Ebook Torment Lauren Kate O Inferno Na Terra Como Luce Se Sente Por Estar Longe Do Namorado Anjo Ca Do, Daniel Levaram Uma Eternidade A Encontrarem Se E Agora Ele Diz Lhe Que Tem De Partir Afastar Se Para Perseguir Os Proscritos Imortais Que Querem Matar Luce Daniel Esconde Luce Em Shoreline, Um Col Gio Na Rochosa Costa Da Calif Rnia Com Estudantes Estranhamente Dotados Os Nefilim, Filhos De Anjos Ca Dos E Humanos Em Shoreline, Luce Fica A Saber O Que S O As Sombras E Como As Pode Usar Por Serem Janelas Para As Suas Vidas Anteriores Contudo, Quanto Mais Aprende Mais Suspeita Que Daniel N O Lhe Contou Tudo Oculta Lhe Qualquer Coisa Qualquer Coisa Perigosa E Se A Vers O Do Passado Referida Por Daniel N O Corresponder Verdade E Se Luce Estiver Na Realidade Destinada A Ficar Com Outra Pessoa Este O Segundo Romance Desta Viciante S Rie Anjo Ca Do Onde O Amor Nunca Morre.Torment

Lauren Kate grew up in Dallas, went to school in Atlanta, and started writing in New York She is the author of the Fallen novels, the Teardrop novels, and The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove She lives in Laurel Canyon with her family.

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  • Paperback
  • 328 pages
  • Torment
  • Lauren Kate
  • Portuguese
  • 06 March 2018
  • 9789896571122

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    When I picked up this book, it had been about nine months since I read Fallen, and the choking feeling had subsided I wondered, what if I was wrong What if the first book was just a false start Maybe I should give Kate another chance I m pathetic I know this You don t have to tell me.If I m being honest, I will hold my hands up and say that Torment is a monumental improvement on Fallen The writing style is less sticky and doesn t cut itself off Every Five Words.The first two or three chapters were good And I mean good not great, but good enough At that simple stage, I could see the San Francisco setting and the early descriptions of Shoreline were fine Shelby and Miles were fine too Quirky Likable It kind of went downhill from there Kate has surely attempted to make Luce and Daniel s relationship healthy by having Luce question her destiny , but that s not really what s going on here, is it No What s going on here is an emotional mud wrestle between two completely ill equipped morons with the collective mental capacity of a sesame seed Guys, healthy relationships are about m...

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    To Daniel Grigori From Inge Date May 27th 2012 6 59 PMSubject Fuck youDear Daniel Grigori,Words can t even begin to describe my feelings towards you, but I m gonna have a go anyway I feel like this is important You need to know how people feel about you.I have allergic reactions to you You are so full of shit Even in a book where you don t appear all that often, it s still all about you, you, you, isn t it You are by far the most selfish, self centered, narcissistic bastard I have ever had the displeasure of reading about You are even worse than Edward Cullen and Damen Auguste, combined You put the suck in fun sucking You put the ew in jiu jiutsu I wish I could head butt you and drive a cactus up your ass, followed by one of those starshots I want to drive that cactus so far up your ass, the person who s able to get it out will be crowned the next King Arthur I want to do all kinds of painful things to you and not in a Fifty Shades of Grey way.It must feel good, doesn t it, knowing everyone is waiting for you to make the most important decision ever The decision to tip the scale between good and evil Everyone knows who you are I bet it strokes your big fat ego I bet your huge ego make...

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    SPOILER WARNING As in if you thought you were in for a good read this will spoil it Also SWEAR WARNING because I just can t get through this review without swearing I need some release I have had to take a break from my reading of Torment to get this off my chest I hated Fallen Everything about it was incredibly one dimensional and at the end I felt like I still knew nothing, none of the big questions had been answered Like I was reading blind folded, was out of the loop and nothing was resolved Ok, I thought, so maybe you are supposed to feel that way because Luce does Now before I started reading Torment, a year had passed, the anger had subsided and I was ready to forgive Kate naively thinking that the sequel would be a satisfying ride I was wrong.In Torment none of this changes, it just gets worse This book made me want to hurl it across the room on many occasions 1 Every time TSTL To Stupid To Live Luce goes against every single warning anyone in the know gives her and puts herself in danger over and over again and2 Every time Luce asks someone a question we are dying to find out, we get a vague sliver of information,...

