Singularity PDF Epub Author Ian Douglas The Third Book In The Epic Saga Of Humankind S War Of TranscendenceThere Is An Unseen Power In The Universe A Terrible Force That Was Dominating The Galaxy Tens Of Thousands Of Years Before The Warlike Sh Daar Were Even Aware Of The Existence Of Sol And Its Planets.As Humankind Approaches The Singularity, When Transcendence Will Be Achieved Through Technology, Contact Will Be Made.In The Wake Of The Near Destruction Of The Solar System, The Political Powers On Earth Seek A Separate Peace With An Inscrutable Alien Life Form That No One Has Ever Seen But Admiral Alexander Koenig, The Hero Of Alphekka, Has Gone Rogue, Launching His Fabled Battlegroup Beyond The Boundaries Of Human Space Against All Orders With Confederation Warships In Hot Pursuit, Koenig Is Taking The War For Humankind S Survival Directly To A Mysterious Omnipotent Enemy.Singularity

Ian Douglas is a pseudonym used by

[Epub] ↠ Singularity Author Ian Douglas –
  • ebook
  • 400 pages
  • Singularity
  • Ian Douglas
  • English
  • 24 December 2019
  • 9780062096234

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    I don t generally write reviews for the books I finish reading, but I must make an exception for this one One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to writers is the sausage stuffing methodology of descriptive info dumps Science fiction being one of my favorite genres, I have learned to deal with the fact that authors sometimes need to do this in order to explain a particular point in the universe they have created.A necessary evil of t...

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    Book three seamlessly segues from the end of Center of Gravity Admiral Koenig leads the battlegroup further into Sh daar territory, towards the enigmatic center of the Sh daar civilization Meanwhile Lieutenant Grey s personal odyssey continues.I was disappointed with the last book in the trilogy The action is still good, but it is upstaged by the exploration of the enigma that is the Sh daar Wormholes, discussions about transcendence and the evolution of civilizations abound Douglas has thought the whole thing out quite well and the ending makes sense Unfortunately it feels as if the lofty macrostory and themes don t mix well with the military science fiction setting Long discussions on the deep future and the deep past of technological civilizations slow the pace down too much Mind you, these discussions are interesting, but they just don t fit in well in this book.On the character side, the development...

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    This series has been consistently an above average SiFi story Good solid science mixed with SiFi elements has made it a great read Good aliens and alien culture also make the story a nice interesting read Very recommended

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    A solid end to what was a solid series of military SF There were not a huge number of plot twists, but it was well written and the author made a good attempt at keeping the science reasonably solid There are plenty of space battles throughout this book and through the series as ...

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    As with the two previous Carrier books, Singularity is an action packed book that manages to be thought provoking without being stale and over explaining.The rest of this review has spoilers, so read at your own risk Singularity does an excellent job of portraying the desperation of Koenig to bring an end to the Sha dar war, and his own deteriorating mental state, with him grappling with having to decide the fates of everyone in his rag tag fleet, and with the loss of his lover Admiral Karyn He isn t portrayed as an unstoppable force that the rest of the crew can rely on, but the imperfect man that they need.Another one of my favorite things about thi book, and this series at large, is how it deals with post humanism, and man s increasingly close relationship with technology Particularly with the Virtual Admiral Karyn serving as a way for Koenig to avoid dealing with his loss Ian Douglas also does an excellent job of intertwining space combat ...

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    So this is the third book in Ian Douglas s Star Carrier series For me, the series lost steam around this point Eventually, the obsessive anti religious weirdness started to outweigh the fun of the action scenes, especially since not a lot was really being added to the series by this point Instead, it was mostly just winding down events and theories from the first couple of books I m also kind of tired sci fi s ongoing enactment of what is to me a superficial and shallow view of sexuality that under the pretext of some kind of futuristic speculation is really just an enactment of the male friendly view of easy, casual, commitment free sex It s especially bad when there s a pseudo scientific rationale for it In this case, the prims primitives are the only remaining holdouts of monogamous sexual culture while the rest of human culture had adopted polyamory wholesale Because, of course, polyamory is just a short run adaptation to the exigent needs of hunter gatherer soc...

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    Singularity closes out the first installment in the Star Carrier story and does little to diverge from its predessors It has neat space battles based around actual physics An intriging universe populated by interesting aliens A very engaging plot arc and a very fast paced narrative.It also has its share of deficiencies as well Absurdly thin, and comcially evil politicaian characters Basically if a character is from North America they are good righteous just want to get the job done and save humanity If they are from Europe or are a politician they are incompetent coniving political hacks that just care about their own advancement Lots of concepts get repeated over and over again throughout the entire book series how FTL travel works, the technologies the big baddies want us to stop developing, etc Ov...

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    This review will be for the complete first three book arc of this series This novel reminded me a lot of the Jack Campbell Lost Fleet series as there was lots of space battles with ship to ship action In this series, humans are fighting multiple alien species and not other human groups and for the most part are behind them technologically but the author makes up for this in the tenaciousness of the human fighting spirit The author also does a pretty...

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    Pretty fast paced, until the last 50 or so pages The formula is the same as the previous two books, many of the revelations are the same, not too surprising at the end Mr Douglas did present an interesting challenge to write with the conclusion of the trilogy If I had read these with the roughly year break between I woul...

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    A great ending to the Star Carrier Trilogy My complaints about the first two books continue in this book too much reiteration of facts, stories, and events from the first two books There are entire sections I must skip over because its the 3rd time I ha...

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