The Poet and the Prophecy (Magic University, #4)

In This Conclusion Of The Magic University Series, Kyle Begins His Senior Year Full Of Doubt For His Junior Thesis, He Made A New Translation Of An Ancient Prophecy He Believed To Be About Himself And His True Love Now Other People Are Starting To Believe It, Too, As The Signs Of The Burning Days Seem To Be Everywhere People Losing Their Magic, Odd Storms And Earthquakes But Although Kyle Has Many Loving Friends And Eager Acquaintances, He Has No True Love In Sight The Only Person In Kyle S Heart Is Frost, And The Last Time They Laid Eyes On Each Other, Frost Punched Kyle In The Face And Teleported Him Halfway Across CambridgeKyle Begins To Hope, Though, When Frost Moves Back Into The Dormitory, And It Appears They Ll Even Be In A Class Together A Poetry Class Maybe Frost Will Start To Thaw After All That Would Be A Good Thing, Since If The Prophecy Speaks True, The World Will End If Kyle Doesn T Find True Love Our Hero Will Need Love To Save The World, His Friends, And Himself From Losing Magic ForeverThe Poet and the Prophecy (Magic University, #4)

Telepaths Don t Need Safewords in 1992, she has been on the cutting edge of the erotic form, often combining elements of fantasy and science fiction in her work She is also founder and editor of

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  • The Poet and the Prophecy (Magic University, #4)
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  • 02 March 2017

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    If this is too long for some of you to read, I m giving the book a hearty recommendation I want to read it again I knew before I got to the end of The Poet and the Prophecy that my first reaction to what promised to be a stellar end to the series would be the desire to read the entire thing again That was how I felt at the end of The Incubus and the Angel As soon as I d gotten enough clues to make wild guesses about what would happen, I had to go back to the beginning of the first book and reread the series As I d suspected, there were hints of what was to come significant relationships, life events, symbolism than I d anticipated when I d raced through the first two books I anticipate discovering and marveling at new details when I give the last book a second, careful read through.The Poet and the Prophecy finds Kyle at the beginning of his senior year, at a kind of crossroads He begins doubting his beliefs about the prophecy he translated, how the end will manifest itself and how it can be stopped, when it comes to that The structure of the magical world is falling apart around him and Kyle feels at once responsible to help those who are struggling and guilt for bringing his beliefs into light At the heart of his questions is this Is his translation borne from his magical ability to discern meaning from the original poem or a self fulfilling prophecy Kyle soon finds out there are no easy answers When it comes to magic, everything he has learned is in question, including the stability of the strongest spells in existence When it comes to love, and the power it has to heal and ultimately fulfill the prophecy, the one person he wants to believe is the other half of his whole can hardly be a room with him, let alone consider anything than a nodding acquaintance.Spoilers from here on out.What I enjoyed most about this story and there many things was the progression of Kyle s relationship with Frost After all of the emotional and physical upheaval the two experienced from the second book forward, it was nice to read about them having honest conversations about their feelings, their wants and needs Kyle, as always, was willing to play sacrificial lamb or perhaps white knight is appropriate to give Frost everything he needed to feel comfortable Whether that meant going without sexual satisfaction or making himself vulnerable to whatever spell Frost wanted to perform, Kyle was willing to make that sacrifice out of love for Frost and guilt for having changed him irrevocably The changes in their relationship were so touching, and Frost s emotional changes handled so delicately, I found myself rereading passages Seeing the two of them learning to trust each other and grow closer in spite of the issues between them felt real and was beautiful to read.Kyle s vulnerability is on display so in this book than the last, with Frost there to witness, and be touched by it, almost every day A steadfast show of unconditional love was the only way the ice queen was able to break out of her protective cage and the two could come together One passage in particular was the most memorable exchange for me, where Kyle expresses his feelings and why Frost is so important to him Whether you count it as twice, or six times, or whatever, I know that doesn t give me the right to talk to you or even look at you if you don t want me to, he began And maybe it didn t mean anything to you or it only meant bad things to you, but for me, it was some of the most significant interaction I ve ever had with another human being Not just the best sex, that doesn t even describe it, and not the strongest magic I ve experienced either Making love with you changed me, Frost That doesn t mean you owe me anything But it does mean I wish you could acknowledge it And that you can t ask me to forget it There was a moment where it looked to Kyle like Frost was holding in tears Where her face went completely still except for the way she breathed Neither of us has been the same since, Kyle added hurriedly And I know I know you want to go back to the way you were before But I don t I can t I m different now Even if I never get to see you again or speak to you again, painful as that would be, I wouldn t trade it for going back It s like I wasn t really alive until you And I thank you for that I wish I just wish you could acknowledge that That even if it was horrible, or nothing, to you, that it was something for me You re always going to be important to me Frost sat back You have plenty of other lovers, she said Surely one will supersede me soon That s not what I m saying Kyle shook his head, though he had a feeling Frost was arguing for the sake of arguing You ll always be the one that changed me Who wouldn t fall in love with Kyle after that As far as the prophecy goes, I m not sure how I expected that to play out There were certainly a number of possibilities at the end of the third book and, as with all times when humans try to meddle with destiny, the actions of the characters led to the prophecy being fulfilled, not prevented Master Brandish in particular surprised me in her hopes for preventing or altering the course of the prophecy Every measure she or Dean Bell took ended up leading to the course of events Kyle experiences at Veritas which makes one wonder what would ve happened had they not interfered.Kyle s relationship with Alex has always fascinated me We don t see as much of Alex in this book but, as with The Incubus and the Angel, his few appearances are important to Kyle s understanding of his personal path and the support of those around him At times I feel like Alex is the voice of the author herself, telling Kyle everything he needs to know to reach his ultimate goal, while also allowing him to question the paths he could take and the very real possibility of failure.I know I ve been going on for a while, so I m going to stop now I just have to add that it s rare for me to read a book that I feel is perfect in execution, characterization and story development Everything from the setting to the interaction with secondary characters served to flesh out the story and merge this world seamlessly with our own This is one of the small handful of books for which I cannot name a flaw Every question I had was answered, the writing was fantastic and I felt this book was a satisfying and thrilling conclusion to a brilliantly written series I know my bias is obvious here, but the first book in this series is the first I d read from Cecilia Tan and the last assures that I will be a fan for life.

