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And The Rain My Drink PDF Epub Author Han Suyin Contra Saustall.eu It Is 1948 And The British In Malaya Are Struggling To Put Down A Communist Uprising And Deal With Rising Nationalism In The Colony Chinese Girl Suyin Falls In Love With A British Police Officer And Is Able To See Both Sides Of The War But She Sympathizes With The Communist Guerrillas And Is Critical Of The British Colonials A Much Loved Classic And An Important Work In The Canon Of Singapore Literature.…and the Rain my Drink

Han Suyin Pinyin H n S y n is the pen name of Elizabeth Comber, born Rosalie Elisabeth Kuanghu Chow Pinyin Zh u Gu ngh She is a Chinese born Eurasianauthor of several books on modern China, novels set in East Asia, and autobiographical works, as well as a physician She currently resides in Lausanne and has written in English and French.

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  • …and the Rain my Drink
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  • 24 August 2018
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    Han Suyin was deep red in political convictions and blazingly scarlet in her personal life It is with some regret then that I must acknowledge that And the Rain my Drink is an absolutely brilliant novel The topic is the Malayan Emergency of 1948 1960 which was in fact a guerilla war waged between the British based in the cities of the Malayan peninsula and Communist partisans in the jungle Published in 1956, it was written before the final outcome was known Han Suyin as a doctor in a critical care hospital and the wife of a British Police officer was in an excellent position to view events If you have no interest in Malaya, you should still find the novel interesting for its description of how an urban society combats an insurgency based in the countryside.Readers will need some fortitude to cope with Han Suyin s ghastly purple prose which is particularly obtrusive in the first third of the book However, as she advances her powers of observation and satire become prominent And the Rain my Drink has the great meri...

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    Nobody writes like this any In a relatively thin book, Han Su Yin weaves together a mosaic tale that is fictitiously realistic of tension, doubts, mischief, mistrust, and misery of the early periods of the Malayan Emergency In detailed, delightful, and at times discombobulating prose, Han brought life to the inner lives of a long list of characters, organised a disorganised social, political and cultural landscape, and took great pains to not tell the story of war from the war room Instead, as if a spirit, she took possession of each character at will, and it is the will, be it to survive, or to thrive, or to win war, or to stem a war, that gets the best treatment of Han s careful, yet florid writing Agency, agenda, and ambiguity of characters caught between fire and water inner demons and external contingencies personal feelings and ideological professional gravity were all conferred equal sculpting even if the fates of many characters were shaped and sealed by their lack of equality vis a vis the others.And The Rain My Drink thrives not because of the author s command of the language which she clearly does, what else can t Han name anyway but her command of a situation that defies command And it is through such command and empathy she did justice to three things in a period where justice is scant and selective First, the difficulty in finding justice itself in a period of mismatched aspirations and segregated lives and inner lives Second, the untold...

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    I have to take exception to the synopsis, which is way off Perhaps it was written by someone who was even confused by the novel s complete lack of structure For the record And The Rain My Drink, set in southeastern Malaysia then Malaya and Singapore during the Emergency, before independence, tells the story of the British Authority s feckless campaign against the Communists, and the cast of Malays, bourgeois Chinese, rubber tappers again Chinese , and British officers who are swept into the chaos The novel is promising as a historical romance in the epic mode, with an undercooked polemic shoehorned into the middle of it As a whole, it s something of a mess Characters are introduced and then suddenly disappear, as the narrative shifts to a different point of view terrible events happen without any resolution pages are given over to clunky dialog illustrating the British Authority s incompetence which I m not disputing, by the way it just seems like there are convincing ways to portray it To top it all off is Han s florid prose, which strangles the p...

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    This is an important work of Malaysian literature The book was written in 1952 53 Han Suyin was living in Johor Bahru and married to the special branch officer Leon Comber involved in the Emergency, so she was writing about what was happening around her in real time It is said that many of the characters are based on real people too thinly disguised Sen, for example, is probably based on William Kuok of the locally famous Kuok family, brother of Robert Kuok, one of the richest Malaysians today She didn t even bother to change the family name He became the propaganda chief for the communists and was ambushed and shot by Gurkhas in 1953 It seems both Comber and Han resigned from their positions in the colonial service following the publication of the book arising from its less than favourable depiction of the Malayan Emergency.It is an important work because it is one of the only books in English from those turbulent times written by an outsider which tells the story of the Emergency reflecting the various perspectives of the Malayan Chinese, particularly those who found themselves caught up in the undeclared war What strikes me is just how little things have changed It brings into focus the insidious role of British colonial policy in framing and shaping Malaysian politics r...

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    The occasional brilliant writing that immerses the reader in the period of communist insurgency in Malaya are sadly too few and swamped by the endless flowery prose of many chapters that attempt to convey mood but end up totally going over my head The strange juxtaposition between matter of fact stream of consciousness narrative and long poetic verse is j...

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    A few years ago, I found this book in a secondhand bookstore It was dirt cheap and I really liked the blurb on the cover I bought it immediately When I got home, I found out the hard way why it was so cheap The book was falling apart, literally The binding, or what was left of it, could barely hold the pages together In the end, the book ended up in the trash But I never forgot the book and hoped that some day, it would be reprinted.Finally, my wish came through You see, I really wanted to read this book because of its setting Imagine Malaya and Singapore, during the early 50s Imagine lush, heat soaked jungles filled with violence Imagine death lurking behind rubber trees Imagine the lives of rubber tappers, tin miners, bus drivers, ordinary citizens who can be incarcerated behind bars at the mere whiff of being a communist collaborator Imagine a historical novel set during a period of...

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    Han Sunyin s prose is florid, maybe too florid for popular current taste, but that shouldn t be an obstacle to the enjoyment of this novel After all, one can still appreciate the beauty of a 1950s car and marvel at those chrome details Style apart, this book is a gold mine of information about the insurgence against British rule in Malaysia and the toxic legacy of the colonial mindset that Han Sunyi dissects and describes so well Unsurprisingly her novel was criticized in colonial circles at the time it was published because of its alleged anti British bias The author was married to a British police officer at the time the book was written and the main British character in the book is portrayed as a man uncomfortable with his job of repressing an uprising which Han Suyin portrayed in a sympathetic light Some of her insights about colonialism and its induced hypnosis of inferiority, which destroys confi...

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    This book took my by surprise It lingers on every small detail so completely and incessantly that by the time the big plot stuff happens at the end, you feel like you ve fully sunk into the swamps of Malaya The narrative drifts from storyline to storyline, each tying back to the others in unexpected but truthful ways The novel is ...

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    I picked up this novel as a part of the Malaysian Reading Challenge from some post I ve found on Pinterest As soon as I ve flipped open the hard, green cover of my edition, I was stunned Han writes with such an intensity that it s impossible to put down the book until one has devoured all the short stories in this collection The candid, refre...

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    Great book I consider this as literature The writing is rich, sensual, and complex The copywriter is 1956 and the setting is 1950 in Malaysia The topics are very valid in today s world I can see the contemporary philosophies of today s geopolitical world in this 70 year old book.

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