The Hand That First Held Mine

Reading The Hand That First Held Mine Maggie OFarrell Nella Vitale Londra Del Secondo Dopoguerra, La Giovane Lexie Sinclair, Appena Arrivata Dalle Campagne Del Devon, Sente Che Tutto Possibile Mentre Cerca Di Realizzare Il Sogno Di Diventare Giornalista, Viene In Contatto Con Un Mondo Pervaso Da Uno Straordinario Fermento Culturale E Trova Anche L A, In Un Uomo Pi Grande Di Lei, Un Importante Editore Nella Londra Di Oggi, Una Giovane Artista, Elina, Ha In Comune Con La Sua Coetanea Di Cinquant Anni Prima Il Grande A Per Questa Citt , Che Ha Accolto Anche Lei Permettendole Di Realizzare Il Suo Sogno, Quello Di Diventare Un Artista Ma Elina Fatica A Riprendersi Da Una Recente Maternit , E A Volte Quel Passeggino Che Spinge Le Sembra Troppo Pesante, Come Se Frenasse I Suoi Sogni E La Sua Creativit Ted, Il Padre Del Bambino, Le Sta Accanto In Questi Momenti Difficili, E Anche Lui Fa I Conti Con La Paternit Guardando Il Figlio, La Mente Di Ted Corre Inevitabilmente Alla Propria Infanzia, Ma Ci Sono Immagini, Ricordi, Pensieri Che Affiorano Nel Suo Subconscio E Non Coincidono Con Quello Che Lui Sa Del Proprio Passato Le Due Storie, In Apparenza Cos Lontane, Finiranno Per Rivelare Un Legame Che Colpisce Il Lettore Con Tutta La Forza Di Uno Straordinario Colpo Di Scena.The Hand That First Held Mine

Maggie O Farrell born 1972, Coleraine Northern Ireland is a British author of contemporary fiction, who features in Waterstones 25 Authors for the Future It is possible to identify several common themes in her novels the relationship between sisters is one, another is loss and the psychological impact of those losses on the lives of her characters.

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  • The Hand That First Held Mine
  • Maggie O'Farrell
  • Italian
  • 14 February 2019
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    Listen The trees in this story are stirring, trembling, readjusting themselves A breeze is coming in gusts off the sea, and it is almost as if the trees know, in their restlessness, in their head tossing impatience, that something is about to happen A graveled path curves towards the front door of the house On the washing line, petticoats and vests, socks and stays, nappies and handkerchiefs snap and writhe in the breeze A radio can be heard from somewhere, one of the neighbouring houses perhaps, and the muffled thwack of an axe falling on wood And so, I was lost to these words, lost and found in another place in time, which took my breath away Having just read her The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox mere days ago, which also swept me into her story from the start, I m once again in awe of her skills as a writer Not only her ability to craft lovely sentences, paragraphs, but her ability to weave together two stories that join together with such perfection that I am in awe.Alexandra, or Sandra as her mother calls her a nickname she detests will...

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    Edited to make correction Originally read Aug, 25, 2014 I loved this novel mostly because of the writing Yes, I loved the story and the characters too, but from the exquisite opening paragraph it was all about the writing Listen The trees in this story are stirring, trembling, readjusting themselves A breeze is coming in gusts off the sea, and it is almost as if the trees know, in their restlessness, in their head tossing impatience, that something is about to happen Something amazing does happen to Lexie and Innes, the characters we first meet Something happened to this reader, as well I found myself so immersed in the language and the story to come, from these first words to the very last It s told with these seemingly simple sentences that are strung together so beautifully to describe the places where they are and to take you into the minds and hearts of these characters.Maggie O Farrell opens up to us the London of the 1950 s the arts scene in Soho and you feel as if you are in that city and in that magazine office with Lexie and Innes and you are privy to their aspirations for its success and privy to the profound love they share Fifty years later we meet Elina and Ted, a couple struggling to come to terms with becoming parents Elina, after an extremely difficult, life threatening childbirth experience seems lost You experience her pain and her exhaustion and her helplessness.Ted is ...

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    4.7, rounded up because I just had toThis writer, this Maggie O Farrell, just wow I ve never read five books by any writer before and I did this all within a year what That should give you a hint of how ga ga I am over Maggie dearest Can I call her Maggie, please, as if we re all chummy chummy, since I want to be What did I like about this book Well, just about everything It is 100 percent absorbing It has the required good characters, plot, and pacing The characters have depth and they re relatable And is it really me talking when I say her descriptions are fantastic If you know me, you probably know that scenery is often a hot item on my Complaint Board I never ever require scenery I ve had my fill of raindrops on a maple leaf, thank you very much But Maggie seduces me with how she uses her pen as a paintbrush With just a few quick, and what seem to be effortless, strokes, she sits her characters down into a space that s so vivid it makes my head happy There I visualize the London settings perfectly, and I didn t even have to jump through head hoops to see it But take all of the list of good qualities and add an item to the top, and that s the beauteous language, which mesmerized me because of its art but also because it st...

