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Stunning Captivating Gets Under Your Skin Praise For The Novels Of Gabrielle Kimm Francesca Felizzi Knows She Wields An Immense Power Over Men Her Patrons See Only A Carefree Courtesan, And They Pay Handsomely For The Privilege Of Her Time Francesca Never Saw Him Coming, The Man Who Cracked Her Heart Open And Ruined Her For The Job But He S Shown Her What A Gaudy Facade She S Built, And She Doesn T Know How To Tear It Down Without Taking Her Beloved Daughters With Her The Wrong Move Could Plunge All Of Them Into The Sort Of Danger She Has Dreaded Ever Since She Began Her Perilous Work All Those Years Ago An Exquisite Tale That Explores The Intricate Nature Of A Mother S Heart The Courtesan S Lover Draws You Close And Whispers In Your Ear In The Tradition Of Sarah Dunant And Marina Fiorato, A Compelling And Vibrant Tale From An Up And Coming Fresh Voice That Readers Will Want To Savor.The Courtesans Lover

I am the author of three historical novels, all published by Sphere His Last Duchess Sphere 2010 , The Courtesan s Lover Sphere 2011 and The Girl with the Painted Face Sphere 2013.I live and work in West Sussex writing and teaching English in a tiny performing arts school.

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  • Paperback
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  • The Courtesans Lover
  • Gabrielle Kimm
  • English
  • 20 October 2018
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    Synopsis 16th century, Naples, the south of Italy Francesca Felizzi has been a courtesan for ten years now She earns a lot, owns two houses and generally enjoys a great popularity among men due to her stunning beauty and intelligence She has several rich and influenced patrons, sumptuous dresses and three servants Still, when she falls on the street people jeer, catcall or feign indifference at best Nobody wants to help her She is a sinner, the lowest of low No courtesan ends well, no matter how popular or rich she is during her best years.One evening Francesca, dressed up as a respectable young widow and accompanying one of her regular clients, discovers an entirely new world the world of true friends, decency, propriety and peace of mind And she falls in love at first sight with Luca della Rovere, a scholar and a respectable widower with two adult sons It seems everything should divide them but Luca cannot forget that lovely, quiet widow and soon enough he is courting her like a man at least 20 years ...

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    The Courtesan s Lover is exactly the sort of book to keep you occupied over Christmas as you sip mulled wine before a cosy fire In fact I would liken it to mulled wine rich, deep and satisfying Set in a beautifully realised Renaissance Italy, it tells the story of Francesca Felizzi, a wealthy courtesan, who decides to go straight The first section of the book shows us her life as a courtesan the glamour and the potential danger are neatly interwoven For the book to work this part has to be believable and the author spends some time setting this up, so we understand just what a courtesan s life would have been like, right down to how a citrus fruit is used as a contraceptive device.The setting of Napoli is impeccably researched the nitty gritty of Francesca s business is described frankly, but there is nothing here that would shock the average reader.Once Francesca falls in love, the rest of the book is concerned with how her former clients interact with each other, and how each past encounter now poses a danger to the one true relationship in her life The reader is kept on tenterhooks wondering which of her lovers will betray her There are plenty of colourful characters, not least her servant Modesto, a eunuch, whose plight is both touching and sad There can be few books that examine the ...

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    4.5 starsFrancesca Felizzi works as a courtesan in Naples and is quite content with the life she is living Then she has an inexperienced young man as a customer who turn out to be sweet and gentle He makes Francesca to realize that she hasn t never been truly loved, a thing that hasn t bothered her before But then she meets someone who turns her life upside down and makes her rethink her life.The Courtesan s Lover is kind of a sequel to her previous book His Last Duchess but I haven t read the first book and it still worked well as stand alone.I really enjoyed the book even if I have no idea which characters were real since I don t know much about Italy s history I think I have to do some googling I liked Francesca and I loved how she wasn t ashamed of who she was and still managed to stay ...

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    Originally posted at lover A patron or patrons yes, but a lover for a courtesan brings a wealth of different emotions and conflicts to the mix.At first just surviving was Francesca s number one desire and then surviving well by charging big fees for what she had, at one time, been forced to do for nothing seemed like a good way to secure her and her daughters futures.In the sixteenth century, women and children could be used and abused or adored and cared for as the man of the family saw fit Francesca had not been among those adored and cared for As a courtesan she is desired by many but available to only a few She is like both sorceress and temptress as she divines and meets the needs of each of her patrons fulfills their fantasies and sends them on their way no strings attached Of course, she does keep her Book of Encounters for insurance.Modesto, Francesca s house servant, nurse, pimp, bodyguard and faithful friend, sees the two of them as the seedless and the strumpet against the world His story is compelling He can sing with the voice of an angel, albeit a sad angel.Luca della Rovere and his sons Carlo and Gianni, without knowing it, chan...

