❰Reading❯ ➷ Effortless Author S.C. Stephens – E17streets4all.co.uk Después de estar atrapada en un triángulo amoroso y de protagonizar una traición devastadora Kiera juró aprender de los errores ue había cometido Estaba decidida a no volver a causar esa clase de Después de estar atrapada en un triángulo amoroso y de protagonizar una traición devastadora Kiera juró aprender de los errores ue había cometido Estaba decidida a no volver a causar esa clase de dolor a nadie más en especial a Kellan ese hombre talentoso y vital ue se había convertido en dueño de su corazón Pero la vida siempre presenta nuevos desafíos y complicaciones para cada relación Después de todo Kellan es una estrella de rock y las chicas ue acuden a sus conciertos pueden ser muy convincentes Cuando Kellan se embarue en una prolongada gira ue los mantendrá separados durante varios meses la confianza y la seguridad de Kiera se verán comprometidas y Kiera sentirá ue hasta su propio amor será puesto a prueba ¿Será capaz de mantenerlo vivo contra viento y marea.Effortless

SC Stephens is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who enjoys spending every free moment she has creating stories that are packed with emotion and heavy on romance Her debut novel Thoughtless an angst filled love triangle charged with insurmountable passion and the unforgettable Kellan Kyle took the literary world by storm Amazed and surprised by the response to the release of.

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    Time to be honestI didn’t want to read this book There I said it I didn’t want to I read Thoughtless because a friend kept badgering me to and while it was enjoyable it was also torture I don’t always enjoy reading books that are torture But I did enjoy Thoughtless I ended up giving it 3 stars and agreed albeit reluctantly to read Effortless Then I started a phase of Rock Starsand the same friend struck while I’m on this Rock Star kick to get me to read Effortless And I was still reluctant I enjoyed Kellan in the first book but I wasn’t looking forward to Kiera in the second book I didn’t think I could take another book of her indecisivenessI was pleasantly surprised to find a mature Kiera Yes she still made mistakes and there were a few heart stopping moments that were filled with emotion and angst but it wasn’t nearly as bad as Thoughtless At one point I was begging my friend for spoilers because I was at a frustrating point filled with angst and I wanted to throw my Kindle across the room I received the answers and reassurance I was looking for and continued on the Kellan and Kiera journey Kellan remained the romantic and nearly perfect boyfriend view spoilerI particularly loved all the notes he left for Kiera That was the sweetest thing ever hide spoiler

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    ♥Just finished my re read Loved it just as much the 2nd time♥ My casting for Kellan Keira 6 stars “you finally get it” “get what?”“That I’m yours that you can take me anywhere anytime anyway That you own every piece of me” KellanOh god – this book just wrenched my heart out in an AMAZING way In fact I’m sure it even stopped entirely a few times I liked it even than book 1 and thats saying a lot cuz I looooved Thoughtless “Loving you Kellan is so easy it’s effortless” His smile matched mine then I frowned and sighed “Trusting youthat’s the hard part” This book is all about trust Keira and Kellan are finally and officially a couple but they have a lot to deal with Kellan’s rock band is getting some national recognition and he ends up having to go on tour for several months but Keira can’t come because of school So its all about her learning to trust him since he has uite the man whoring past and he’s an insanely hot rock star who is on every girl’s fck me list lol while he has to learn to trust her in his absence because even though in book 1 she was cheating on Denny to be with him – the love of her life she still showed herself to be the kind of girl who could cheat Both issues are valid and its up to the both of them to prove to each other that their love for each other is strong enough to overcome any barrier that is thrown in their way and that they are each worthy of each other’s trustAnd the notes dies I don’t want to spoil too much but basically when he goes he leaves all these notes everywhere for her to find and they just melted my heart “But if for some reason we’re not closer if something has gotten between us please I’m begging youdon’t give up on me Stay Stay with me Work it out with me Just don’t leave meplease” KellanThis book make me cry several times – usually happy tears or just very emotional tears its just a really really beautiful storyAlso its important to note that even though there IS a third book coming out sueeeeeee this book ends with a very happy completely satisfying ending In fact for a long time I thought this was the end of the series and if it was I would have been 100% happy with how things ended Definitely HEA feel But I CANNOT WAIT for book 3 “but what it all boils down to is three words that don’t mean nearly enough I love you” KellanHere’s how I see Kellan Keira I know that Kellan is supposed to have light sandy colored hair but this pic just ‘felt’ like him anywaysFor of my reviews come visit my book blog at come join my FB group at

