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William Self is an English novelist, reviewer and columnist He received his education at University College School, Christ s College Finchley, and Exeter College, Oxford He is married to journalist Deborah Orr.Self is known for his satirical, grotesque and fantastic novels and short stories set in seemingly parallel universes.

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  • Paperback
  • 432 pages
  • Walking to Hollywood
  • Will Self
  • English
  • 01 March 2017
  • 9781408809945

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    The notion of inverted worlds is given a bizarre twist with Self s Walking to Hollywood, a novel divided into three sections, with each recounted by a fictionalized Will Self undergoing a different form of neurosis The first section of this triptych while chronologically linked, these three tales are loose enough to be read individually as novellas , Very Little , is the Character Self s 100 page obsessive compulsive breakdown and a continuation of the Author Self s career long obsession with scale Self reconnects with a childhood friend, Sherman Oaks, a dwarf who has now become a trendy, international pop artist When they were children, Self betrayed Oaks trust by having a fairly harmless sexual tryst with his sister, and a confused sense of guilt underlies each increasingly frequent and increasingly random encounter Self has with Oaks, as their paths keep crossing while the diminutive artist globe trots in his pursuit to plant colossal constructions of himself in bizarre locations such as the Easter Isles and the Great Salt Lake Desert All the while, Self can barely keep his psyche together as he bumbles from one literary festival to the next, his obsession with the arbitrary nature of dimensions and amounts crippling him in profound ways.The titular middle section makes up the me...

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    Walking to Hollywood is a triptych based around three mental pathologies obsessive compulsive disorder, psychosis, and Alzheimer s Very Little explores Self s permanent obsession with scale Walking to Hollywood finds him investigating who murdered the movies Spurn Head is a bleak walk along a crumbling coastline and a rumination on death.The narrative mixes Self s psychogeography writing with mordant satire, surreal fantasy and personal reflection The book s freewheeling absurdity is ...

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    As a fan of Will Self, this novel really 3 bloated short stories is particularly disappointing Each section nominally relates to a psychiatric disorder propped up by a faux memoir style photos in the text, footnotes telling us that this is a clue that this is a faux memoir Walking to Hollywood is Self recycling his recent Psychogeography journalism into a poorly edited set of fictions how much clothing is bespoke, how many skies mackerel, how many times can you write nuages maritimes Each has his kind of journalistic style an explicitly stated idea, some local colour often in dialect British as he walks somewhere, and descriptions of him taking a shit Some of these ideas have real potential The eponymous story is a return to Hollywood to discover what killed film as the predominant cultural form our imagination takes The answer, it w...

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    I picked this up because it is illustrated, and I m trying to read all contemporary fiction that uses images So my comments here have to do with that I have something to say about the prose at the end.In a book of fiction well, experimental writing that combines journalism with bits of the novel, the memoir, and the travel account the first image is always an unexpected guest Here the first chapter opens with a description of a dew pond not sure what that is, but never mind A single cramped ash was reflected in the gunmetal disc of water, a disc that was ringed with pocked earth and cupped in a fold of cropped turf Seven pages later comes the first image in the book, which is unmistakably that dew pond So it s reasonable to assume that a reasonably interested reader will turn back seven pages to compare the description and it fits A next question might then be why is the image on page 10, given that in the intervening pages the narrator has been remembering other times and places The book opens with Self s friend, an artist supposedly called Sherman Oaks modeled, I think, on a combination of Anthony Gormley and Corban Walker , ranting at the edge of the dew pond In the next few pages, before the first image appears, Self recalls other meetings with Oaks The line on the bottom of page 9, just before the image, is Then, in the late 1980s, there began the inexorable rise of Sherman Oaks, the artist Turning the page, we re brought back to the dew pond ...

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    Friday evening, it was thought, however erroneously, that a viewing of Sofia Coppola s film Somewhere would be of benefit as I was completing Will Self s fictional memoir Despite the centrality of the Chateau Marmont to both narratives, Coppola s effort appeared by the numbers, numbing...

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    Disappointing Very disappointing I have found fiction by Will Self when he is on his game to be reliably intelligent, playful, satiric and entertaining I wish I d found the same here This triptych of a story, a meta fictional travelogue cum quest cum faux memoir, has much of what one looks for from Self It has the fantastic, the magical and outrageous imagery which, when deployed sparingly, are literarily delightful Unfortunately this book is less fantastical than it is confusingly and disjointedly surreal Sadly, Self seems to have become overfond of that most egotistical of post modern tropes metafiction He plays with identity, self identity or rather Self identity in a seemingly endless series of loops which, when assembled from its constituent parts, identifies itself as something akin to a broken Kl...

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    In his new book, a perpetually wayward Will Self investigates all manner of madness the only way he knows how by strapping on his boots and walking to airports Staged as a memoir, we follow the author as he meanders from London to LA to Yorkshire Cliffs Along the way, he gleefully prods at conceptual art, dissects a bloated, self reflexive Hollywood, repeatedly catalogs his compulsive disorders, and peers into the void of his own diminishing mind A fantastical skewering of psychos...

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    Melting buildings and melting type, a distorted portrait of Self himself looking like eighty million dollars worth of Edvard Munch painting the lurid orange cover of this recent Will Self triptych of feverish fabulations immediately made me think of Hunter S Thompson s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and inevitably of the film adaptation thereof Turns out the cover was in fact actually done by Thompson s longtime favorite collaborator and Will Self s own frequent illustrator Ralph Steadman, according to the fine print on the back so at least my instincts were good.It seems likely that Self himself did spend quite a lot of time on foot in the city where, famously, nobody walks although I myself used to walk to work and back when I lived there, back in the 1990s Walking to Hollywood, and especially its eponymous middle section, is filled with a delirious wealth of hyperrealistic detail about Los Angeles to whose accuracy I can attest, although I m not sure Self s pedestrian itinerary as a whole would stand up to being mapped out There s a nod to one of my favorite little oddball venues, the Museum of Jurassic Technology There s also an impassioned essay on one of my favorite films, Blade Runner pp.197 198 , that includes accurate details about the Bradbury Building and the nearby Grand Central Market, as well as a neat little aside on p.172 that I couldn t resist q...

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    psychotically deep, brilliant, fascinating

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    The very thing that causes me to enjoy reading Will Self is what put me off in this book his writing is a constant surprise Every book of his I ve read previously, this has been its strength This time, however, even to the last page of Walking I had no idea what was going on.Though it s a continuous narrative, it s divided into three distinct parts Each one follows its own arc and it s revealed most plainly in the authour s afterword each one is devoted to a different mental illness Very Little, which deals with paranoia through the tale of a dwarf artist and his friend who may or may not be Self was a little confusing and ultimately confounding, feeling like an experiment at our expense An interesting story, sacrificed to style.The eponymous middle part is the longest, approaches psychosis via the authour s or his acting representatives walking tour from London to Hollywood with the necessary flights between , and is the least comprehensible It veers from parody to social commentary to outright lunacy, namedropping and pop culture citing throughout A fun ride, but ultimately dissatisfying, feeling rather like a lesser writer s attempt at Fear And Loathing in L...

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