does not contain everything needed to learn French However I think it's necessary to state the obvious since so much exaggeration abounds in the publishing industry This particular book would be honestly titled French Drills for beginners find confidence in speaking spontaneously includes grammar explanations and pronunciation tips

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    It's not like a reading a language learning book it was like reading a novelA very organized and useful packI love Oxford's Take off in series

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