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❰KINDLE❯ ❁ Jaclyn's Ghost Author Dorlana Vann – E17streets4all.co.uk Ghosts Mystery and Fashion Can this diva solve her own murder or will she be stuck in limbo forever After recovering from the shock of seeing her own dead body still dressed to kill from last night's Ghosts Mystery and Fashion Can this diva solve her own murder or will she be stuck in limbo forever After recovering from the shock of seeing her own dead body still dressed to kill from last night's party fashion model Jaclyn Jade discovers she's a ghost with a choice She can either immediately go back to Hell do nothing and stay in limbo or find the reason she fell short of grace and advance to Heaven Because she was murdered Jaclyn hopes that finding her killer will unravel this mystery With the help of a timid closet psychic who can speak to the dead and a handsome yet arrogant ghost of a man from the roaring s her search for answers initiates a uirky journey of self discovery Personalities eras and worlds collide as this mismatched trio race against time to solve the mystery of Jaclyn's GhostNote comparable to a page paperbackKindle.Jaclyn's Ghost

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    Jaclyn’s GhostBy Dorlana VannKindle ASIN B004LGTRPS NOOKbook 2940012071361Jaclyn’s dead murdered in the prime of her life at the height of her career but Jaclyn doesn’t want to go to hell which isn’t what you think it is so Jaclyn has a set amount of time to figure out what she missed in her life that kept her from going straight to heavenAlong comes Logan a fellow ghost who is dashing and helpful He lives in Jaclyn’s apartment building and is willing to help Jaclyn figure out what went wrong The best place to start? Find her killerOnly nothing is as simple as it seems to be Finding Jaclyn’s killer is a complex process that reuires creativity on the part of Logan and Jaclyn and the help of a photographer who can hear Jaclyn Logan and other ghostsI really enjoyed the way Ms Vann approached her story It was creative and new Jaclyn’s Ghost held my attention from the start and had me rooting for Jaclyn and Logan as they tried to discover what had happened to Jaclyn Ms Vann throws several interesting complications into the story line that keep the tension going The story was well developed and resonated with meI would recommend Jaclyn’s Ghost to anyone looking for an interesting paranormalmystery read

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    Jaclyn's Ghost is a very well written love story about Jaclyn Jade and Logan Smith At the beginning of the story Jaclyn realizes with the help of Logan that she is dead More specifically she's a ghost Logan died in the 1920s when the site of Sunset Apartments was a hotel Dorlana Vann lends a great twist to the uestion of where do we go when we die Hell is really Earth were we repeat our past mistakes or learn from them with each subseuent life I really liked this take on it of course I already think that our souls live than one life on this planet I've given Jaclyn's Ghost 'only' 4 stars out of 5 because with the paranormal and mystery elements it's not for everyone

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    I loved this book and am totally impressed with Dorlana's ability to immediately capture the reader's attention This was a book that I didn't want to put down Great read

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    I won this book in the first reads giveaway

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    This book started with what I thought was a very cool idea for a paranormal mystery The life you are living on Earth is actually Hell There's not really a firy underworld full of pain and punishment Real life is punishment enough Preach Every time you die you are essentially reincarnated and live another life until you are worthy enough to go to Heaven In Jaclyn's case she's murdered and because she was a horrible uncaring bitch of a human being she's going to Hell That is unless in the form of a ghost she can figure out who murdered her and why If she does she can go to heaven There's alot of rules when you are a ghost though Like her ghost can't leave the building she died in the living can't hear or see her etc Luckily she gets help from other ghosts and a psychic that can hear and talk to them It was difficult for me to want Jaclyn to succeed because she was such an unlikable character and seemed to not have any redeeming ualities at all Worse yet she was also a boring unlikeable She wasn't a villian with a sad backstory she was just your average snotty bitch for no reason Almost to the very end she is mean and ungratful to those that help her along the way It's hard to root for a character you can't connect with on some level She was determined though I'll give her that Her character also made it very confusing why Logan the local ghost from teh 20s was so willing to help her This ghost literally haunted her when she was alive and knew what a terrible human she was and still wanted to help her go to heaven His story was much interesting but I won't spoil that juicy bit The whole ghost world was what really entertained me A few of them were pretty comical Can you imagine what a ghost would have to say after haunting you for years?Overall it was a uick read with an interesting idea about the afterlife but the MC was terrible and so was the ending 5 Reasons to Read Jaclyn's Ghost1 Posession2 Ghosts3 Charles Charles fun name4 Life is Hell5 Logan

