Dark Water

Read Dark Water By Tricia Rayburn Jwdfitness.co.uk The Sea Is Calling, But The Reluctant Siren Will Do Anything Not To AnswerA Year After The Events That Killed Her Sister And Turned Her Into A Siren, Vanessa Is Desperately Trying To Put Her Family Back Together And Reclaim A Normal Life But No Matter How Many Times She Swims, Or How Much Salt Water She Drinks, She Can Feel Herself Getting Weaker And Weaker She Has No Idea How To Survive As A Siren And She Doesn T Want To Know The Truth About Her Newly Discovered Identity It S Just Too Horrifying Then Her Biological Mother Shows Up At Her Summer House In Maine She Is One Of The Nenuphars, The Most Powerful Of All Sirens She Promises That She Wants To Help The Daughter From Whom She S Been Separated For Far Too Long But Is She To Be Trusted Now Vanessa Must Face The Harshest Reality Of All To Survive She Must Endanger And Injure Others But Is That Any Sort Of Life Chilling And Romantic, Dark Water Explores Questions Of Identity As Old As The Sea, And Brings The Siren Trilogy To A Startling Conclusion.Dark Water

Tricia Rayburn lives on eastern Long island with her fianc and crazy shih tzu She tries to eat vegetables instead of candy but, in her weaker moments, loves Reese s Pieces The Melting of Maggie Bean is her first novel.

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  • Dark Water
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  • 07 October 2019

10 thoughts on “Dark Water

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    Note I read this book only for the sake of getting this trilogy over with, not because I like it or something like that.1.5 stars, the 0.5 star is given merely because I don t find this book offensive but those who take the Siren myth seriously might be offended by the Sirens in the story , still I am not going to recommend Dark Water nor its author to anyone.What you should expect when you open this book paper thinned and angst filled romance between a love sicked girl and her handsome love i...

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    I know the book isnt out yet, but i still want to write a review anyway love the siren series by tricia rayburn.I love Parker from book 2 and i hoped venessa would end up him but NO Of course she would end up with SIMON Not that he is horrid or something i just like parker .I am...

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    There are times when the series completionist in me has to read a book even though nothing good can come of it This is one of those times I m not exaggerating not much anyway Dark Water s not as bad as Undercurrent, ok few books are as bad as Undercurrent, but it is really really dull In fact, it s probably one of the pointless sequels I ve ever read.I mean, not much goes on for most of this book Vanessa, well she broke up with Simon in Undercurrent in a really bizarre twist of events, and she spends the first half of this book annoying me with how angsty and needy she is At least she tries to, because even her pinning s so dull I m bored than annoyed I felt somewhat of the same way in Siren because in every single one of these books Rayburn really stretches out the killer siren plot in favor of following Vanessa around as she does mundane everyday things, but at least there the death of Vanessa s sister Justine is a huge hint of something unnatural going on, but in this book there s really nothing just Vanessa wallowing around town I just kept waiting and waiting and waiting for something substantial to happen anything.And I guess eventually some things do happen, Vanessa gets weird vibes from new girl Natalie and and lethargic I m surprised the pace of this book hasn t put me to sleep yet Then she tries to patch things up...

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    I had enjoyed the first two books in the series much than this one But I didn t absolutely love them I had a problem with the writing style, and the way Rayburn liked to just skip the action parts and replay them later in their mind It made it difficult to move from one scene to another, and you never get the full details I didn t particularly like the ending to the book either It left too many things unresolved, and it didn t make it seem like there would be another book after it It also left so many questions unanswered and me unsatisfied I didn t care for the plot turn in Vanessa much too It was like the author was just trying to throw another obstacle in her life and her relationships Plus, Vanessa didn t even seem much stronger ...

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    I liked the first two books of this series, but for some reason I couldn t get into this book The pacing of the book was extremely slow and all the action happened in the end The bad guy view spoiler or rather bad girl hide spoiler

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    Great trilogy I love how the characters developed during it, especially Vanessa The writing is magical and really brings you into the story Great way to tell the mythology of ancient sirens Love it and recommend it to everyone

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    I m going to be honest, I wasn t looking forward to this book and I don t know why Turns out, I really enjoyed this book, and the characters Some of the plot was a bit predictable but that s about it.

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    That cover is goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorgeous.

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    A strong ending and I ve had fun with this series but it will not stick with me forever.

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    Jest to ostatni tom trylogii Syreny.Musze przyzna , e od ca ej serii spodziewam si czego wi cej Pierwszy tom by w porz dku, cho troch brakowa o mi syren Drugi tom wydawa mi si pisany troszk na si , natomiast ta cz by a dla mnie najgorsza spo r d wszystkich.Zacznijmy od tego, e przez ca trylogi syreny nie graj pierwszych skrzypiec no mo e ewentualnie w 1 cz ci Po prostu pojawiaj si one sporadycznie i to nie tak jak je sobie mo na wyobra a s bez ogon w, cho nadal wabi m czyzn swoim piewem.Tak naprawd nie wiem o czym jest ta ksi ka Bohaterowie z poprzedniej cz ci np Parker, kt rego polubi am w og le si nie pojawiali, co tylko szkodzi o tej powie ci Mia am wra enie, e ka da cz opowiada zupe nie inn histori z tymi samymi bohaterami.Najwi ksza wada tej pozycji, kt ra pojawia a si ju w poprzednich tomach to to, e autorka ko czy dany rozdzia , a w kolejnym jeste my ju par dni po wydarzeniach z poprzedniego rozdzia u To by o naprawd irytuj ce, ponie...

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