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    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A year with many ups and downs has passed by for Kellan and Kiera Will their love be enough when Kellan goes on tour?And God said let there be perfection and there was “Effortless” was written for me and for me alone Emotional heartwarming perfection Kellan Kyle will forever be one of my very favorite heroes He melted my heart “I love you Kieraplease believe in me” “But if for some reason we're not closer if something has gotten between us please I'm begging youdon’t give up on me Stay Stay with me Work it out with me Just don’t leave mepleaseI can't praise this book enough This is S C Stephens at her absolute best Thank you for giving me the best reading experience of my life “Effortless” was even better than “Thoughtless” if that is possible There's really not enough great things I can say about this I loved “Thoughtless” but I LOVED “Effortless” It was amazingly perfect for me and the author is completely fantastic This had everything I could ever want and hope for in a book and it was also absolutely flawless It was so much better than I ever could have imagined and dreamt of The best seuel ever written My heart is overflowing with happy emotions This woman can do no wrong in my bookI completely adore her Every book I have read by her has been absolutely amazing And the Thoughtless triology has been beyond incredible so far It is like she has been in my head and picked out exactly what I want to read about and the characters I want to get to know Not to mention the fact that she has introduced me to the love of my life rock God Kellan Kyle “You finally get it Get what? That I'm yours that you can take me anywhere anytime anyway That you own every piece of me”These books are outstanding for me and I am gonna be grateful for eternity to this incredible author for writing these books Every page every sentence every syllable just perfection I can't get my head around how much I loved this book #Cloud7And so there is Kełlan He is a rockstar He is panty changing sexy aka sex on legs he is un freaking belivable gorgeous and he loves Kiera unconditionaly Not to mention he is shy on occasion cocky as hell in others has a vulnerable side and nothing seems to embarrass him I love every side of him there are no words for how much I love him He will always hold a top spot in my heart He is born to stand on the stage but he is only truly happy when he is with his girl He has an unbelivable sad past that breaks all of our hearts and he used sex and music to escapecope Until Kiera she changed everything for him He isn't afraid to let her see his vulnerable side and it makes him even sexy#MeltedMyHeart Everything in “Effortless” was so freaking perfect in every way From page one to the last I wouldn't change ONE thing And the ending? Sweet God in heaven most perfect ever It made me so unbelivable happy I read the last pages with a big goofy smile on my face Over Kellan Kyle #LoveOfMyLife| Hero | 5 | | Angst | Medium focus || Heroine | 5 | | Romance | | High focus || Sexual tension | 5 | | Suspense | Low focus || Storytelling | 5 | | Humour | Medium focus || Plot | 5 | | Darkness | Low focus || Story ending | 5 |

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    4th Re read THIS BOOK STILL BLOWS ME AWAY Loving you Kellan is so easy it's effortless I didn't think that I could love Kellan any after reading Thoughtless but in this book he really became my ultimate and most cherished book boyfriend Kellan was all kinds of perfectionI loved that Kiera was trying so hard to make a life for herself outside of Kellan I can only imagine how hard that would be for anyone Even though she had issues with jealousy and trust she was big enough to own her feelings and think them through rationally And I loved that Kellan was always so patient and did everything he could to ease Kiera's insecurities It was also so heart breaking to see how he really didn't think he was worthy of being loved He was just as fearful of losing Kiera as she was of losing himThis book was about Kellan and Kiera finding themselves as individuals and realizing that although how they got together was f'd up that they truly were meant to be That their love could see them through all the tough times and they'd become better versions of themselves because of itOctober 2012 ReviewNOT ENOUGH STARS FOR THIS ONE Effortless is a great follow up to the first book ThoughtlessIt's so hard to believe that someone so young and extemely hot as Kellan Kyle has an ability to love one woman so passionatelyI fell hard for this character and the story Even ended up liking Kiera better in this book I was not too crazy about her in the first oneThere are parts where my stomach was tied up in knots but in the end this story leaves you thoroughly contentThe 3rd book Reckless comes out in March 2013 I can hardly waitI HIGHLY RECOMMEND this series