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    I really didn t enjoy this book This was another novel that I wished was over before long, and there was just so much not to like about it The characters were confusing Too many people were introduced too quickly, and with Francesca s relationship with them they were all just patrons to me I couldn t tell most of them apart Their personalities were boring or annoying, and the author relies too much on monologue to make it a good read When characters were mentioned later on, I couldn t remember them nor did I care to So many emotions were exaggerated and written very poorly, especially angst, that I got sick of things really quickly like Francesca s desperation in wanting Luca, and Modesto s crying about his circumstance.The constant spatters of foreign language were annoying, and they were mostly poorly used It made no sense to use them even sparingly when the English would ve done just as well especially when I had no idea what the word was supposed to mean.I cringed at the writing, too So many sentences were unnecessary Things were described that weren t important to the setting or the plot at all like what Francesca took on her picnic, and the order in which she did things There was nothing beautiful about the writing, either, and the book might ve been better if it was finely tuned.There was a surprising lack of sex written considering that the novel was about a courtesan, and a ridiculous amount of roman...

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    After Francesca s tribulations in His Last Duchess, and in the knowledge that she was off to Naples to a life of high class prostitution, I was fairly certain that The Courtesan s Lover would be, at the very least, as exciting as its predecessor And I was, of course, not wrong However admirably Francesca strives to keep her dangerous working life separate from her domestic one, and to protect her beautiful twin girls from harm, clearly she is taking some devastating risks Tension levels were high and woe betide anyone who spoke to me while I was reading this book I became very fond of Francesca I respected that she stoically and cheerfully accepted the personal sacrifices of her chosen career for the sake of her daughters And then, when the time comes, has the courage to alter course, change all her values and face up to the consequences There were some beautifully drawn relationships two in particular strike me now The one between Francesca and her manservant, Modesto, whose character, incidentally, was one of my favourites And the one between Maria and Filippo, whose stale marriage was repaired by Francesca s skills I loved that little sub plot Once again this book gave a stunningly detailed picture of life in Renaissance Italy in general, and of The Courtesans and Society in particular As well as being another wonderful read, I learned so many interesting new facts including the fascinating use of limes that The Courtesan s Lover has...

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    I absolutely loved this book I ve had it on my bookcase for two years now but continuously overlooked it On a whim, I decided to give it a chance Having read His Last Duchess a couple of years ago and enjoying it, I bought this as it sort of follows on from there Although Francesca is a minor character in the first book, she s developed by the end and the story continues through her in this book I initially thought that the title was a bit naff In fact, I don t think the title is anywhere good enough for this book I m not thrilled with the cover either BUT, never judge a book by the cover This is an awesome tale There are so many characters, all of whom are extremely well developed and very cleverly linked together due to their relationship to one woman, Francesca Felizzi Although there are such a large amount of people involved in the story, it never once becomes confusing or daft The whole book is brilliant I love renaissance Italy and this has everything for me love, mystery...

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    Gabrielle Kimm brings back one of her characters from The Last Duchess, Francesca Felizzi, the former mistress to the Duke of Ferrara The Courtesan s Lover can be read as a stand alone as Francesca is now a sought after Courtesan living a life of luxury and raising her two twin daughters She has beauty, ambition, smarts, and power over men yet lacks real love until meeting a certain young man and soon after his father She realizes she wants and to have it must give up what she s known This realization and need to change brings anger to some she must reject which brings danger to her and her girls Will she and her girls survive the dangers and will she finally have genuine love returned I recommend you to follow along the pages to discover what Francesca discovers in the end For those afraid of what they ll encounter among the pages because of the title, do not fear, it s only enough to help you understand the lifestyle but not enough to have you blus...

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    Francesca is a very well regarded courtesan in Naples, 1564.Her encounter with a young virgin called Gianni has an effect on her that takes her by surprise and her usual confidence and professionalism begins to crumble.She is asked to accompany one of her clients to a lavish event posing as his widowed cousin in place of his wife who prefers not to attend Francesca sees this as another transaction and a one off, but a chance meeting with Gianni s father could see her deception exposed and change her life forever.I have to say this novel has been on my shelf for a while There is a slow start that did not hold my interest, initially, but I did feel this was not one to give up on completely but one to put back on the shelf for a later date.So glad I did When I re read from the beginning, the story took a little while to get going Once Francesca met Gianni I was compelled to read on and see how this meeting would affect her future.4.5 out of 5 for me I loved it Thank u to Sphere for ...

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    There is a lot of action in this story, a lot of soul searching, it blends in so well with the action it never gets boring This was a very delightful book.

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