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Scott Westerfeld is a New York Times bestselling author of YA He was born in the Texas and now lives in Sydney and New York City In 2001, Westerfeld married fellow author Justine Larbalestier.He is best known for the Uglies and Leviathan series His next book, IMPOSTORS, returns to the world of Uglies It comes out September 11, 2018.

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  • Hardcover
  • 400 pages
  • Leviathan
  • Scott Westerfeld
  • Russian
  • 20 November 2019
  • 9785699508648

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    Like many of my friends, I ve been looking forward to getting my hands on Leviathan for a while It is so sad that after such a long wait I can t give this book than 2 stars And if I am being honest, I added second star for fabulous cover art and excellent illustrations 1 or 2 per chapter My low rating doesn t mean however that I would recommend NOT to read this book I simply didn t care for it personally, for several reasons.First, this book seems to be mistakenly classified as young adult fiction To me it read like a children s book, middle school maximum For a book about 15 16 year olds, Daryn and Alek are written awfully young By the way their thought process, their behavior and motivations are portrayed, you d think they are 11 12 years old, they are even drawn by the illustrator as pre teens I can enjoy some books written for this age group, such as first 2 Harry Potter books or His Dark Materials, but the world of Leviathan just didn t hold my attention.Secondly, the book is extremely heavy on descriptions of various machinery and fabricated animals and battles between them I know, this is the core of the book a war between Clankers and Darwinists but I hoped this concept would be pre...

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    I really enjoyed Westerfeld s Uglies, so I was excited to read this new book, set in an alternate reality It s the dawn of World War I, and war is about to erupt between two great powers the Clankers Germany Austro Hungary and the Darwinists England, France, Russia The Clankers are technologists with walking tanks a la Star Wars , zeppelins and airplanes, while the Darwinists have discovered ways to manipulate DNA and create biological hybrids like floating whale ships, lizards that relay messages in English, jellyfish hot air balloons, and elephantine beasts of burden Westerfeld s world is beautifully realized and totally convincing Lots of action, and two great main characters who have dangerous secrets The whole ...

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    this is a zippy, high spirited breeze of a novel, aimed at the lucrative TROPE 1 audience and with clear appeal for even younger folks as far as characterization and narrative go, there is not much here that will suprise or challenge the readerbut the novel does have charm, lots of it don t expect to get your mind blown, but it is certainly a pleasant way to spend a few hours and there are many enjoyable elements in the now almost played out use of TROPE 2 big clanky walking machines, living dirigibles and various flying machines or machine beasts, the setting itself, and the enjoyable TROPE 3 of europe during the first world war now rife with imaginative historical tweaks and simmering distrust between the machine lovin Clankers and the evolutionary mix masters, the Darwinists.the TROPE 4 is rather standard a plucky, mouthy, resilient young TROPE 5 who TROPE 6 to have the adventures of a boy nonetheless, despite the familiarity of the gender bending, she is thoroughly enjoyable the TROPE 7 is also rather standard a prickly and often high handed littl...

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    Alternate title An Adventure in Which an Aristocratic Young Man Discovers How to Pilot an All Terrain Walker and that he is Now an Orphan, and a Young Woman Disguises Herself as a Young Man and Joins the Navy to Pilot Flying Octopi and Whales.I rarely read Young Adult, so it is a mark of Westerfeld s credit that I didn t abandon ship immediately I picked it up as a monthly read, mistakenly assuming the group disqualified the genre from nominations I know what you are thinking why didn t I quit Well, Leviathan has been making reading lists for some time with solid ratings from my friends And every now and then I do read some fantastic young adult It isn t the book s fault, exactly it s mine It felt odd fencing in farmer s clothes, without servants standing ready to bring water and towels Mice scrambled underfoot, and the giant Stormwalker watched over them like some iron god of war Every few minutes Count Volger called a halt and stared up at the machine, as if hoping to find in its stoic silence the patience to endure Alek s clumsy technique It begins with Prince Aleksandar Ferdinand of Austria Hungary headed to bed, musing on the battle he was enacting with his little tin soldiers Before long, he s awakened by his father s trusted adviser on what he thinks is a nighttime training mission piloting a land walker in the dark T...

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    The Archduke of Austria Hungary and his wife are assassinated and their son, Alek, flees into the night with trusted advisors Deryn Sharp disguises herself as a boy to gain a post on a Darwinist airship With a Great War brewing, how will their paths intersect I had Leviathan on my kindle for so long I d largely forgotten when I purchased it Sometimes, you just want to read about giant steam powered robots in the dawn of World War I.Leviathan is a steampunk adventure tale set in the opening months of World War I in an alternate world where war is brewing between the Darwinists and the Clankers Darwinists use genetically engineered war machines while Clankers use big honking human piloted robots Sounds pretty good, right In a Young Adult sort of way, it s a fun tale Will her comrades find out Deryn is a woman Will the Germans find where Alek is hiding Will we see brutal robot on robot action The worldbuilding in Leviathan was my favorite part Who doesn t love giant robots and huge living airships Setting it during World War I was a nice change of pace that avoided some of the usual steampunk tropes I also liked that Alek and Deryn didn t instantly fall in love and neither of them was a Chosen One type of character.The writing didn t wow me, however It was pretty average and felt a little repetitive at times My main gripe, while we re on the subject, is that not a lot actually happened I m aware that it was the first book in a trilogy but it was pretty unsatisfyi...

