❮PDF❯ ✮ Defriended ❤ Author Ruth Baron – Jason has met the perfect girl OK so maybe he hasn't actually MET Lacey yet but they talk online all the time Yet despite spending most nights chatting Lacey refuses to meet up in person Suspicious Ja Jason has met the perfect girl OK so maybe he hasn't actually MET Lacey yet but they talk online all the time Yet despite spending most nights chatting Lacey refuses to meet up in person Suspicious Jason googles multiple newspapers Lacey fell off a balcony and died a year earlier Jason meets Lacey's best friend Jenna and they try to find the truth.Defriended


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  • Paperback
  • 248 pages
  • Defriended
  • Ruth Baron
  • English
  • 08 July 2016
  • 9780545423571

10 thoughts on “Defriended

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    Ugh what a terrible thriller Horribly written with annoying characters shitty suspense actually ther was no suspense A horrible plot There is no buildup of the big reveal and just some extremely petty shit was happening in this book that wasn't even integral towards the plot And the ending isn't even explained well and makes no sense whatsoever Not to mention the MC is extremely dull boring and acted very immature and stupid imo This entire book is just incredibly terrible Stay away from it friends but if you want a uick roast read then be my guest

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    Defriended by Ruth BaronMeeting new people is hard Today’s world of Facebook blogs and YouTube makes it easier but new challenges are presented There is a lack of certainty with an online relationship Common uestions arise Is the person I’m talking to really this cool? Is the person being honest? Is this a ghost? Okay the last one maybe not so common Jason’s love of indie rock The Mountain Goats in particular was not something he expected to share with a high school girl When he discovered Lacey’s profile on line he felt compelled to contact her They both had the same uote from Mountain Goats’ Fault Lines on their homepage Eventually Lacey responds to Jason and the two grow close uickly After months of chatting e mailing and Instant Messaging Jason was ready for a face to face meeting He was surprised and disappointed with Lacey’s evasive responses He turns to Google where he is stunned to find Lacey’s obituary She was killed in an accident months before she first contacted him Although shattered Jason resolves to find out who he has been talking to and whyThus begins a wonderful potpourri of mystery ghost story cruel hoax with a little bit of forbidden love Not only did this completely captivate this reader it kept me guessing and second guessing Ms Baron does an amazing job in introducing the characters with just enough information to make the reader say “hmmm” While this book may be intended for Middle Grade readers; it is uite simply a fabulous classic mystery that any reader would enjoy I will be on the look out for from Ruth BaronThis review was written for Buried Under Books Blog

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    Um Everything regarding these two books are similar literally everything but the authors and the publishers? Hmm

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    First off swearing galore Like why? Just why? So unneeded SPOILER Secondly if I had found out a person I was chatting with on the internet was actually dead I would just be like Well I've been catfished and not only that but my catfisher is pretending to be a highschool girl who was murdered a while ago excuse me while I report this to police as a fraud not Oooh I must figure this out myselfNO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS WOULD DO THAT YOU'VE BEEN CATFISHED AND NOT ONLY THAT BUT YOUR CATFISHER STOLE THE IDENITITY OF A DEAD PERSON CALL THE POLICE DUDE SPOILER OVERAlso this book won't even be relevant in a couple of years because it's about Facebook which is already fading from the teenage crowd And I didn't really like any of the characters they were one dimensional at best Definitely wouldn't re read or recommend

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    25 stars This one is kind of tricky to review because it did keep my attention but I didn't necessarily like it There's no horror at all It's of a mystery with a lot of outdated Katy Perry and LMFAO references thrown in Does anyone still listen to Party Rock Anthem? What a jam Let's move on My first issue is Jason who isn't the most likeableengaging protagonist Somehow he doesn't notice that he is Lacey's only friend on Facebook For someone who he claims is his girlfriend and who he's in love with he doesn't take a lot of notice He's also a total music snob who looks down on anyone who doesn't share his taste in eccentric indie bands Bleh bleh bleh Cue Jughead's 'I'm weird I'm a weirdo I don't fit in and I don't want to fit in' speech And for a self proclaimed loner with a 'cool' record collection I do not understand his friendship with Rakesh at all Rakesh is apparently popular why is he friends with Jason? The plot was ok I did manage to figure out some things along the way but the final reveal did keep me guessing I'm still not really sure what the motive was though the ending fell flat and felt too rushed and unsatisfying Also why was Jason so convinced that Lacey was still alive and sending him cryptic messages? Her body was found Her family had a funeral and buried her She's not running around sending messages to a guy she's never met And the fact that the messages didn't start until after she died? Obviously it's not her