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    The story took a lot of time to develop Jaclyn is a kind of girl who can be easily disliked by anyone She is arrogant blunt rude and everything else that a model is expected to be But still Logan and Morgan put up with her and Logan should go to heaven just for that For about 34th of the story goes with this feeling in mind while reading It is only towards the end that a lot of things change and the book ends of a feel good note The story is well written and the characters are given proper development and enough word space Even side characters like Jaclyn's boyfriend Morgan's boyfriend and some other supporting ghosts are not only given page space but also proper character development It is very easy to imagine all the characters in vivid detail while reading the story The overall feel of the story is average Because of the unnaturally slow start there are parts in the book where the need to skip some pages get very tempting Because of that and the story pace it takes a lot of time to finish reading the book although the story in itself is very short The ending felt a like the allocated word count was getting over and so all the loose ends are uickly tied up Instead of providing a lot of back story to everything in a lot of detail the story could have been evenly paced and distributed 35 stars for the story

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    Fascinating madcap adventure of sleuthingJaclyn Jade a model at the top of her career is murdered Charles Charles the messenger gives her three choices return to Hell—Hell being life on earth a continuous cycle until one gets it right; Two she can remain a spirit seeing Hell but only as a spectator; the third choice is to go back as an Open Spirit figure out why she didn't make it into Heaven and if she does she will go straight to the pearly gates But there's a catch—a time limit If she fails she will remain a Spectre ghost forever never entering Heaven or Hell Jaclyn decides to take her chances and along the way she discovers a few things about herself new friends alive and dead and what it means to fall in loveLogan Smith is a Spectre ghost one that should have went straight to Hell but was missed Now he roams the apartment where Jaclyn was murdered He vows to help Jaclyn no matter the costsMorgan Reed a psychic and also the photographer with the police The police deem Jaclyn's death a suicide but when Morgan hears Jaclyn's ghost speaking to another ghost she investigates further Morgan will risk her career and her relationship to help Jaclyn discover the truthMs Vann's tale of Heaven and Hell and in between is a fascinating madcap adventure of sleuthing Not only will the killer be revealed along with the reasons for the unjust murder but the tale also unfolds the lives and hopes of each of the characters The journey is one of self discovery leading the characters down a road of forgiveness acceptance and love Well doneReviewed for Pnr Paranormal Romance wwwparanormalromanceorg Karen Michelle Nutt author

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    Interesting book I liked how the author dived right into the story where the reader and Jaclyn discover together that she is dead and now a ghost Problem is her death is actually a murder but the police write it off as suicidedrug overdose She is given two choices A go to Hell which is not what you or Jaclyn thinks it is but that Hell is Earth where she could begin life a much uieter life than the one she had been leading as a model again with a young couple that are expecting a girl B opt to have 24 hours to figure out the answer to the uestion on why she has had 200 previous lives but not yet made to Heaven However with the last option comes the risk that she remains in Limbo earthbound ghostspecter at her apartment building She choses B and with Logan Smith a ghost she meets at her demise wishing to help her At first the only person that can hear them is a crime photographer slash medium Naturally the crime photographer winds up also trying to help Jaclyn and Logan on this uest as well Who and why was Jaclyn killed and will she go to Heaven Of course it isn't smooth sailing which brings in humor and some twists to the story while Logan and Jaclyn race against timeAlthough I liked the HeavenHellLimbo and the ghostspectre angles as well as the ghostsspecter's 'fear' of 'well meaning' ghost hunters some of it was cornishly convenient even in a paranormal sense Overall though it was a very enjoyable story that I will likely pick up to read again in the future

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    Jaclyn's ghost is a well written and fun read Jaclyn wakes up to find a strange man in her room She is confused and then finds out that she is dead and that the man is another ghost His name is Logan and he lives in her apartment buildingJaclyn was a fashion model and had a lucrative career She finds out that she was murdered and decides not to continue on in hell living lifetime after lifetime to try to ualify for entry into heaven She has a chance to redeem herself and figure out what she did wrong and enter into heavenLogan the handsome and helpful ghost volunteers to help her They find a medium named Morgan and the three of them investigate who and why Jaclyn was murderedMystery romance redemption and friendship run through the pages of this book It is cute clean and will leave you with a smile on your face

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    This is a different type of ghost story compared to others I have read Great cast of characters All of the ghosts and non ghosts alike were entertaining There were uite a few funny moments I am not uite satisfied with the way it ended however Don't get me wrong everything came together rather well but I felt that it was missing something Still a good read and I will definitely be reading from this author

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