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    It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives It is the one that is the most adaptable to change Charles DarwinThe world of Leviathan set in 1914 is divided into Darwinists and Clankers The Darwinists have evolved genetics to make animals useful to humans The Clankers have built their society on machinery technology I love maps and Scott Westerfeld provided a great map to show how his imagined world has been divided up between the two camps of thought Prince Aleksandar Ferdinand awakes one night to find that his world has been turned upside He had an uncertain future to begin with being the son of the heir to the Austria Hungary throne and yet, because his mother was of common blood the marriage was deemed a left handed marriage which does not allow Alek to inherit his father s title Franz FerdinandHis father and mother survive the initial assassination attempt that in our reality sparked World War One In Westerfeld s world they survive only to be poisoned later that night at a dinner party Alek is whisked away by men loyal to his father in a Stormwalker, a two legged war machine Despite the fact that he has no legitimate claim to the throne the Germans are intent on neutralizing him Emperor Franz Joseph is old and the Germans fear he will recognize Alek as his heir They would prefer someone likely to ally with their war aims In the book A Nervous Splendor Vienna...

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    A missing piece can be very bad for the puzzle, whether in the natural world, or politics, or here in the belly of an airship Initial Final Page Thoughts.That s what I want to know, Alek That s what I want to know High Points.Deryn Alek This world wooow, why doesn t it exist yet Huxleys Darwinists Clankers Flying wales Cow farts TrinketsDiddies Messenger lizards Science Nature Snowshoes Tazza Dr Barlow Frostbitten bums Odd kind of tingling The prospect of sequels Low Points.I think I ll appreciate this book all the when I look back on it after reading the others which may or may not be zooming down the motorway to my house as I type.This isn t a gripe directed solely at Mr Westerfeld like everyone who has ever written a story where a girl dresses up as a boy and no one notices.Yes, that s right It s also directed at YOU director of Shakespeare in Love and that film where Channing Tatum takes his top off a lot and there s football sorry, soccer, involved She s the Man Basically this rant is aimed at Shakespeare shakes first Sure, I could get over it if the girl in question was like a baby People would notice a sixteen year old girl who looks extremely pretty in the illustrations, I need to add was galliv...

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    After reading Cassandra Clare s Infernal Devices, I got a taste for steampunk that I have not been able to satiate until now Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but I believe Leviathan is targeted for early YA, in the same vein as Percy Jackson and the early Harry Potters My advice to you is if you are thinking about reading any of the Rick Riordan Percy Jackson books put that thought out of your mind right now, and pick up Leviathan instead Trust me on this one, you will thank me for it Leviathan is alternate history novel that takes place in the time immediately preceding WWI Just after the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife were murdered in Sarajevo Leviathan follows the story of their fictional son and heir to the throne, Alek, as he attempts to escape the armies wanting to kill him Austria, like Germany, is a Clanker nation which means they rely on machines for weapons and transportation We have dual protagonists in this book and different chapters are told from the different protagonist s viewpoints Our 2nd main character is Deryn Deryn is a ...

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    For any YA fans looking for a new fun and imaginative adventure to fill the Harry Potter sized void in your lives, I give you Leviathan Beware the Clanker Revolution It s the year 1914, and Austrian prince Alek has just learned that his parents have been murdered Instead of being allowed time to grieve, he is forced to flee his country with only a handful of men loyal to him As his birthright represents a direct threat to the Clanker army s quest for power, the fifteen year old Alek has been targeted for assassination On the run, the young prince tries valiantly to find a way to prevent a war by ending the conflict Behold the Darwinist Evolution In contrast, Deryn Sharp doesn t try to avoid conflict, she thrives on it So much so that the 15 year old girl masquerades as a boy just so she can join the British Air Service Now she finds herself swept away to a new home, filled with extraordinary genetically altered creatures As the young girl fights alongside the Darwinists in their battle against the Clankers, she proves many times over that the most powerful weapon at h...

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    Whew where do I begin First off, let me tell you this is my first steampunk experience, which will definitely not be my last At work, I ve had a few of my co workers recommend this book to me, along with about fifteen other steampunk titles I ignored them Steampunk just wasn t my bag It seemed too too what s the word ridiculous Months passed But every time I needed a new book to read and review for my job, I always found myself looking at LEVIATHAN The cover art is pretty cool but just not cool enough for me to read it or so I thought Then, last night, as we were closing shop, I dared myself to read this title I m not much into YA literature either, so my hopes were not great I thought If I can just read 50 pages, then I could tell them that this type of stuff isn t for me.Well, my wife and kids went to bed early, so I opened this book And man oh man, did I have a fun few hours As the night grew older, I kept saying, Just one chapter I ended up reading half the book The story revolves around an alternate history of what precipitated the events that triggered no pun intended for those history buffs reading this review WWI In the real history, Archduke Franz Ferdinand was killed by an assassin s bullet In this version, the Duke and his wife are killed by poison after having survived two previous attempts Their deaths leave their son, Aleck, now heir to the Aust...

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