He Is Always Aware Of Where She Is And What She Is Doing Bella Makes Sure That Edward S Eyes Are Only On Her Grabbing His Attention Every Chance She Can She Is In Need Of Constant Allegiance It S Fucked But Works For Them.Complete, Romance Hurt Comfort, 26 Chapters, BPOV, EPOV, JasPOV, APOV.Revelry

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    It s a f cked up feeling to love someone so f cking much that you let them f ck with your head in order to save theirs This book is not an easy read it s cruel and harsh..but it s real and that s why I LOVE it It s a boy meets girl book and they fall in love, they use each other and form a tight bond to make up for the lack of affection they receive from their rich parents.Now I say boy meets girl and falls in sounds sweethuh It s not Their story is far from sweetit shows how recreational drug use can eventually turn you into a monster and YOU will destroy everything in your life E s demon was a bitch..constantly calling his name. It s a beautiful creature really, so f cking enticing Cocaine is the sweetest whore, a fucking home wrecking slut but she is beautiful and a small part of me will always love the murderous bitch Coke was there for me in the sickest f cking way I might always be grateful to her for that The only thing he loved , was Bella, she was his obsession.and Bella s obsession was Edward They live and breathe for each other but they also destroy one another at the same time.However B isn t innocent in this either she s a cutter, and she uses it to control him People have strong feelings against self injurers.There is something beautiful about scars of all nature a scar means the hurt is over, the wound is closed and healed and done with He s the only one that knows she does thisand it tears him apart He uses the drugs to escape and the cycle begins I could go on and on about s by far one of the best books I ve read It s tragic and beautiful at the same time.These two are soul mateseven through all the shit that they suffered they were always home when they were together This book has such a beautiful proves that people can go through the bad shit and still come out HARMED but s just perfect The ending isn t over the top but it s just as it should REAL life.a struggle but a good one Healed but not perfect.but nobody is perfect This a note from the me if you can t tolerate what she wrote do not read this book If you have a problem with rough sex, drug use, crude language, cutting, death, or stepmoms fucking their stepsons, move on Seriously, I took the abuse with Closer but I will not take it here Revelry and my other two stories are for the hard core, we don t play with bullshit here We all appreciate a little romance, but we won t be looking at the stars at the same time around here So there is your warning, take it or leave it

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    It s a fucked up feeling to love someone so fucking much that you let them fuck with your head in order to save theirs.I live for her and I love for her, breathe for her I die slowly every single fucking day for her.She has all of me Every single bit of me. There are very few stories that will reach in and touch your heart, consume your mind and leave you feeling empty and overcome with emotion all at the same time Revelry is one of those stories It is the most intense book I have ever read It s fucked up, messed up, ugly, emotional, intense and most of all, it s real It left me feeling like I had lived through all of it It filled me with emotions so strong that I thought I couldn t handle it I m kind of broken after finishing I think a warning is in order here If you are easily offended by cutting, heavy drug use, and profound angst, then this story is not for you If you have a problem with rough sex, drug use, crude language, cutting, death, or stepmoms fucking their stepsons, move on Please take this warning seriously, because Revelry really is not for everyone The characters are so complex, not everyone will be able to understand them and the mistakes that they make This is not your typical love story There is not a lot of good that comes from Edward and I being together, but there is love indisputable, prevailing, gut wrenching love that helps heal the hurt. Revelry starts with a very intense and fucked up relationship between Edward and Bella There s no easy introduction or explanation You re just thrown in the middle of fucked up Bella keeps everyone on their toes, no one fucks with her She is the pretty girl who will curb your head if you fuck with her. Bella comes off as domineering, jealous, bitchy, attention seeking, insecure, possessive and crazy Bella is a cutter She cuts for his attention She cuts to escape her pain She is trapped inside of her skin so she cuts her way out. Bella s character is very complicated and interesting On the outside she s a badass, but on the inside she s hurting She s lost, insecure and afraid of being abandoned She s just as destructive as she is healing She walks around with a hard attitude, but it s a front She s sad and she is holding onto Edward for her own sanity Bella has the ability to move mountains, stronger than she gives herself credit for She s too pretty to be sad all of the time, too precious to be cutting the hurt out of her skin. Edward brings out the best and the worst in Bella He loves her with all he has, but somehow it doesn t seem to get through to Bella that he s with her forever She uses her cutting as a weapon, as a tool, to manipulate Edward and keep him with her A tool she doesn t need I felt the most for Edward in this book Dealing with a girl like Bella is a damn hard thing to do Loving someone who hurts herself is one of the most painful things The cutter numbs her own pain, but inflicts pain on someone else instead Edward was destined for greatness He is just that type of person Special He is beautiful, mysteriously curious, complicated and smart Edward has a way with words and making a person feel important He is talented, writes music and plays the piano and the guitar I am most definitely the weight that holds him back. Edward loves her too much to walk away and he couldn t leave her even if he wanted to Instead Edward finds another way to deal with the pain she inflicts upon him I have found a way to deal There is a way that I can let you live and I will survive. The first time he snorts cocaine he realizes that it makes him stronger and numbs him to Bella s manipulations The world is mine ice in my veins, blood in my eyes, hate in my heart, love in my mind. Slowly Edward gets addicted to cocaine while Bella stops cutting for attention and starts cutting to numb the pain Our sins might be different but both are equally as deadly A cut for a line an addict for an enabler. As they grow older, shit becomes serious and their lives become derailed Bella realizes she has ruined Edward She realizes her love is a life taker I think around 30 40% a shift happens in their relationship and their roles get reversed Bella kind of matures and tries to hold it all together while Edward is the one losing control Edward wasn t strong enough to help Bella and not lose himself in the process I got dirty rolling around in dirt. But what I love about Mary Elizabeth s stories is that there is never one person to blame and there s never one reason to why the things happened the way that they did You can t point your finger at what went wrong and why You can try and dissect to find where things went wrong, but you can t It s easy to just blame Bella or just blame Edward, but things are never that easy You re diamons and guns You re hard, beautiful, indestructible, invaluable, precious, like a diamond You re a gun because you can be so fucking cold You are risky, sexy and you can kill us with a pull of a trigger I think you re the gun, baby girl Bella, Edward and Jasper were the perfect examples of how teenagers end up fucking up their lives Those kids had so much potential, but all three chose the wrong tools to deal with hardships and pain Life is what you make it and they made it plain miserable We were three desperados screaming at the world that we didn t give a fuck I m still trying to figure out what we didn t give a fuck about. Reading and witnessing this story was just painful Jasper was a side character that felt like a main character He is Edward and Bella s best friend Loyal to the bone Funny as hell Jasper was able to lighten up the worst situation Jasper made me laugh through my tears when I thought it d be impossible He was probably hurting the most, but he completed and perfected this story The three of them were like one They loved each other than anything, but were forced to watch each other s lives being thrown away Even though Edward and Bella were destructive and hurt each other, without each other they were even worse off In the end, being together is what we are addicted to most of all. What it comes down to in the end, after the revelry, is picking up the pieces of the life you threw away Tough times don t last, but tough people do. This story hit me in a way that I can t explain It was all so real, so intense, so complex and so emotional Good times and bad times Happiness and hurt Laughter and tears Pleasure and pain My emotions are all mixed up and I m spent I haven t stopped thinking about it since I finished Bella and I are forever She s the best part of me Nothing will change that Fucked up or sober, she is it. Click here for the trailer

