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➲ [Read] ➭ The Flinch By Julien Smith ➽ – A book so important we refuse to charge for it Julien Smith has delivered a surprise a confrontation a book that will push you scare you and possibly stick with you for years to come The idea is simpl A book so important we refuse to charge for it Julien Smith has delivered a surprise a confrontation a book that will push you scare you and possibly stick with you for years to come The idea is simple your flinch mechanism can save your life It shortcircuits the conscious mind and allows you to pull back and avoid danger faster than you can even imagine it’s there But what if danger is exactly what you need What if facing The Flinch is the one best way to get what you want Here’s a chance to read the book everyone will be talking about before they do What are you afraid of Here's how to find out.The Flinch


Kindle Edition  · The Flinch Epub ò
  • Kindle Edition
  • 38 pages
  • The Flinch
  • Julien Smith
  • English
  • 18 November 2014

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    Words are wind says a proverb in a popular contemporary fantasy series Here we have solid evidence supporting that saying The Flinch is a pamphlet on the topic of face your fear Specifically face your fear of doing things where there is no significant downside to attempting those things Which is good advice in general but which does not automatically turn a pamphlet offering said advice into a good workI keep saying pamphlet becaus The Flinch sadly is not a book It has neither the length nor the uantity of information to ualify is as such It is a repetitious seuence of feel good trivia whose stated goal is to make one able to overcome some of one's irrational fears I did not feel as if it succeeded at this taskIt did not help that there is no meat to the book No research no convincing arguments just some happy anecdotes and I guess the author's confidence in what he writes We get what is or less the same notion expressed in a dozen different ways in a bid to have us not only believe the thesis but believe it lock stock and barrel There are some writers who can by the force of their rhetoric alone move mountains This is not the case here There is also a Western centric trend in the book that didn't please me much There are no negative conseuences for breaking the habit of flinching Nothing will actually happen if you stop being afraid You're free says the book Which is great except if you're actually not free There are plenty of places in this world where saying the wrong things blogging the wrong things even wearing inappropriate clothing or being in the wrong place at the wrong time will get you in trouble in jail or worse There are in fact many possible negative conseuences for breaking the habit of flinchingI do approve of one piece of advice in the book taking cold showers as a method to make yourself do what is uncomfortable That might well work But I had to laugh at some of the other to dos Remember things that are easy to forget the section titled The Flinch A Checklist says As they say on the Internet lulzIn closing the book urges usSo your final assignment is to give this book to another person Maybe choose the person who needs it mostWell saidI gave it to my recycle bin

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    To me this was Poke the box rewritten Until I came to the end where he mentioned that the goal isn't to get used to he pain It's to understand that pain is something you can survive And the next day I broke 2 bones in my hand skiing and realized why he wrote this book for the last year I have been working to take my life to the next level with great success finance health personal development career and relationships all have made massive progress towards the goal And now this happens And in the past this accident would have made me stop and tell myself it was all in vain And I would have gone back to my old habits Now I know shitpain happens even if we don't actively look for it But it is merely a break on the path we're onSo rather then stopping I'm now asking myself how I'm going to make the most out of this how is this accident impacting each area if at all And I have already found some great positive impacts of this in a few areas The one area that I still need to figure out how to deal with this is in the health area No idea how I'm going to maintain 3 sessions in the gym with a broken hand but I'm sure my PT will havean answer to that

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    The cover copy reads A book so important we refuse to charge for it The last page of this book tells us That's why we made this book free However it cost me 302 on ie not free¹ And it ends at 42% the rest is samples of other booksI like the flinching exercises and overall this is a pretty good motivational read that lasts the length of a long commute or a lunch break Undeniably though I would have been a happier bunny if it was free¹ which does raise the possibility that someone else has copied the text and released it as a Kindle book under their own account but with the original author name showing This has been happening with romance books so maybe someone's worked out self help would be the next good target

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    Another E book that is really an essay I saw this on Twitter and since it was free picked it upI think your reaction depends on a lot on your worldview perspective place in life etc Reading the reviews you can see that some people thought it was BS while others found it very helpfulI think it is a little bit of both If you need a pep talk to get you out of your rut and start thinking about achieving the things you have always claimed you would this can be a helpful bookI think it can be a useful way to realize that success isn't going to be easy for most people and if you are constantly hesitating and avoiding risk you are unlikely to achieve all that muchOn the other hand there is a lot of repetition and pop psychology that will turn a lot of folks offIt is not the greatest thing I have ever read but I think it was a helpful wake up call of sorts for me heading into 2012

