Sofía y el negro

Epub Sof A Y El Negro Author Judith Vanistendael Liefde En Hartstocht, Daarover Gaat Dit Tweeluik Van JudithVanistendael In Het Eerste Deel Observeert Een Vader Deliefde Tussen Zijn Dochter Sofie, Economiestudente, EnAbou, Politiek Vluchteling Uit Togo Aanvankelijk Zietde Vader De Relatie Van Zijn Dochter Niet Zitten, Maar Zijnafkeer Verdwijnt Gaandeweg Uiteindelijk Vertrouwenvader En Moeder Op Het Koppige Kompas Van Hun Dochter,en Heel Langzaam Gaan Ze Abou Zelfs Waarderen Inhet Tweede Deel Blikt De Inmiddels Wat Oudere Sofie Terugop Haar Relatie Met Abou.Sofía y el negro

Judith Vanistendael studeerde na de middelbare school een jaar in Berlijn aan de Hochschule der K nste Vervolgens volgde ze Kunstwetenschappen aan de Universiteit van Gent en deed ze de opleiding Beeldverhaal aan de Hogeschool Sint Lukas Ze illustreerde onder andere voor Querido en Malmberg en publiceerde korte verhalen in de striptijdschriften Ink, Demo en Zone 5300.

[PDF / Epub] ☄ Sofía y el negro  By Judith Vanistendael –
  • Paperback
  • 152 pages
  • Sofía y el negro
  • Judith Vanistendael
  • Spanish
  • 24 February 2018
  • 9788467900347

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    Why is this wonderful book so little known when it excels in so many areas The story a real life romance between the author and a Togolese asylum seeker is highly original and moving.African people are virtually absent from European comics and here they are treated with respect and intelligence But this is not some worthy political treatise Vanistendael deals with complex issues of racism, cultural clashes, and torture with intelligence and humour as part of human story And, above all, she draws like a dream wonderful flowing brushstrokes, reminiscent of Craig Thompson but even lusher This book would be a visual delight even without translation The only weakness which lost it my full 5 stars is that the storyline abruptly halts at the wedding and restarts with a chance meeting years after their relationship has ended It is bizarre that a book about a love affair does not fully explain what happened, and what went wrong It says, as an aside, that he was plagued by nightmares of hi...

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    Tiene la gran virtud de contar una historia t pica sin caer en los t picos Una historia de amor enter una chica belga y un inmigrante negro, con las desconfianzas de los padres, las dificultades de ll...

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    Ante todo, una muy bonita historia de amor Despu s, una cr nica sincera e interesante sobre las migraciones y las visiones pol tico culturales que se tienen de ellas Y, en conjunto, un relato conmovedor pero no tan emotivo , sincero aunque se nota que la autora se hizo medio la boluda en algunas partes, supongo que habr algunas cosas que se quiso guardar y por eso el comic es de tintes autobiogr ficos y no directamente una autobiograf a y que hace pensar en la situaci n de millones de personas que se ven forzadas a irse a tierras desconocidas en busca de un futuro menos peor Puntos extra por el comprometido pr logo de Enric Gonz lez, cuya labor period stica desconozco pero ya con esto me pareci interesante Despu s veo si le to readeo algo, aunque quede milquichicientosquince Supongo que el si el dibujo me hubiera gustado m s es lindo a su manera pero e...

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    Decent enough comic which touches on some of the complexities of cross cultural romance and asylum policy in Belgium Perhaps lacking a little in depth, and while the decision to present the story first from the father s and then from the daughter s point of view was a good one, I c...

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    Touching, honest, humane, romantic, and revealing Humanity triumphs by love.

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    Made me weep One of those books that makes me think I should mark down all the ratings I ve given to other graphic novels because there is a whole lot of extra depth to this story.

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    First published at went to a panel of European Graphic Novelists a couple of years ago at the British Library wrote a little about here , and one of the panelists was Belgian author Judith Vanistendael Her semi biographical graphic novel based on her own experience falling in love with a refugee piqued my interest, and I still remembered it as I saw this book at my library one day.It s quite surreal reading it now and felt how timely it is, what with the refugee crisis all around us The book was actually published in 2007, and I imagine the real event was happening even years before that It is now 2017, and seems the time has finally caught up with the graphic novel.The first part of the book is told from her father s perspective it s said to be in response to the short story written by the author s father , the second part is told in flashback by the protagonist, Sophie, to her young daughter.The man in question is from Togo, who sought asylum in Belgium Despite prejudice and skepticism, Sophie s parents try their best to stand by their daughter and open their home to Abou I found it quite touching actually, and could feel the parents mixed feeli...

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    m always on the lookout for good Flemish graphic novels, given that Belgium s tradition is generally strong and not entirely Francophone, and I think this counts as a decent find De maagd en de neger comes in two parts, the first telling the story from the point of view of the father of Flemish student Sofie of his unhappy accommodation to her relationship with Togolese refugee Abou, and the second with Sofie, years later, telling her side of the same story to Leentje, her daughter by a later relationship Of course, it s a white people talking about black people story, but it s tenderly observed for all that Sofie s father ...

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    A very interesting read based on the true story of the author, a student in Belgium, who falls in love with a political refugee from Togo While the author touches on the violent background and torture of the Togolese...

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    la stessa storia quella d a tra sofie, studentessa belga e abou, rifugiato togolese raccontata dalla protagonista e da suo padre bei disegni ma una impalpabilit di fondo che mi ha impedito di entrare davvero in quel che stavo leggendo.

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