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[Ebook] ➠ Roses of Winter Author Murdo Morrison – They had been through one World War and a Great Depression Now they faced another global conflict Share the adventures of the Burns and McIntyre families in World War 2 Scotland Follow the lives of fo They had been through one World War and a Great Depression Now they faced another global conflict Share the adventures of the Burns and McIntyre families in World War Scotland Follow the lives of four strong women as they strive to keep their families together while their men are at war Sail with Roses of MOBI :ò the men into hazardous scenes of action as they deal with the conflicting moods and emotions brought by constant danger Roses of Winter recreates the experience of living through the world's greatest conflict as the characters seek to survive and imagine a future Discover along with them that even in the winter of wartime flowers may yet bloomBook website.Roses of Winter

Murdo Morrison is an American writer of Scottish heritage Born in Glasgow Scotland his early years were spent in a Scotstoun tenement The author's family has many links to shipyards shipbuilding and the Merchant Navy a background that he drew upon for his first novel Roses of Winter Murdo attended Allan Glen's School and Roses of MOBI :ò the University of Glasgow before moving to the US in where he co.

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  • 09 October 2016

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    Morrison's novel about several Glasgow families during WWII was an interesting read I loved his characters and really cared about their welfare There are too many characters to list here but my favorites were Donald McIntyre a merchant seaman who joined up and survived the bombing of a merchant fleet in the Arctic Charlie Burns who is stranded in Dunkirk during the evacuation of the British Army Ella McLennan who braves the bombing of Clydebank to find her daughter and her grandson and Ellen Burns a young woman who chafes against the expectations that society and war put upon women Morrison's strength as a writer is in the realism of his writing Some of the best scenes in the novel were those of Ella wandering around the bombed out ruins of Clydebank Donald and his shipmates fishing for survivors after the attack in the Arctic and Charlie and his mates doing their best to survive Dunkirk Two minor criticisms first I had a lot of trouble keeping all the different characters straight Just when I thought I had a handle on who was who Morrison would introduce new characters into the story Also Morrison does such a good job showing his readers the devastation of war and he draws his characters in such a way that the reader can easily sympathize with them However Morrison did not trust his showing these things in the dialogue and provided endless lines of telling the reader how to understand what his characters were feeling I felt like these 'telling the reader' moments slowed down the narrative and were usually unnecessary This story would make a great miniseries The realism of the writing and the wonderful characters would be fun to watch on the screen

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    Sobering provocative and satisfying; a great readI read this book on a cruise vacation this summer and came away immensely grateful for everything we enjoy in North America in 2012 How uickly we as a people forget the searing tragedy of the great warsHaving said that this is not a book that discusses Generals and battles but rather a book that reveals the emotions of war Parents struggle to maintain normalcy for their children; young adults rebel against parental authority and prudence seemingly oblivious to the war; wives and girlfriends wait and worry at home afraid that any knock on the door will bring fatal news; and those at war and assisting the war effort watch with fear as those around them are killed and maimed The book makes no political statement about World War II it just deals with the War’s effect on several common families in ScotlandThe book is exceptionally well written and contains a glossary at the back of certain Scot terms which the reader may not know I highly recommend for both the casual and academic reader and look forward to aditional books from this author No particular knowledge of any part of WWII is reuired to enjoy the bookDisclosure I was randomly selected from among numerous GoodReads readers to receive an advance copy of this book; I have read it and this is my honest evaluation I have no connection with this author or publisher and have received nothing from anyone in consideration for publishing this review

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    What I like most about this book are the people and the way their lives interconnect Yes there's deprivation and yes there's tragedy and yes there's hardship but there's also warmth and love and an incredible sense of community And for me the strength of the book is the way the author brings this sense of community to life in such a believable and unsentimental way His attention to detail is excellent as is the rich and very credible dialogue I feel I am there living and breathing with Bessie and Mary and Ella and Charlie and Murdo and Donald and the others and their families and all the neighbours in the different Glasgow closes with the outside loos and the cups of teas And reading it today in a world where and of us are living alone and isolation makes it all the poignant A UN report I read recently said that a sense of 'well being' is linked to one's sense of belonging and a sense of 'not belonging' to place or a community can be detrimental to our health and our ability to learn and ultimately our uality of life Roses of Winter is book about people in a community who had very little in the sense of physical possessions but who had everything in the sense of uality of life It's well written and engaging and well worth the read

