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PDF Epub The Innovative Team By Chris Grivas New Tools For Tapping The Creativity Of Teams And Achieving Breakthrough Results The Innovative Team Is An Engaging Business Fable That Reveals The Impact Our Underlying Work Style Preferences Have On Our Teams And Their Results The Authors Present A Breakthrough Thinking Process For Developing Successful Teams They Introduce A Uniquely Effective Set Of Tools Built On FourSight, A Measure Of Problem Solving Preferences Field Tested By Top Consultants, Which Can Help Anyone From Professionals To Novices Solve Problems And Achieve Performance Breakthroughs FourSight Enables Teams To Understand Their Patterns Of Thinking And Manage Themselves Deliberately Toward Accomplishing A Goal.Written As A Business Fable That Recounts The Story Of A Team S Journey From Dysfunctional To High Functioning Outlines A New And Effective Set Of Tools For Enhanced Team Performance Details The Four Stages Of A Dynamic Breakthrough Thinking Process The Innovative Team Offers A Great Resource For Management And Leadership Development Professionals, Team Leaders, And Anyone Interested In Kick Starting Innovation In Their Workplaces And Lives.The Innovative Team

Chris Grivas is an organizational and leadership development consultant focused on increasing the creative capacity of individuals, teams, and organizations His clients have included Ernst Young, Connecticut Children s Medical Center, and New York University, among others He holds a Masters Degree in Creativity from the International Center for Studies in Creativity in Buffalo, NY When no

Free ↠ The Innovative Team  By Chris Grivas –
  • Hardcover
  • 243 pages
  • The Innovative Team
  • Chris Grivas
  • English
  • 13 June 2017
  • 9781118115718

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    Tools to help anyone solve problems better, especially in teams or groups This first part follows a fast paced ride through a team s desperate effort to deliver before a key client walks, in which the team goes through a stressful game changing process evaluating their thinking styles They try to learn where their strengths and weaknesses in the process are, and make sure they solve the right problem thoroughly, creatively and efficiently In the second part you learn to identify your styles a...

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    Tremendously helpful tools for leaders to structure team efforts, presented in a fictional office setting Fun and informative Full disclosure, one of the authors is my fantastic and amazing cousin

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    I found this book co written by Chris Grivas and Gerard Puccio to be very interesting and informing and recommend it to any manager thinking about attempting to truly form innovative teams in their workplace.

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    My, why does writing for business need to be so horrible The point of the book is delivered in about 12 pages.

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    I worked with Chris Grivas at Connecticut Children s Medical Center where he facilitated the work of building Innovative Teams through helping staff understand their Disc profiles and ways to best work together The scenario Chris creates of a team working to solve a business problem demonstrates practical applications The second part of the book explains the use of the profile tool I re...

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    Similar to a Pat Lencioni book, this is a leadership fable It tells the story of a team who is performing badly, on the verge of losing a major client and who turns it around by understanding and implementing a four stage process of innovation I originally listened to the book but found it insightful enough that I purchased a hardcover to be able to review and dig deeper I certainly...

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    Kinda lame I ve tried reading a couple of these business fables and they seem to be mostly lame with the exception of the 1 minute manager because that one is pretty good I m sure the innovative process discussed in the book is effective it would make a better 5 page journal article than a busin...

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    Quick yet helpful read on the applying the creative process and understanding creative preferences, with an emphasis on developing creative teams I ve had the FourSight training already, and this book reinforced that learning as well as taught me some new insights and techniques Recommended to anyon...

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    Lessons of the book are taught in the form of a leadership fable The fable was a little dry and boring at parts, but it did an effective job of teaching the content If you just want to get to the point rea...

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    It is a good manual for innovation.It considers the diversified nature of the team members and the different stages of innovation The book can be a good development for every leader to use it with his her team.

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