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    Any fiction novel which follows the five or six literary fiction novels I have just finished may well have big shoes to fill but The Hand That First Held Mine held it s own I do so love it when an author combines combines real people into their story After reading this novel, I half expect if I pore over the photographs by John Deakin I shall find images of Lexie and Innes And likewise, if I go to Soho, I shall find on Bayton Street the faded chalk writing of the word elsewhere in front of the building where Innes magazine was housed Indeed, the line between fact and fiction is blurred even when you realise that one of Deakin s photographs is used for the cover of the book I actually spent the whole of the novel wondering if it was really Lexie pictured there as the caption is simply Girl in Cafe Also featured from 1960s Soho is the famed Colony Room owned by Muriel Belcher, an autocratic and temperamental woman who also appears in the story Such is the gift of Maggie O Farrell she has an incredible talent of weaving fact with fiction she makes the whole story very personable She did so in The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox unmanageable daughters were indeed sent into convents homes and simply disappeared from families in the early 1900s And she does so in The Hand That First Held Mine.This novel opens in Devon, mid 1950s, with a chance meeting between Lexie and a Londoner called I...

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    Oh no, another favourite author releasing a new title cue the sickening feelings of anxiety when I settle into the story , wondering if it will meet my expectations but any fears are quickly assuaged as I become immersed in this, Maggie O Farrell s fifth novel I devoured it in a few sittings one of those books you are eager to embrace but loath to leave.Like it s predecessor, The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox, there is a cleverly woven dual narrative, one set in the 1950s 1960s in Bohemian London and the contemporary story, again set in London In the 50s setting, Lexie leaves the bucolic setting of her family home in Devon at the tender age of 21, intent on finding a new life in London She meets and is seduced by Innes Kent, a seemingly most unsuitable partner and they fall for each other, working together on a magazine in Soho From an, at times, irritating ingenue Lexie develops into a strong, independent woman working her way up in the male dominated sector of journalism It s fair to say that life does not treat her that kindly she becomes a single mother without any family support, her family disowns her when she takes up with Innes The modern day story focuses on Elina, a Finnish painter who lives with her partn...

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    This book left me breathless, gulping, and sobbing Maggie O Farrell is a master of story, structure, and my god, transitions But that is stuff writers swoon over For readers there is a great story of family connections that transcend known facts It s about the truths we intuit and how they can nag, direct, and torture us until we bring them into consciousness and the now A wonderful book By ...

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    In sneltreinvaart uitgelezentwee verhalen die met elkaar verbonden zijn in heden en verleden Soms ietwat quasi intellectueel, maar zo goed geschreven dat je meegetrokken wordt in het verhaal en alleen maar door wil lezenRelatie s en moederschap zijn de overheersende thema sprachtige roman

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    Although choosing a favourite author is tough, when forced to do so I would often than not, answer with Maggie O Farrell as mine I find her style of writing beautiful, almost melodic and so incredibley descriptive and evocative of the senses that you really feel like you step into the world of the characters whilst reading.However, this was based on her first three books, and I have to say that despite being SO excited for the release of The Vanishing Act of Esme May only book I ve ever pre ordered I wasn t as enthralled as I d hoped In fact I was quite disappointed afterwards Now with the release of The Hand That First Held Mine it feels like Maggie O Farrell has conciously changed paths as an author, now prefering to write historical fiction based in past worlds and decades I totally respect her decision to do this but personally, I feel she has lost the edge and suspense and pase her previous books had.The Hand That First Held Mine follows two seperate stories of female characters living in London in different decades fifty years apart told side by side Lexi is a frustrated country girl of the 1950s, who give...

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    Mi primer acercamiento a Maggie O Farrell no ha podido ser mejor, me ha encantado.

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    The Hand That First Held Mine 2010 is Maggie O Farrell s poetic, extremely moving and very human story of memory, motherhood and emotions O Farrell tells us the stories of two couples Lexie and Innes, in the 1950s and Ted and Elina in the present day both with a London setting and both stories linked First Held Mine is a novel which is very up close and personal and unflinchingly so It s a story ostensibly about relationships family and memory distorted or otherwise providing a heady mix of birth and...

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