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    With The Poet and the Prophecy, Cecilia Tan brings the Magic University series to a satisfying conclusion Relationships and friends are strengthened and the ultimate interpretation of the prophecy from book one is answered If the ending was a bit anticlimactic, the sweet nature of the story than made up for the soft denouement It has been an enjoyable ride and certainly a very happy guilty pleasure read.Story Frost s gender instability and Kyle s worry about the prophecy are making their life difficult at Veritas When and students lose their Sight, it is becoming very obvious that something is very wrong Kyle will do his best to convince Frost that they should be together and Frost will fight his her own demons But always there is the question that haunts Kyle are he and frost truly the ones who can save the world from the fiery end What I ve really enjoyed about this series is that the erotic scenes are lovely rather than edgy or kinky It s not the type of mommy porn books so popular right now and instead the sex scenes integrate smoothly into the book as part of the universe rather than the other way around It s erotica written by a woman with heart and happiness and definitely not influenced by the porn industry This angle is so needed right now in the erotica category.The Magic University series is definitely not great literature but it isn t derivative of Harry Potter, either As the story concludes, Tan has done a great job of delivering a good story with characters we like and like to follow It s a great Sunday afternoon read as a result.Especially appreciated is that there are no alpha males or other romance genre stereotypes Just decent ordinary people and some fun mythos to create a pleasurable read I will definitely look for books by Cecilia Tan in the future Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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    Excellent conclusion to the Magic University series.Like Watching the characters gradually learn to get out of their own way and learn to be happy Nice Guy is my Superpower Kyle is so open and accepting of everything that happens to him and around him I want him and want to be him at the same time Interactive Prophecy I mentioned in the first book that the story was heavy on Prophecy and fate Later books set me at ease about the role of prophecy in the series Rather than being a set in stone destiny, Kyle and other characters actually wrestle with prophecy, rather than being passive recipients of Fate.Pet Peeve Mostly Straight guy winding up in a monogamous relationship with another guy I get it, Kyle has come a long way since the first book, but for the most part he s a hetero guy with one single gay crush obsession On the other hand, maybe the author just glossed over the am I gay angst in the interest of space.Monogamy I wish Kyle wound up in a triad or four way relationship, just to break tradition with romance plots most always ending in a deliriously happy monogamous couple On the other hand, he s still young, no telling what they might get up to in the next sixty years gentlebeings, start your fanfic.

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    The Magic University was a super fun romp and I highly recommend the entire series However, it is definitely not for the timid or close minded especially as this last installment tends to blur the gender lines norms This final installment brings the magical world closer to the burning days Many of the students and faculty lose their sight magical ability as Kyle Frost try to figure out how to save the world.Sadly, I am not a fan of Frost s manipulation and lying and Kyle is still a bit naive, but we do get a happily ever after Digital review copy provided by NetGalley and the publisher.