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    I was completely bored with EffortlessI wasn't a fan of Kiera to begin with in Thoughtless and it certainly didn't change in the second bookKiera's insecurities and disbeliefs in the first pages were terribly off putting including her constant comparison of her and other girls or uestioning why Kellan is with her It was just so tiresome reading how much she was mesmerized by Kellan like she's still in awe of his physical attributes and the love she has for him is an afterthought At some point I was convinced Kellan loved her than she loved him and she was into being with a rockstar than really being with Kellan But heythat's just me

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    Oh I'm so sad that I finished reading this book I'll miss Kellan and Kiera I really hope that S C Stephens will publish paperback because I want to have Effortless on my bookshelfWhat I like well I'll be short rock god with his girfriend's name tattooed over his heart apple lollipop bathroom scene imagine me with devilish grin Griffin and The Hulk promise rings and Griffin being a dadSo all you goodreaders read this book while it's free

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    I’m gonna forget all other shits because view spoiler Finally Kellan and Kiera together Yay And they're getting married D hide spoiler

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    3 12 stars Wow I’m sort of torn here While I loved reading about Kellan I don’t feel like I got much of a story until I hit the halfway point in the book Maybe I was just too drained from reading Thoughtless and I should have waited before moving on to this one I was so addicted to Kellan I couldn’t stop Thoughtless had a satisfying ending but I just had to have of him Then there was Kiera the girls got issues Kellan’s I can understand but her she just doesn’t learn Talk about needy Jeez The fact is I couldn’t stop reading and was up until 3 in the morning because I had to know what happened So I guess that says something about the book and the writing I might have enjoyed it if it focused on 2 other characters and Kellan and Kiera ‘s relationship was a secondary story Nah who am I kidding it’s all about Kellan for me and his sensual personality The stuff that boy says and does is like a drug for me and I needed an encore My suggestion is if you read Thoughtless give yourself a breather before you move on to this one I think I would have appreciated it if I had done that One note There were some very funny moments in this book usually involving Griffin Oh he's obnoxious and downright gross at times but he was good for a few laughs He grew on me

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    ❤❦ 5 Denver Omelet Orders Rating ❤❦ Loving you Kellan is so easy it's effortless Trusting you that's the hard part The story of Kellan and Kiera continues with some new challenges and self discoveries and of course lots of HEAThe story picks up a year after the events of book 1 Everything remains pretty much the same and Kellan Kiera are taking their relationship slow With a booking to a local festival the Dbags get booked to travel with 6 other bands cross country for 6 monthsimage error

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    This novel was so gut wrenching and painful to read It had it’s good and bad times Every time I clicked to the next page my thoughts were “Oh No’s what’s gonna happen now?” I swear if it were a paperback novel I would’ve cheated and went straight to the end of the novel LOL I didn’t want to be disappointed if there wasn’t a Happily Ever After But for onceI got what I wantedKiera's trust issues will make you wanna strangle her ButIt all happens for a reasonI took the time to hate and love her character I for onewouldn’t know how to handle keeping a long term relationship with a Rock Star boyfriend who goes on tour for six months And Let me not forget to mention Kellan Kyle is the definition of a player Having so many sexual partners he’s lost count how many woman he’s slept with But in his world Kiera is his everythingIs it enough to keep the love of his life to trust him? I don’t knowread and find out So this is where I totally understand the Heroines POV of the story But then againwould I ever put myself in a circus situation and deal with all the drama? Hmmmm If it’s Kellan Kyle? HECKS YEAH LOL In reality? Hell Freaking NO Now you see where I’m going with my opinions with this story It’s confusingemotionally distraughtintensebut then againit has a really good story very romantic “you can feel the love in the air kinda of stuff” Sexually hot sweaty palms It’s everything that I love in a novelI just really wished the heroine took her trusting and insecurities down a notchbut it is what isIf you’re not a fan of cheating and love trianglesthen I would skip book 1 “Thoughtless” you can read the second book and enjoy it for the story that it is Everything gets repeated in small glimpses in this novel So skip it I promise you’re not missing out on much But then againif you can take in all the abovethen go for itIt’s a great novel See once again I’m confused about my feelings for this novel I’m totally twisted up and emotional wrung out LOLMust have seriesLove ItHate Itbut you’ll get over itahahahaha I believe Fans of Beautiful Disaster by Jaime McGuire and All The Wrong Reasons By JL Paul will ENJOY this seriesBTW Don’t let the covers to this series fool youit’s not a young adult seriesCan Also be viewed at

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