Honey Money

Honey Money Shows How Men And Women Can Do Better In The Workplace And Life By Boosting Their Attractiveness Why Are Some People A Success At Everything Why Do Doors Open For Them Wherever They Go The Answer, Catherine Hakim Shows, Is The Power Of Erotic Capital A Magic Combination Of Attractiveness And Charisma That Is At The Heart Of How We Work, Live And Conduct Our Relationships She Reveals Why Erotic Capital Is Just As Influential As How Rich, Clever Or Well Connected You Are In Life Often So And How Reading This Book Can Help You Boost Your Potential Should Be Read Out To Young Girls Because It States That You Can Be A Feminist, You Can Be Strong And Independent And Clever, And You Can Wear A Nice Frock And High Heels While You Do This Bryony Gordon, Daily TelegraphHoney Money

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Honey Money book, this is one of the most wanted Catherine Hakim author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Honey Money
  • Catherine Hakim
  • English
  • 08 July 2019
  • 9781846144530

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    Ah, the joys of women pandering to men s needs as a way of communicating in the workplace What woman could say no Well, I hope every one of you who is a female and reading this will always say no However, there seems to be an increasingly vocal minority of highly successful women who bizarrely believe that sex discrimination no longer occurs in the workplace or elsewhere, who are now advocating that you, as a woman, should go ahead and exploit your femininity and behave in a manner in the workplace or wherever and however else you encounter men that is essentially about pandering to their needs by you flirting and using erotic capital.Catherine Hakim, academic sociologist at the prestigious, world renowned London School of Economics, is not only author of this questionable book, but also, it seems proud of her work in criticising feminist assumptions about employment the quote is from her Wikipedia profile.In Honey Money Hakim is effectively saying just use your erotic capital and voil , you may find a rich man, but certainly life will become easier because men will treat you better So THAT s how women can be successful in today s society Wow Who thought it could be so utterly straightforward as that All you need to do is smile , flutter your eyelids, maybe wear high heels, dress in body shape enhancing clothes, use a certain appealing tone of voice and oh please don t worry if you or others think you ...

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    I find it ironic that so many feminists think this a NON feminist book, especially as so many non feminists think it s dripping with it I think it s actually somewhere in the middle, drawing attention to the multiple double standards between the genders when it comes to beauty discrimination, which definitely exists and is something perpetuated by both men AND women, either as a control issue or jealousy or both I believe HONEY MONEY to be a thought provoking book that challenges many feminist ideals that are nowadays accepted as standard, especially with reference to pornification of Western culture and beauty It suggests much of radical feminism actually colludes with patriarchal standards, especially in the shaming of women for their attributes , insisting female erotic capital should be free for men s use and not part of any transacti...

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    Okay, short version I had high hopes for this book They were all completely unmet.I went into it keen to hear what Hakim had to say I left confused as to how this messy ramble got published What I expected interesting psychological studies, insights into the role gender and attractiveness in general has in the workplace.What I got Sweeping generalisations that didn t actually cite research Check those footnotes they don t lead to references, just rambling Statements out of the blue with no demonstrated supporting evidence I don t understand people who say she s included supporting evidence in the text when literally all her references are just footnotes where she adds additional comments that sometimes even contradict what she d just said I felt like I was going crazy reading it like, surely someone can t get away with saying studies show that X and not cite a single study On the plus side, now that I know that one doesn t actually have to apply the scientific method or cite evidence for their opini...

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    I discovered this book while reading The Economist a few weeks back they had reviewed it and had given it favorable reviews I found this book to be very informative and incredibly provocative I could not put it down I finished it in less than a day, and I was so sad for it to end The arguments that Ms Hakim presents are sometimes upsetting, but upon reflection, a lot of what she writes is regretfully true and accurate to what I have seen, being a female in the work force now for over 6 years.I consider myself a true feminist, in that I don t believe that women need to act like men, in order to succeed in our society Women should celebrate being women, and all that this entails I also don t think that being a women, per se, means that you are a floozy It means that you understand that appearances do matter especially when it comes to finding a mate , and that women should take pride in the fact that we are the fairer sex.This books basically presents the argument that women are born with a comparative advantage over men, and this comparative advantage is what Ms Hakim refers to as Erotic Capital Women have this advantage becau...

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    I actually DID like this book, even though I only rated it a three star This is how it all makes sense Catherine Hakim s extensive and thorough research into erotic capital is impressive She dares to bring up a subject that is extremely important in today s society, and she backs it up with numerous studies in both sociology and psychology Hakim asks just the right questions I don t agree with everything said, since I find some of the answers way too easy of an explanation None the less I am intrigued to study the subject even further, by myself and through other books by Hakim I particularly liked the comparison between men and women, and the discussion on Feminism Feminism has become part of the reason why women fail to ask for what they want and fail to get what they think is fair, However, I did get a little tired and lost about a third into the book and it took me a while to get through those pages Therefore the three stars, since she almost lost my interest com...

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    I read this because,even though I knew I would probably disagree with it,i thought it would challenge my perspective on the issues mentioned what with it being written by someone from lse Alas it just felt like I was trolling myself there are so many hole...

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    I found some interesting facts but the overall thesis was poorly justified Basically, Hakim has a framework and wants to fit the world into this framework Naturally, her framework explains everything while predicting nothing new Gave up early, so if the book got ...

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    Interesting perspective on using erotic capital as a domination instrument instead of a victim s feature A little bit too pro cold and meaningless sex, but you just can t deny she is honest Sad but true.

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    Her lack of citations was really annoying, especially when she was making controversial claims.

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    This book is hard going, since it s written like an essay with a whole lot of supporting data written in to the book itself The first two chapters are the hardest, then after that it s much easier A lot of people disagree with the ideas she s putting forth, but I personally think that some of it is valid Things like women who are attractive get paid attention and therefore get luckier breaks and move up faster in the world this is similar to a ...

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