The Winter Rose

The Winter Rose Kindle Epub Author Jennifer Donnelly La Storia Inizia Sulle Sponde Del Tamigi, L Anno 1900 Le Desolate Strade Dei Sobborghi Londinesi Non Sono Il Luogo Adatto Per Una Ragazza Per Bene Come India Selwyn Jones, Una Bellezza Aristocratica Il Cui Animo Generoso La Spinge Ad Abbracciare Grandi Ideali Ha Scelto Di Essere Medico E, Grazie All Ambiente In Cui Cresciuta E Alla Stima Dei Suoi Insegnanti, Potrebbe Esercitare La Professione Nei Pi Prestigiosi Ospedali Della Citt Ma India Ha La Testa Dura E Vuole Portare Aiuto Dove Ce Ne Pi Bisogno, Tra I Poveri E I Disperati Proprio In Questi Sordidi Vicoli, Tra Ladri, Prostitute E Sognatori, India Si Trova A Dover Curare, Salvandogli La Vita, Il Pi Famoso Gangster Di Londra, Sid Malone, Cinico, Spietato, Conturbante Malone L Esatto Contrario Dell Elegante Fidanzato Di India, Una Stella Nascente Del Parlamento Inglese Nonostante La Repulsione Per Un Uomo Che Rappresenta Tutto Ci Che Lei Detesta, Poco Alla Volta India Si Lascer Attrarre Dalla Complessa Personalit Del Malvivente, Intrigata Dal Suo Misterioso Passato Inevitabilmente, Pur Cercando Di Resistere Ai Loro Sentimenti, I Due Si Ritrovano L Uno Nella Braccia Dell Altro Un A Appassionato, Sconveniente, In Cui L Estasi Si Alterna Alla Sofferenza, E Che Provoca Distruzioni Quali Non Avrebbero Mai Potuto Immaginare Spaziando Da Londra Al Kenya, Fino Alle Remote E Selvagge Coste Della California, Come Una Rosa D Inverno Un Avventura Mozzafiato, Un Epopea Romanzesca, Ricca Di Personaggi E Situazioni, Da Gustare Pagina Per Pagina, Dove Il Piacere Di Una Narrazione Classica Si Combina Con La Sensibilit Di Uno Sguardo Contemporaneo.The Winter Rose


[Epub] ↠ The Winter Rose Author Jennifer Donnelly –
  • Hardcover
  • 880 pages
  • The Winter Rose
  • Jennifer Donnelly
  • Italian
  • 17 August 2019
  • 9788845425103

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    Cliche ridden Yes Improbable coincidences Yes Over the top drama Murder, sex, politics, poverty, money, medicine, women s rights, workers rights, colonialism, revenge, mountain climbing, Antarctica, Africa, faked deaths yes, plural , amputations, paraplegics, death by wild animal attack, and doomed lovers reunited Yes, yes, yes Was I able to put it down No Despite all its faults, I couldn t put the silly thing down Saga riffic This feels like a horribly slippery slope, and before you know it I ll have given up on Good Books and I ll just be reading page turners and eating bonbons This is the sequel to The Tea Rose, and there s a horribly dull page or two spent recapping the first book s equally improbable plot points, but this could be read independently You just wouldn t have the emotional background on a few of t...

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    I think I lost sleep over this one than The Tea Rose What an awesome sequel, I think it s better than The Tea Rose I thoroughly enjoyed seeing of Joe and Fiona, their children and of course Seamie Lots of love, laughter, adventure, heartbreak, tears and tears I don t want to say much about the plot, because one of the two main characters in this book is a surprise return at the end of TTR and I don t want to give it away to those who haven t read the first book This story will take you from London and Whitechapel to the plains of Africa and the top of Mount Kilamanjaro Be warned, many chapters in this book contain nail biting cliffhangers, and the author leaves you hanging for several chapters afterwards until you know what happened, and you will be on the edge of your seat waiting for that answer All in all a pretty perfect read, finishing with one of the sweetest endings I can recall coming across in a long time I shed a few tears at that one Highly highly r...