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    A good end to the series, but it seemed a bit less polished than the two books before it, and there were times I was confused For example, view spoiler did they ever explain why Frost turns into a cat when menstruating It s an enchantment, butwhy Do all women turn into animals on their period And if so, why was this never mentioned before Or was he stuck as a female the entire time he was bleeding and so that s why they did it But why then Sure, he d be powerless for those days, but what made them think, You know what Why don t we make you turn into a cat when you re on your period, just for funsies hide spoiler

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    The story was fine but the erotica bits were just off It was compelling enough to read the whole series, but these books kept declining after the first one.

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    I think I read the entire four books series in about 36 48 hours In my excitement, I might have forgotten to sleep.

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    The Poet and the Prophecy by Cecilia Tan is the fourth book in the Magical University series This book is an erotic novel with a magical theme the cover makes it look like a young adult or children s book Kyle Wadsworth is entering his senior year at Veritas next to Harvard It is a college for magical students Kyle has been asked to move back into Gladius House like a dorm , and that Timothy Frost will be moving back in as well Kyle is in love with him Kyle cannot forget Frost, but Frost wants Kyle to keep his distance Frost is a man during the day and a girl at night Frost thinks it is a curse and dislikes his female form Kyle broke the enchantment that kept Frost a man full time and no one has been able to fix it Kyle wants to try fixing the problem for Frost and hoping it will mend their relationship There are some big problems in the magical world People are losing their abilities the Sight and people are saying that the Burning Days the end of magic are coming Kyle and his friends work to find a solution Can they fix the problem in time Will Timothy Frost ever let Kyle get close to him I find Timothy Frost to be a very weak character I got very tired of him pushing Kyle away and the whining He was dealt his lot and he has suffered a lot in his short life , but he has to find a way to live with being two genders The Poet and the Prophecy got much better in the second half of the book It is not as good as the first book in the series, but much better than books two and three The book does have a good ending and a nice epilogue I give The Poet and the Prophecy 3.75 out of 5 stars I think the author made the magic a little too complicated I started skimming through the technical talk after a while I also do not think this series lived up to its potential The first book was very good and interesting, but the rest of the series just to live up to that first novel Please be aware that the novel does contain foul language and explicit sex scenes You do have to read the other book in the series in order to understand what is going on in The Poet and the Prophecy otherwise you will be lost I received a complimentary copy of The Poet and the Prophecy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.http bibliophileandavidreader.blogs

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    Article first published as eBook Review Magic University Book Four The Poet and the Prophecy by Cecilia Tan on Blogcritics.Around this time last year, I read the first three Magic University books one after the other, and did a write up here As I adored the books I was really looking forward to another one in the series This fourth and final book follows on with the story of Kyle Wadsworth s education at Veritas the secret magic university hiding within Harvard s walls.The Poet and the Prophecy deals with Kyle s translation of an ancient prophecy he did for his junior thesis The trouble is, it was pretty extreme citing that if Kyle does not find his true love, then the magical world as they know it, will end When signs of the Burning Days start to show themselves, Kyle s fellow students and teachers start to worry The only saving grace is the reappearance of Frost, who is Kyle s mortal enemy but Kyle also happens to be in love with him, and is convinced that Frost doesn t hate him as much as he pretends to Will Kyle and Frost get it together, or will the Burning Days consume them all The Magic University books really need to be read all together to be understood If you picked up the final book without having read the others, there s lots going on that you won t understand Therefore, if you like the sound of this book, then you should definitely grab all four books and get comfortable you re in for an exciting ride The Poet and the Prophecy is a satisfying conclusion to the series, and one that adult Harry Potter fans will no doubt enjoy.

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    Very nice series of books that I look forward to rereading some day The frequent description of Harry Potter for Adults made me fear it would be totally derivative, but it really wasn t in any way, shape or form that bothered me I felt the the first three books worked better than the last one I normally don t care for mysteries in books, especially not in romance , since they are usually stupid, far fetched, simplistic and yawn inducing And they function as filler for me at the most Sorry, Mr Lanyon In these, we don t get the mysteries shoved down our throats and lo and behold, that low key approach worked much better for me And it was never who I thought it was, even when I refused to believe it was the obvious person It all added up on a subtle level than expected The last book doesn t really have a mystery and that turned out to be one of its weak points While I truly appreciate the absence of a Sauron Voldemort Hitler type enemy, the solution relied too heavily on the powers of the main character being larger than life and the obvious view spoiler need for Frost to embrace his female side Maybe this one should have been written from Frost s POV, but then again, the angst may have gotten debilitating in that case It was hard enough to understand why Kyle was even in love with him as it is with all the snarling going on hide spoiler

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