Still Life with Crows

Reading Still Life With Crows Author Douglas Preston Medicine Crek, Kansas Numa Cidadezinha Em Que Nada Parece Acontecer, E Cuja Rua Principal Se Resume A Meia D Zia De Lojas Ao Longo De Dois Quarteir Es, Tem Lugar Um Crime Horr Vel Um Desconhecido Deixado Numa Pequena Clareira Aberta No Imenso Mar De Trigo O Corpo Est Mutilado E Integra Se Num Cen Rio Particularmente Macabro.Still Life with Crows

Douglas Preston was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1956, and grew up in the deadly boring suburb of Wellesley Following a distinguished career at a private nursery school he was almost immediately expelled he attended public schools and the Cambridge School of Weston Notable events in his early life included the loss of a fingertip at the age of three to a bicycle the loss of his two fr

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    YES Another great addition in the Pendergast series I m sure you can you tell I m excited to do this review, right You ve got to understand that my enthusiasm for this book is also for the series Almost all the books in this series are entertaining, fun and thrilling The tension is just lights out.The books are just so good I mean, isn t that what we want when we read To be entertained Thanks Terry for another great buddy read while we travel down Pendergast lane So, how does this book start It starts in a small town in Kansas with rows of corn ready for harvest and a killer on the loose I really thought the setting of Kansas would not work for me in this book and oh boy, I was wrong.Let me paint a scene for you so you ll get the idea.You re running and gasping through 12 rows of corn in the darkest of night Trying not to trip, you re completely isolated and lost There s a killer racing behind you You can hear their heavy footsteps as they pace you in the darkness while they scream MuuuuuuUUUUUUHHHHHHHH Yeah, corn can be frightening folks Next time you eat some corn on the cob, make sure no one s breathing loud next to you o.OPreston and Child are masters at scaring the shit out of you Seriously, I hope this is on their tombstones when they die because it will be fitting.I read horror books a lot and there were moments in this book that scared the ...

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    Corn.Food metaphors have been the order of the day pun intended thus far in reviewing Messrs Preston and Child s Pendergast series hot dog, anyone , and so I m compelled to continue that tradition, because if I don t, I have absolutely no framing device for this review For a Kansas set book that takes place amidst acres and acres of oppressive and unrelenting corn fields, there could be no other choice well, there are some other thematically appropriate foods I could select based on the plot, some of which involve boiling and sugaring, but they are considerably unsavory, and I don t want to offend those with delicate stomachs and or those who have an aversion to the consumption of human flesh philistines.Think of corn at its best corn on the cob in the peak of summer, sweet and succulent, cooked, buttered, and salted to perfection and you ve got the best parts of Still Life with Crows a stormy and Midwestern Gothic atmosphere, a taut and tense hunt for a particularly creepy killer, Pendergast ...

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    Revisited ReviewOn the back of my edition of Still Life With Crows there is a blurb that states These guys are masters at scaring the hell out of people Turns out they actually are.In this case, it was certainly true I d been reading a slew of horror and suspense novels, and this one was certainly one of the scariest Some other reviewers weren t too fond of the setting, but I loved it I ve always enjoyed Small Town Horror settings No, this isn t quite the same thing as Salem s Lot or Ghost Story, but neither does it pretend to be Agent Pendergast, the protagonist, has been around a while, so not too much page space is spent on fleshing out his character While this book can certainly be read as a stand alone novel, it is part of a series and it would only be fair to approach it with that fact in mind I found it a gripping read It is extremely atmospheric and contains some of the creepiest corn field scen...

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    Why are you reading this review instead of a Pendergast book These books are soooooo damn good Suspenseful mysterious gory terrifying Most books have just one or two chapters of suspenseful climax The entire last third of this book had me on the edge of my seat.If you like Michael Cri...

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    3.5 stars Pendergast is a great character This series can be pretty creepy actually and this one was no exception The books make a good occasional read for when I ve overdosed on one type of book usually fantasy in my case These books are always suspenseful, not too demanding b...

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    I am officially addicted to Pendergast So much so that I didn t even feel like writing this quick review and want to jump straight into Brimstone Book 5 The Pendergast series has so far been highly entertaining and full of creepy and chilling suspense It is just what I wanted for the month of October without going full blown horror The character of Pendergast continues to intrigue and delight me to no end I love how his refined eccentricity throws everyone he encounters out of their comfort zone So learned, competent and just so strange, he exudes a certain charm which I find very alluring He still does not many point of view chapters, which probably adds to the whole mysterious persona And if even the cool city slickers in New York can be unnerved by Pendergast, just imagine what it will do to a small corn farm community in Kansas While not as deeply atmospheric as the scenes in New York s museums, underground tunnels and cabinet of curiosities, the cornfields of Kansas can still conjure up some spine chilling images The main characters in the little town of Medicine Creek are well fleshed out and are less annoying tha...

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    You can smell the farmland and hear the Kansas winds rustling through fields of corn as the erudite FBI agent with a touch of the supernatural about him, Pendergast, brings to the heartland his dark suit, 1959 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith, and seemingly endless knowledge of the strange and otherworldly.Squeezed between The Cabinet of Curiosities and Brimstone, two of the best in the series, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child created another terrific novel that is part mystery, part thriller, and part horror story Other than Relic Reliquary and Dance of Death Book of the Dead, which are best read in conjunction with each other, the series can basically be read as stand alone novels Readers who had, however, been following this intriguing series since the first one, had very high expectations because of the prior efforts Fortunately those expectations are met in Still Life With Crows.Pendergast is solo this time out, with only allusions to Wren, an ill gotten inheritance, and his urgent need to return to New York connecting in any way to the incredible amount of history readers of the series know so well Though I recommend reading from the beginning, Still Life With Crows makes an adequate introduction to the series because the focus here is mainly on Pendergast himself, who you need to know the most about to get the series.Pendergast shows up in Kansas shortly after a ritual killing in a cornfield,...

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    Deliciously creepy tale with corn fields and caves and someone who can pull off limbs with his bare hands Also, who doesn t appreciate a killer with such an artistic bent Body parts, Indian artefacts, and dead crows in a macabre tableau The Tate modern would be all over it.Safe to say that I m pretty into the question that is Agent Pendergast by now His dark family secrets, his first name still unrevealed , the black suit, his...

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    I love several books in the Pendergast series But, I think Still Lif with Crows is my personal favorite It has an interesting and engrossing plot and best of it all we are introduced to Corrie Swanson, who besides Pendergast is my favorite character in the series

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    Because truth is the safest lie I m in love this book has now pushed itself to the top of the line of the first four novels from the talented team of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child Pendergast actually leaves New York and travels to a small, dying town that s covered in cornfields and old Indian Legend When the dust settles, it s clear they have a demented killer at hand At first the sheriff blames an outsider, but it soon become apparent it s someone nearer to them than thatthe only question that seems to remain for Pendergast to solve, is the monster even human While New York and its impressive museum provided a playground of fascinating riddles and exploration options, I was ready for a breather and break from the big city This small town with it s backward appeal was the perfect solution Hopefully it s not just me who thinks of the creepiness from Children of the Corn whenever cornfields are involved They re used effectively in a lot of horror movies and scenes for good reason I loved the mystery of this story,but the setting makes it impressive with the fragile and uptight innkeeper Pendergast stays with, the greasy spoon Pendergast ...

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