Touch of the Angel (Demons of Infernum, #3)

After Months Of No Work, Interdimensional Bounty Hunter Ronin Meyers Jumps At The Chance To Locate An Incubus Who S Using Succubi As Murder Weapons Faced With The Possibility Of Being Forced To Return To Hellish Infernum If He Fails, Ronin And His Brothers Will Stop At Nothing To Take Out The Incubus And Anyone Else Involved Even The Beautiful Succubus Who Stole His Heart, Then Nearly His Life, During The Most Mind Blowing Hour Of His Existence Night After Night, Amara And Her Fellow Succubi Are Forced To Extract Special Abilities From The Strongest Otherworlders For Their Psychotic Master S Growing Collection When The Gorgeous Angel Demon Hybrid She Believed To Be Dead Captures Her, Amara Is Both Stunned And Elated But The Happily Ever After She S Dreamed Of Will Have To Wait Together, They Must Bring Down The Madman Hellbent On Destroying Themand Become Each Other S Salvation In The Process.Touch of the Angel (Demons of Infernum, #3)

Rosalie Lario is the award winning, paranormal romance author of the Demons of Infernum and the Fallen Warriors series Rosalie double majored in Anthropology and Classics as an undergraduate student, and briefly considered becoming an archaeologist before realizing they don t actually live the life of Indiana Jones So what was a classical geek armed with a lot of useless knowledge to do Become

[PDF / Epub] ☂ Touch of the Angel (Demons of Infernum, #3)  Author Rosalie Lario –
  • Paperback
  • 286 pages
  • Touch of the Angel (Demons of Infernum, #3)
  • Rosalie Lario
  • English
  • 12 January 2017
  • 9781937044664

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    Review also posted at Ja itam, a ti Upon seeing this cover you probably though this was Glass speaking or writing, if you would like But nope, it s me I ve fooled you, haven t I Well, not so long ago I ve got the second book in this series for review Mark of the Sylph and to say it blow me away would be an understatement Then I saw that Touch of the Angel is about my darlings angles and I couldn t not resist Maybe I should have But this review will tell you about me as a reader not why should or shouldn t you pick up this book Well here is the thing after reading Mark of the Sylph I was blown away with the whole concept In this world we have brothers the covers describe them physically but who are also halves meaning that they re half demons and half other creatures What s there not to intrigue you about a half demon and half angel creature The whole idea still seems great to me and I enjoyed discovering new creatures and races in this novel only it wasn t as remarkable as the first time Still that part of the book was really interesting, sadly it wasn t in focus Now we get to the real problem for me adult part of the story It s not that it s gross or anything I have read w...

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    In this third installment of the Demons of Infernum series, we get Ronin s story He is one of the four half demon brothers who work as inter dimensional regulators for the Council, an organization that represented and governed all the paranormals They had been called in and sent to earth to stop none other than their own father from his plot for world domination In the meantime, they had been left on earth to police anyone causing trouble in the human realm Unfortunately, work is slow so Ronin finds himself at loose ends Two of his brothers are in relationships In fact, Keegan s getting ready to become a father He s happy for them He really is, but a small part of him is lonely and envious too He chooses to go out to the bar with his younger brother, Dagan, for something to do It s there he encounters the most beautiful and alluring female he has ever met Emphasis on the luring since that is exactly what happens and she almost kills him when he discovers his beautiful female is a succubus demon.Amara dutifully returns to her master and lets him syphon off the life energy she stole from that wonderful male that she accidentally killed because she was starving She had liked him There was something special about him, but she had drained the life right out of him Amara hated what sh...

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    4.5 Stars 4 5 HotnessPoor Ronin Without work what was he to do to keep himself busy now that 2 of his 3 brothers had settled down with their women He was going to go crazy if he didn t find something to do soon.Amara was in a sh tty position She had made a deal with the devil and had damned herself As a succubus, she fed off the high that she got when she had sex The down side of that was that sex demons secreted a compound during sex that was toxic and lethal to others Unfortunately, she had bound herself to an incubus who used her as a sex slave to strip Otherworlders of their life essences.The Big Bad in this book is an incubus named Asmodeus Let me tell you, this guy was a complete and utter a hole I mean he was such a piece of crap He had bound a bunch of succubi to him through deception and turned them into slaves With the help of a dark fae, Belpheg, he had learned a way to strip his succubi of the energy that they got from the men that they killed Men that he had specifically targeted for their powers When he took the energy from his succubi he was stripping them of nourishment He starved them when only he, as an incubus and their owner , could feed them without any deaths occurring He kept them barely fed so that they wouldn t refuse to complete the assassinations that he had demanded that they commit If they failed, not only did...

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    Note This review, and all my reviews, comes from my blog Romantic Rose s Bookshelf Book 3 in the Blood of the Demon seriesAll Amara is trying to do is stay alive and save her mother from harm.Unfortunately, since she s succubi, that s much easier said than done When her accidental and unsuspecting prey one night is a sweet, if a little rough around the edges, angel named Ronin, Amara has trouble forgiving herself for killing him through their one night stand let me interject here for all of you non paranormal people succubi kill any non sex demon they have sex with She can t seem to get his face out of her mind Ronin wakes up drowsy and weakened from his one night stand with a beautiful girl and it doesn t take long before he realizes she s succubi Can he find her and take her off the streets before she kills anyone else And what will he think when he discovers her real motivation for her dirty deeds This book started out disappointing especially since the first two books in the series were so incredible This book began slow, a bit confusing, and not terribly attention grabbing I wasn t sure quite what I was reading and I wasn t all that interested in reading about it Luckily, that didn t last too long About 1 5 of the way through, it finally started to pick up the pace and turn into the magnificent book I was l...

