Reading Kantelson Author Ingrid Jonker Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Ingrid Is Seen As Part Of The Group Known As The Sestigers Poets Of The 1960 S Of Which Andr P Brink And Jan Rabie Were Also Members She Committed Suicide By Walking Into The Sea At Drieankberbaai, Cape Town, On July 19, 1965.Her Third And Last Volume Of Poetry, Kantelson, Was Published Posthumously In 1966Kantelson

Andr P Brink, in Barcelona By the time they went to Paris, the relationship had become a see saw of fighting and making up She ended up at a mental institution there and was sent back to South Africa Her other lover, Jack Cope, had gotten wind of Brink and didn t want to pursue his relationship with her any further either.Jonker couldn t find work and was even trying to sell the rights of some of her poetry in order to feed herself and Simone This, in addition to the political turmoil apartheid South Africa was in at the time, added to her emotional distress and she committed suicide by drowning in the ocean at Three Anchor Bay.Jack Cope was instrumental in having the remainder of her poetry published as Kantelson in 1966 Other than a couple of short stories, Jonker was also the author of a drama entitled Seun na my hart.

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