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    Jennifer Donnelly does it again She is definitely at the top of my favorite authors list.One of the main things that kept me from being 100% in love with Tea Rose was Joe Bristow His character was very well portrayed, don t get me wrong I just didn t have much use for the guy He did a couple of things in this book that really pissed me off Then I finally realizedDonnelly is just so bloody brilliant with characterization that Joe was just being a man Stupid, bull headed andwrong He could have been a real person Once I made that revelation, I liked him better, not his fault after all Plushe did a couple of really cool things in this book He decided to run for Parliament and he didn t even think he had a shot at winning he just wanted to corner his opposition into making promises to help the poor that Joe was dead set on making sure they followed through with post election I thought that was so amazing and selfless Sid was the tortured hero Here again is Donnelly s talent shining through Normally, these types of characters have to be taken with a grain of salt Not Sid She takes you straight into his head and you see what he is going through We saw him in the background of Tea Rose, and he comes forward in this and steals the show He is one of the most truly portrayed characters I have ever read about Every single thought she puts in his head was a MILLION percent dead on.The plots of these books...

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    Jennifer Donnelly 20 Selwyn Jones , Wish, , Ella , Malone , Whitechapel Freddie Lytton, , , Malone , , , , , , Tea Rose, Fiona Joe, Winter Rose, Malone, Tea Rose , Fiona Finnegan Charlie Finnegan, .

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    I just started a new job and so have been quite preoccupied leaving little room to immerse myself in a difficult read so this was the perfect choice I took my time and overall I really enjoyed it.I read Tea Rose about 12 years ago and was worried that I would not remember enough of the first book to understand the dynamics at play between Joe, Fiona and Sid but there were enough background references that this was not a problem at all This review comes with a huge caveat, this is a historical romance book and I haven t read romance in a long time and try to avoid it as much as I can However, this is well written fluff Yes, the book is riddled with clich s, the plot is highly predictable and the last 1 3 of the story had me rolling my eyes so many times I almost got a headache but it s the perfect holiday beach read for when you want a book you can put down at any time and take it up again at leisure.What I really liked is that the majority of the book focused on Dr India Jones, one of the first women of this time period who studied and q...

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    The Winter Rose is the second part of a successful trilogy of Jennifer Donnelly In this book, Fiona and Joe were not the main characters It is a romantic epic that describes both sides of London in the early 20th century The central character Edie Selwyn Jones is passionate about one thing medicine The Indian turned his back on the rich, upper class to which belonged the same Her dream was to create a clinic for the poor and needy people of East London Patrons to the effort stood Wish, her cousin, the nurse Ella and Sid Malone The Indian animation of love, respect and selflessness for the tested patient, offers medical services to the downtrodden citizens of East London She recently graduated from medical school and doing practice in Whitechapel with the help of the influence of his fianc Freddie Lytton, one overly ambitious and Liberal MP, who has ruined financially and aims at huge fortune of Indio and works to close opium dens in the area that destroy body and soul.The heroine is a strong willed young woman defies the aristocratic parents to become a doctor It is determined to use her knowledge to make a difference in the lives of the poor of London But then he meets Sid Malone Charlie Finnegan s first book Fiona s brother , an attractive but notorious gangster Initially, Ed...

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    He realized she was a rare creature.As rare as a rose in winter Another epic tale, to be sure BUT, some of the conincidences and clich s had me rolling my eyes a few times The world is a big place and back in the early 1900s, transport was not as it is today Means of communication were limited telegrams, which probably took forever to get from A to B I won t say anything but if you have read it, you will probably know what I mean.Sid and India had a tough time of it the treatment of women back then It would make your blood boil Have things changed I would like to think so but, in some cases, I wonder I work for the European Union and at the Summits , we have the majority of European leaders who are men a handful of women in leadership, trying to emulate men dressed in pants and jackets, blending in Theresa and Angela, wearing horrible suits, eschewing their femininity, trying to be one of the boys It annoys me at times Then again, I cannot really talk not sure when was the last time I wore a dress or skirt You want to be forgiven Then learn to forgive I loved catching up with Fiona and Tom the characters from Book 1 we get a good introduction to Seamie I a wondering how non Irish friends are pronounci...

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