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    It s the calm before the storm when paranormal creatures suddenly stop behaving quite so badly As changes for these demon hybrid brothers and the expansion of their family continues, a disturbing calm has settled over the city and bounty hunting opportunities have been few and far between Without the constant work, fear over the Council sending them back to Infernum is all too real, but suspicions over mounting underground activity are confirmed when the Council sends them on a hunt for a madman However, Ronin seems to also be on the hunt for something His personal life feels unfulfilled in the wake of Keegan and Taeg s home life happiness and he s troubled by the mystery of what happened to his family in the clouds Even with that heaviness on his mind, it didn t stop him from noticing the gorgeous woman at the bar nor did it stop him from pursuing her into a closet for an erotic encounter that he ll never forget After all, it did almost kill him.When Amara meets Ronin she recognizes him for what he is a decent guy Which makes him totally off limits to someone like her Maintaining her sanity is dependent on emotional detachment, but surviving the night means completing her assignments or suffer the horrific consequen...

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    Touch of the Angel is the third novel in Rosalie Lario s unique and entertaining Demons of Infernum series The series follows four half demon brothers who live on earth as bounty hunters, tracking down interdemensional creatures that break the law and bring them to the council in Infernum for punishment This is Ronin s, half demon and half angel, story With a notable decrease in baddies and a fear of being sent back to Infernum, Ronin is restless Being around his two happily married and engaged brothers just makes him edgier, so Ronin is spending and time drinking away the hours in bars with his brother, Dagan Until a beautiful woman catches his eye and perks his interest like nothing has been able to in months One encounter with her however leads to near death, but despite that Ronin can t get her out of his mind When him and his brothers are charged with tracking down a murdering incubus, Ronin and the woman s paths unexpectedly cross once and this time Ronin will not let her escape so easily again.Amara sold her soul to the incubus Asmodus to protect her mother, and now must live as a sex slave in h...

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    A psychotic master, an icubus, has captured succubi, forcing them to collect abilities from Otherworlders If they don t do as he says, he has the ability to drain them of their life force Amara is one of the succubi She is half starved when she enters the club She does not want to harm anyone, but Ronin catches her eye She senses a good soul in Ronin and does not want to drain him of his life essence She tries to leave, but Ronin stops her, concerned that she isn t well With her attraction to Ronin taking over, Amara cannot resist her succubus nature Ronin soon learns what Amara is, but by then it s too late to stop what was started Amara thinks Ronin dead and flees the scene.Ronin is an angel demon hybrid He survived Amara s touch barely Ronin and his brothers are bounty hunters and they have a job to capture the psychotic master Ronin is shocked to find Amara is involved with the icubus He finds his attraction to her just as strong as it was the night at the club Only he doesn t understand it She tried to kill him and almost succeeded Ronin convinces his brothers they need Amara to capture the master, but in truth, he cannot bear to let her go With Amara so close, their attraction cannot be denied, but Amara needs to feed, which means she needs sex Ronin wants her and would gladly take her to bed, but another encounter with her could lead to his demise Foreplay seems to keep Amara from starving and keeps R...

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    I think this third installment of the Demons of the Infernum series is the strongest one yet If you re not familiar with the books, they feature a quartet of half breed demon brothers who work as bounty hunters on earth This story belongs to Ronin, who is part demon, and part angel.As the book begins, Ronin falls under the spell of a succubus in a bar and nearly loses his life We later find out her name is Amara and she is essentially a slave to a power hungry incubus named Asmodus who is using her to siphon powers from various supernaturals and then forcing her to feed them to him Ronin and his brothers end up working a case to capture Asmodus, which brings Amara back into their orbit.The brothers hope to use Amara to get closer to Asmodus, but that changes quickly Instead, Ronin and Amara begin to fall for each other They can t do the deed again, because it will kill Ronin So their relationship is fraught with sexual tension Hot, steamy sexual tension And even though they can t cross the finish line, they find plenty of ways to slake their lusts as they ponder ways to best Asmodus and free Amara s mother, who he is holding captive.My favorite thing about this series is the interpersonal dynamics between the brothers And I really enjoy learning about their individual histories and the ...

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    I love this one.since I loved Ronin aka Xander from the beginning a rare mixed Demon Angel..Such a good surprise when the heroine isn t another human, but a succubus. an interesting coupling. And I met again with Cresso. in a different circumstances. can t wait to read his story.At first, there some frustrating matter that Ronin couldn t get totally hot with Amara but thanks to Cresso, all go well..a...

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    A fun and very 3rd book in the serie After the dragon and the fae, it is the angel turn to fall I have to say that is not the woman I would have expected for Ronin but they definitely match This book is a very good read, mixing action, ...

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