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    I'm giving this as few stars as possible The basic message of the book is fine good even it's good to face your fears But you really don't need a whole book to say that The main message I received from reading this was People who don't flinch are brilliant and great and brave and heroic and accomplish great things with their lives and if you're a flincher you are useless and pathetic you won't get anywhere with your life and you need to change And that's not a good message Take cold showers everyday and do pointless things you don't want to do just because you should and if you don't that's badThis is badly written pretentious and frankly ridiculous book and I would recommend it to no one

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    I'm inspired to stop reading free Kindle books about inspiration for a while

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    This book was okay If you haven't read anything before about facing your fears and doing it anyway good book by Susan Jeffers or any of Seth Godin's material on the lizard brain then this might be a good introductory lesson It is not totally without value You will have to be able to look past being talked down to when you simply choose to not participate in the exercises suggested to help you get past the flinch The tone is somewhat reminiscent of those annoying emails that promise cataclysmic disaster if you don't forward them on No I didn't take a cold shower for a week nor did I purposely break a cup While I agree that neither of those activities would have hurt me I disagree that they would necessarily help either Because there is no actual risk involved and nothing to be gained I think they are far less useful than speaking to a stranger making that phone call putting that first brush stroke to the canvas or typing the first page of that manuscriptNot every flinch is bad just as not everything shipped is good Again this is an okay book but there really isn't anything new here

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    uote from near the end of the book At this point in most books the authors promise you that if you do what they say you’re sure to succeedIn this case you’re sure to fail To be rejected To discover wrong paths To see whathumiliation is like firsthand Me after reading the aboveI don't like it it sounds dangerousYou’re sure to liveAnd then yes maybe you might reach your goalsWould you have it any other way?So is The Flinch a book or not? In theory it is; to me all it takes for a book to be a book apt for review here on Goodreads is for it to call itself by that name being an actual bound edition is becoming and passé so let's stick to what we've got In practice however it's not really one it could have been an exceptionally long post on some forum or an article on a site like High Existenceor 30 Sleeps If you ask me it makes no difference at all what's important here is the informationThe Flinch strikes at human instinctive self defense mechanism the out stretched palms hiding one's face from the face of danger taken to less physical domains of existence such as talking to strangers taking plunges off of various heights or simply doing anything that might challenge our comfortable status uo The book says that when we feel our all trying to prevent us from doing something and we can't find any good logical reason not to do it if we ask ourselves what am I really scared of? it's probably others people's fears prejudice andor experience kicked into us from parental overprotection to serial killer ward to a frined of mine once to cold hard facts of lifeThe things is though that if we follow everyone else's advice we never get to experience anything for our own we never get to face our fears and know ourselves a little bit better much less create ourselves into what we'd dream to be We never get to take life to the next level and then the next While it may be true that some if not few of society's fears we've taken up would be good to keep in mind at all times I've found from whenever I've fought The Flinch that it never was all that bad On the contrary who knows what having learned to pursue a comfortable flinchy front might be robbing me from daily? It was a good short crisp read that filled me with inspiration which will probably prove to be short lived as with other writings of similar kind but I hope I keep it with me and remember its lesson for longHere is a link for you to read it It won't take you very long and you will come out of it thoughtful and hopefully empowered

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    Precise practical and poetic This book is a reminder for those who have forgotten the value of pushing their boundaries It provides a very short yet confrontational message we need to suffer to growThe flinch happens right before the moment of growth schoolwork cold showers exercise It manifests in fear doubt rationality and escape We must not only push ourselves beyond it but flinch forward instead It's basically a practical version of 'War of Art' Pressfield

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    It's a small feel good book; basically about how to overcome some irrational fear flinches preventing you from doing something you would like to do Here are some of my favorite excerpts'Focus your energy on the fight that matters''Without scars there is no evidence or strong memory''You can't settle for reaching other people's limits You have to reach yours''The anxiety of the flinch is almost always worse than the pain itself''Start doing the opposite of your habits''Judgment and fear will never stop but they don't actually do anything''Everything you are used to given time starts to seem natural''If you don't talk to someone because of an inexplicable flinch the opportunity will be gone forever''Those who face the flinch make a difference Others do not'

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