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    The social aspects of World War II are told in this story of a community in Glasgow Scotland depicting life from just prior to the onset of war in which you get to know the characters very well There is some of the battles fought at sea but told from the personal aspect The main focus is the story of wives mothers and children whose husbandssons and fathers have gone to war How they live in dread of the telegram boy form strong support for each other regardless of social class The war finally comes to an end but the book continues with their story of getting back to 'normal'The author has used the local dialect in writing this story and while it was at first a little distracting I soon became used to it and feel that this added greater depth to the story Murdo Morrison has written another book The Taste of Dust which follows the same families over the next six decades Having enjoyed Roses of Winter I intend reading The Taste of Dust

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    Beautifully written and well researched The Roses of Winter tells the story of the struggles of several families based in Glasgow during World War II Because of the shipyards located in Glasgow the German's make this city a target for heavy bombing You feel for the residents as bombs blast through their modest tenements destroying lives and homes There is constant stress and fear not knowing when or what will be bombed But it also reenforces camaraderie and resilience in these families This book also tells the story of the men who went to war on the ships built in Glasgow I especially loved following the story of Charlie Burns who is a merchant marine trapped on the beach in Dunkirk after his ship is blown up after delivering fuel to the French And Donald McIntyre who works in the hot cramped uarters of a ship as an engineer Communication is primitive with just radio newspapers and letters written by soldiers are censored The wives don't know what has become of their husbands until the men come home or they receive a dreaded telegram Many of the characters in the book were old enough to have lived through the depression and World War I only to have another great war to test their strength I love historical fiction and this one was a pleasure to read and the first one I have read that focused on Glasgow which so so heavily damaged by the war It reads like an epic following the families through the years of the war The dialog was written in the Glaswegian dialect but it was understandable and it make you hear the characters as they really speak and a glossary in the back of the book aided in understanding a few of the words that were new to me I look forward to reading from this author

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    Roses Of Winter has vivid descriptions of naval battles along with cities getting bombed into rubble but its then just a war story What really makes Roses Of Winter a great novel is how the characters in the story react to the chaos around them The characters change during the course of the story and you feel for them When I read a book I like to bookmark parts that I really enjoy I bookmarked 20 different scenes in Roses Of Winter that I felt were examples of great writingFor example I liked when Mary is at her mother’s funeral and while grieving makes the realization that someday her kids will have to attend her funeral and feel the same way she feels I also liked when the ship Charlie is on is under attack and as he sees the bombs dropping he imagines being on a picnic with his wife Other things I liked in this book was how Bessie and Ellen changed throughout the story There is also a good scene where Andy finds the people he works with are then they seem and there is a good commentary on how its the working class that really pays the price in a time of crisisRoses of Winter is kind of like a journey through World War 2 where you will find a little bit of everything The book has a couple of love stories there is loss suspense a suicide and some good battle scenes At its core the story is about how families and friends pull together to survive in the face of disaster Roses Of Winter is a great human drama and an excellent read

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    I listened to this as an excellent audio Podiocast read by the author I loved the added sound effects of the ships and the original war time radio broadcasts Roses of Winter gave me a deep insight and understanding of the impact of World War II on the Scottish people I loved the stories and the characters I admired the honesty and frankness of many of the family discussions The collouial slang was entertaining I was reminded of how much my mother enjoyed living in Scotland with a family while she was a college student My mother would have cherished this story I became very attached to many of the families portrayed in this book I look forward to hearing from this author

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    I adored this book I was completely caught up in the lives of the characters I listened to this read by the author on iTunes His wonderful Scottish lilt transported me to war time GlasgowI was so disappointed when this book ended especially in what I thought was the middle of the story So off I went to get the seuel The Taste of Dust I will however miss Mr Morrison's voice carrying me into his world

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    Very nicely done The all important aspect of drawing the reader into the story has been achieved by this author Throughout I felt I was right there observing the scenes as they unfolded The emotions of the characters were well conveyed; the surroundings well described

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    Although war played an important role in this book it was really a very warm book Warm because of how all these neighbors took care of each other during a trying time

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