Omar the Immortal (Europa #1)

Omar The Immortal Europa 1 PDF Epub Author Joseph Robert Lewis For Fans Of The Halcyon Trilogy, A New Dark Odyssey Begins In The Exotic Land Of Marrakesh, Scholar Omar Bakhoum Joins An Airship Expedition Into The Freezing North In Search Of A Legendary Country Called Ysland There He Hopes To Learn The Secrets Of The Afterlife From A Lost Race Of Sages, But Howling Ice Storms, Legions Of Ghosts, And A Deadly Samurai Stand Between Omar And His Goal.His Journey Has Barely Begun Before The Members Of The Expedition Team Begin Dying Of A Mysterious Condition, One By One As The Last Remaining Foreigner On Board, Omar Is Accused Of The Murders And He Quickly Finds That An Airship High Above The Frozen Sea Is A Dangerous Place To Fight For His Innocence, Or His Life.Series This Novella Introduces The Europa Series Of Dark Fantasy Adventures It Takes Place In The World Of The Other Earth Four Years Before The Halcyon Series Of Swashbuckling Steampunk Adventures.Features Map The First Chapter Of Europa 2 FREYA THE HUNTRESS A NovelOmar the Immortal (Europa #1)

Joseph Robert Lewis enjoys creating worlds in which history, mythology, and fantasy collide in unpredictable ways He also likes writing about heroines that his daughters can respect and admire Joe was born in Annapolis and went to the University of Maryland to study ancient novels, morality plays, and Viking poetry.

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  • Omar the Immortal (Europa #1)
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  • 24 February 2018

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    Full review originally at Fantasy Book Critic Overview Analysis Omar the Immortal is a novella in the Europa Series by Joseph Robert Lewis I came across this book on Goodreads and wanted to know about it so went to the author s website wherein I was informed of his Other Earth series This is a world wherein Europe never recovered from the last Ice Age and the world saga is equatorial The nations in North Africa, Middle East and Indian Subcontinent have progressed to different natures which might have been This concept is something which has previously explored a bit, most recently done by Kate Elliott in her Spiritwalker trilogy.When I had requested the books from the author, the author had specifically asked that I read his debut trilogy The Halcyon series which specifically establishes the world and begins the reader s journey in to the exotic world created by the author The chronological order of the books in the series is Omar the Immortal Europa 1 The Burning Sky Halcyon 1 The Broken Sword Halcyon 2 The Bound Soul Halcyon 3 F...

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    Let me begin with my one criticism of this book it was too short Lewis has built a world that is strangely familiar to us, but wildly different from the world we know Then he has populated it with vivid characters and powerful imagery that enchants his reader Bakhoum is seeking to explore a fabled land that lies far to the north, yet is bathed in warmth instead of ice and snow He signs on to an exploratory expedition aboard the airship, Frost Finch seeking his fabled island But he has secrets and a secret motivation So do others aboard the ill fated ship Those secrets will lead to disaster, but not before they find the fabled land.Lewis has reimagined our world, but even in the midst of his new vision for our planet, we find the same old human beings with the same conflicts, the same stereotypes and the same greed driven desires But perhaps there is hope Bakhoum seems to be different And Captain Ngozi offers an iconi...

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    This turned out to be a really fun little novella that tells us a bit about Omar Bakhoum, a character that we had already met in the Halcyon series, but about which we didn t know much He appears surrounded by a halo of mystery in that other saga and it s in this novella where we actually get to meet him and see a part of who he is and what his life is like We see him traveling to the dangerous and frozen northern parts of Europa, hoping to find a very special place that, he thinks, holds the key to learn the secret about life and death and their relation with the powerful sun steel Of course, the trip is not easy and he meets some people along the way, that help him get where he wants, in spite of the problems they encounter But the ending manages to surprise you A good but too short book that is easy and quick to read, that has some dramatic and exciting moments, and that accomplishes...

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    The alternative world the author has built is interesting and exciting The Other Earth draws a history of another timeline of the Earth, enriched with misteries and magic The secret sun steel sword appears also in the other stories I liked the way that the abilities of the trapped souls help Omar to win in dangerous situations.The main character is well drawn, though the story was too short to really root for him I would have liked to see details about the other characters motivation, desires.The story is a quest, an adventure to find Ysland and its precious treasure During the journey the travelers face danger and death, which makes the novella compelling However, at the end I was little disapp...

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    This certainly a promising start for what could be a great series, and since I have the second book I plan on finding out quite soon The world itself is rather cool and has a bit of a alternate reality feel to it, as well as some great steampunk aspects But the coolest part of this is the whole inclusion of aether, sun steel and ghosts Those three things make thi...

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    The Lost Airship is a steampunk short story with swords The characters don t have enough time to be fleshed out, but the time the reader does spend with them they appear to have some depth The plot is ...

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    It s too short That s my only complaint.

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    Excellent Book My new favorite author

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    E un racconto ambientato in un mondo gi esplorato con una trilogia e con altri libri, tutti di lunghezza regolamentare a differenza di questo , e come racconto in s non niente di che.Si lascia leggere, ma ha ben poco pathos.E interessante per conoscere questo mondo l infodump totalmente assente, e bisogna essere ben concentrati per carpire qualche informazione, anche con l aiuto del disclaimer iniziale che ci spiega come in questa Terra parallela l ultima glaciazione non abbia mai abbandonato l Europa, che ora si ritrova con un clima freddo e inospitale al sud, glaciale al nord.Niente romani, niente greci.La civilt si sviluppata nella fascia temperata, nell Africa e nell Asia.E c uno strano materiale, il metallo del sole, capace di bruciare e di attirare le anime.Ci sono spade fatte di questo materiale, che intrappolano l anima di chi ne tocca la lama, mettendola al servizio del possessore della spada.E il possessore di una di queste spade Omar , studioso egiziano misterioso che, apprendiamo, ha scoperto il segreto dell immortalit.E vivendo per tantissimo tempo ha scoperto un antica mappa che mostra nel dettaglio le coste europee una sorta di mappa di Mercator, insomma comprensive di Ysland, una misteriosa isola misteriosa per loro, mica tanto per noi a ovest della Gran Bretagna Un isola priva di ghiacci, dove potrebbero conoscere il segreto di questo strano met...

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