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    This book is fail.If it were a city it would be Failinburg If it were a WWII battle, it would be Failingrad If this book were a movie, it would be Million Dollar Failby How much did this book fail thee Let me count the ways Oh no wait, I couldn t be bothered I ain t bovvered If this book were my Polish grandfather, its name would be Failinski Yes, I have a Polish grandfather He doesn t Failinski He s awesome Unlike this...

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    Never has a book been so aptly titled Reading this book was a kind of torment, and I don t say that solely because I was stuck in an airport for an ungodly number of hours with only this ass book as company The only fitting title would maybe be something like Shit Sandwich.It s a special talent to write a sequel that makes me long for its extremely implausible, poorly written predecessor And yet, here we are Shit Sandwich Torment picks up where Fallen left off Luce is being whisked away after the Epic Showdown of Angels and Demons Which Takes Place Outside While Our Brainless Heroine Is Tied to an Altar for Sacrifice She feels guilty that the people she loves continue to DIE HORRIBLY two random boys spontaneously combust her one nice friend gets her throat slit by the extremely sketchy librarian cum member of some obscure sect of fuck I don t know if they re good or evil because anyone wanting Luce dead can t be all bad Edward Edwardiel Daniel, Luce s Hot Piece of Fallen Angel, has conferred with various oth...

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    I will always catch you when you fall I have to say Torment is not bad at all, in my opinion The parts that keeps me continuing this series are the setting and riddles Gah I want to know about Luce and Daniel s past What has happened between them that makes Daniel so cryptic like this And there must be something about Luce for she can summon the Announcer like a pro About the truce made by Daniel and Cam, I think consequences must come after it ends The End Game is coming Would he find her Without question.Would he save her Always Well, I loved and hated this book at the same time Torment tormented me since the first chapter I was dying to know after the ending of book one, yet I didn t get many answers from this book, and it upsetted me Instead of clearing all the conflicts that has been escalating since Fallen, Kate decided to create them anew They re growing and growing that I m afraid whether she can answer the questions that is floating in my head by the end of book four.I just don t ...

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    The plot is to die for OMG yeah, im looking forward to this because i really liked the first one

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    Dear Ms KateI Don t Like Fallen.I don t like this series i don t like the characters, the development of the story, the secret life of Lucinda Price, the archangels, mainly all the angels from your story, the Outcasts, the heavenly never ending war between good and bad.I just don t like your piece of shit story However, i do keep reading this series Why Because i have a need for badly written, made by brainless authors YA fiction and stupid non feminists Therefor, this will not be a happy rating Deal with it I will get straight to the point, starting with the things that bothered me most Why won t you tell us about Lucindas past What on earth could be so dramatically that Daniel simply can t tell without Lucinda busting into flames Also, excuse me my language, but fuck Daniel Having constipation is interesting than reading about his life and feelings and wanting to protect his Luce from eternal danger This gets old Quick Seriously, Kate, give us some feministic domination here Why does so many authors underestimate the power of a good, butt kicking heroine Why does Lucinda has to be kept safe all the time Why is Daniel overprotective No, heaven forbid that anything should happen to Lucinda arrogant bitch Price, because they have crossed paths since forever, and since she has used up your quota of rebirths, things seem kinda black.Lucinda is an annoying part of the books No wait, she is the most annoying thin...

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    This is how the book went1.Luce changes schools because Daniel wants to keep her safe.2.Luce misses daniel 3.Daniel appears4.they kiss5.they fight6.luce leaves7.almost gets herself killed8.livesRepeat 1 8 five timesEnd of Torment This book wasn t the best book i have ever read but it wasn t the worst Torment sometimes WAS t...

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    I can t wait 0 10 08 10Omg I read the book Tears tears why do I have to wait next year for the 3rd book Fallen Series Passion Ahhhhh screaming right now I enjoy reading this book Poor Luce If I was in her position I woulld of done the ...

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