The Samson Effect

Dr Michael Sieff And Dr Thomas Hamilton Have Stumbled Onto A Finding So Astonishing That It Could Reshape The Political And Religious Boundaries Of The World Hidden In A Cave In Hebron, Israel They Find An Ancient Scroll That Gives Evidence Of A Substance So Powerful, It Gave The Biblical Strong Man Samson His Great Strength.In The Quest To Uncover This Powerful Secret, They Run Into Two Other Groups Who Also Know Of Its Existance The First Is A Group Of Protectors Chosen Each Generation To Keep The Ancient Secret And Use It When The Moment Is Ready The Second Is A Ruthless Palestinian Ruler Who Wants To Use It To Create An Invincible Army For Allah To Purge The World Of Infidels And Bring It Under His Control.Joined By An Unlikely Ally, Sieff And Hamilton Travel The Globe, Dodge Bullets, Endure Betrayal, And Ultimately Have To Confront The Most Powerful Enemy That This World Has Seen In Ages Facing Unimagineable Odds, They Are The Only Two Standing Between Freedom And Conquest Of The World This Is The Page Burner That New York Times Best Selling Author Clive Cussler Calls A First Rate Thriller Brimming With Intrigue And Adventure.The Samson Effect

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  • Nook
  • 228 pages
  • The Samson Effect
  • Tony Eldridge
  • 09 June 2019

12 thoughts on “The Samson Effect

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    The Samson Effect had some unfathomable discrepancies the pistol to the head at point blank range I could not get by The plausibility was suspect I finished the book and it was an interesting read from a historical perspective.

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    A nice quick paced historical thriller that joyfully reminded me of a James Rollins book Cool premise, good story telling, fast paces, and a nice hook at the end

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