Dark Power Collection (Forbidden Doors)

Dark Power Collection Forbidden Doors PDF Epub Author Bill Myers Federicoscridel.eu Some Doors Are Better Left Unopened Join Teenager Rebecca Becka Williams, Her Brother, Scott, And Friend Ryan Riordan As They Head For Mind Bending Clashes Between The Forces Of Darkness And The Power Of God The Dark Power Collection Brings Together Three Fast Paced Novels Of The Supernatural By Bestselling Author Bill Myers The SocietyWhen Is A Game Than Just A Game When It S A Ouija Board In The Hands Of A Group Of Students Who Use It As Part Of Their Occult Rituals And Who View Rebecca And Scott As A Threat To Their Power A Showdown Is Imminent.The DecievedHypnotized By A Speaker On Reincarnation, Becka Is Caught Up In Experiences So Eerie And Powerful That They Nearly Strangle Her Faith And Destroy Her Life.The SpellBent On Getting Revenge On Becka For Her Interference, The Society Begins A Scare Campaign Complete With Spells And Curses But The Campaign Quickly Gets Out Of Hand Only One Thing Can Save Becka Something She Must Discover On Her Own.Dark Power Collection (Forbidden Doors)

Bill Myers was born into a Christian home, and although as a child he became bored with Christianity, he decided at the University of Washington quote, to make God my boss Ironically, at the University his worst subject was writing He claims to have prayed, and said that he would be able to do anything for God, except write Even so, he has become a prominent Christian writer, and has a large

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  • Paperback
  • 330 pages
  • Dark Power Collection (Forbidden Doors)
  • Bill Myers
  • English
  • 06 September 2019
  • 9780310729037

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    Zondervan has updated and re released Bill Myers Forbidden Doors series in four, three volume sets The Dark Powers Collection is the first book in the set Book 1The SocietyBecka and her brother Scott move to a new town Having grown up on the mission field, it s their first time living in a regular USA place Right away they stumble onto things that remind them of the witch doctors from South America, who worship demons But when Scott meets up with members of The Society and their Ouija board, he needs to dig down deep into his faith to know how to face them.Great story I instantly liked Becka and Scott They re fun, realistic Christian teens, who know just enough about their faith to get themselves into trouble I enjoyed watching their struggle as they volleyed between keeping their mouths shut to make friends and speaking up for their faith This is a fun story and one that will keep you thinking long after.Book 2The DeceivedMaxwell Hunter, a hypnotist, comes to town and convinces Becka that she was a powerful person in a former l...

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    In the book, Dark Power Collection, by Bill Myers, follows the story of the Williams and what they have to go through with moving from Brazil to a small town in the United States Throughout the book, it switches perspectives from Rebecca, also known as Becka and Scott, showing their different perspectives on what i...

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    I read quite a few books last year that dealt with spiritual warfare I really enjoyed them all and am constantly on the lookout for I found this collection by Bill Myers, who wrote some of my favorite stories in the Harbinger series, and was eager to check it out.It seemed to be geared towards younger teens, and even though I m not the target audience, I found it to b...

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    There were some frustrating formatting issues in the e book version of this collection, but as far as the stories were concerned, I enjoyed them Myers tackles some difficult spiritual topics for teens, ranging from the obviously evil to the subtly dark The reader has to suspend disbelief quite a bit, as so many spiritual warfare type incidents occur to the two main characters in a very short span of time, but this is an essentially small m...

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    I like how the author shows us the open gates we leave in our lives for attack.

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    I m pretty sure I read one or two of these books in Jr High These are addictive and each volume is short enough to be read in one sitting Good truths, if the melodrama is sometimes a little high.

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    great pre teen or teen series depending on the kid that explores topics on spiritual warfare and what following Jesus really means.

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