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    Being a 80s and 90s Point Horror series absolute fanatic and given the exciting premise of this novel I bought it without hesitationI don't consider myself to be the sort of YA reader who expects too much sophistication from a book I really read for an enjoyable story a given since I love my 80s and 90s Point Horror's To be honest without even great expectation from this book I was disappointed overall I enjoyed it only to a small extent There were some things I had a problem withUnlike the older books there is obviously a hugely different context technology wise which may or may not work for you as the nostalgic feel of the Point Horrors is one of the reasons I read them I read this book knowing the plotline how big a part technology plays in it but and this is without comparing to the original Point Horror series technology was used annoyingly much as though the author had exaggerated technology use in an attempt to get the usage right for teenagers If you compare this book to another contemporary YA book you're likely to notice how much technology has been referenced and unnecessarily so as if there was a count which had to be met Not only is Facebook which is obviously such a necessary establishment of technology in this book referenced but also there are inclusions of phones Skype external hardrives and video cameras I believe it would have served the purpose better to have integrated less technological sources in the context that each of these were used or at least have done so in a realistic manner for example Facebook chat instead of Skype and a phone camera rather than a video cameraThe protagonist is unappealing he seems at times too young for his age and the friendship between he and his best friend reuires suspension of belief for me as the protagonist is described as unpopular whilst his best friend is portrayed as highly popularAlso personally reuiring suspension of belief is the fact that acting as a pivotal part of the book one character video tapes an entire party including private conversationsI feel like there were too many blatant references to pop culture Katy Perry and Keha are both brought up in conversation which seems like an attempt to emulate the conversation interests of teenagers but just further irritated meGive the book a go if it appeals to you but if you're a 80s and 90s Point Horror lover it may miss the mark for you

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    “Defriended” is another one of those books that I'm checking out for my 16 year old daughter With a relatively low readership on both goodreads and I did not expect much and was surprised to find out that it was actually uite good Although the scare factor is not high enough to keep a person up at night the feeling of suspense is maintained throughout the book The narrative is tight the plot believable and the way the story unfolds keeps you guessing “Defriended” a debut novel for Ruth Baron certainly deserves a higher rating than what’s given on goodreads

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    This is one of those books that kept me guessing As Jason pointed out there are three potential reasons for this Lacey is a ghost it's a prank or Lacey for whatever reason faked her own death I was pretty firmly in one camp but there were a number of things that had me going back and forth on which of the three were actually trueThis also isn't really scary per se It's of a mystery as Jason tries to figure out exactly what's going on and who if anyone he can trust I'm not sure I believe that Jason would've waited so long to Google Lacey am I the only one who believes that Googling someone is a normal routine thing? It's not really cyberstalking I don't think and I think that someone of his generation would consider that even normal than I do I got internet when I was in high school but Jason and his friends grew up with itThis book is incredibly fun and interesting Definitely something to consider especially if you aren't expecting something scary to me cyberstalking is when you start Googling a potential date's relatives and exes and whatnot That's on the weirder end Googling someone is how you make sure you're not dating a serial killer or sex offender

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    This book was okay but not that great It's most admirable feature was the suspense and the fact that the storyline was interesting and not completely obvious of what the outcome would be at least I would think not for younger readers I figured out what thad really happened as soon as Max and Jenna were introduced The plot idea is pretty interesting but I don't like how the summary on the back of the book makes it sound like it will become paranormal The characters were kind of boring and clichéd John is such an average name and he's an outcast but also friends with the most popular guy at school does not make much sense At my school if your friends with someone your in their group circle Overall this book was okay but kinda boring and slow and I would not read it again and I'm not sure that I would recommend it

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    I picked this up to give to my younger cousin and figured I'd read it to see what teen books are like these days From the perspective of me a 27 year old adult it's an eye roller Predictable a bit silly and full of laughable references Now that being said its well written and an interesting plot Thinking back to the perspective of a teenager it would be an interesting read I can see how it would be a fun mystery and is full of action and intrigue Not really a book for me but definitely recommend it for 12 15 year olds especially if they aren't really into reading The characters are likeable and it's a settingplot that they can relate to to a degree with the huge impact social media plays on their lives

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