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    6 Heartbreaking, Intense but Uplifting Stars Warning This book may not be for everyone If you are easily offended by cutting, heavy drug use, then this may not be for you. I have to say this was for me the most intense book I have read to date.It tells the story of Bella and Edward and their friends Jasper and Alice How things that happen in your life can change the course that you decide to take.Bella and Edward are school sweethearts both from privileged backgrounds, along with Jasper, they all have an incredible bond Alice is Bella s best friend and and has the love of Jasper.They all have family issues, some worse than others that effect them deeply.Edwards relationship with Bella is claustrophobic I live for her and I love her, breathe for her, I die slowly every single fucking day for her He feels suffocated by it He loves Bella so much that he will never leave herBella can t let him leave with her own insecurity she uses her own addiction to keep him The labels are written all over me Attention seeker, user, manipulator, and pathetic Crazy fucking bitch should be added too Jasperbeautiful Jasper , so very broken but so likeable, his story affected me the most.His POV gave me one of the most heartfelt emotions ever And Alice loves him so much but he struggles to tell her how much he loves her too.This story is about addictions of all kinds but its so much What I write here can never do this story the justice it deserves.The writing is so real, so heartbreaking, there is no Disney here.But it is also beautiful, uplifting and it has helped me understand the subject If you enjoyed the amazing Dusty then you will love this story tooMary Elizabeth Teambella23..girl you can write..http watch v r8dJh0

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    It s a f cked up feeling to love someone so f cking much that you let them f ck with your head in order to save theirs Wow this book was the most intense book I think i have ever read, it was not easy to read it messed with my emotions the entire time This book is Bella and Edward who meet and fall in love almost instanly This love turned into an obsession for the both of them They both loved and obsessed with each other They do drugs in the beginning just for fun but eventually it turns into Bella is very insecure and unstable and she cuts herself as a way to hold Edward to manipulate the relationship He ends up turning to cocaine to not have to deal with the emotions her cutting brings out in him The story just builds from there Also a major player in this book is Jasper the three of them are always together like a family It was really hard to read some of the scenes in this book they were all pretty messed up and did some fucked up things to cope with everything, but I really really enjyed this book Im sure its not for everyone but I loved it

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    AMAZING Even better the 2nd time. This is one book I could Reread time and time again

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    Oh My God, this was really something Revelry is definitely not a traditional fanfiction story It was drastic, raw, very disturbing and sometimes really difficult to read But it was perfectly written story And even though there were times I almost give up reading some scenes were too hard to read I am glad I finished it In Revelry, the angst is at its maximum and I was emotional mess when reading it But it was worth it The main themes of this story are drug use, addiction, self harm, emotional manupulation Everything felt so realistic in this story that it was scary some times As author stated, drug use ig ugly , and so was this story Author s description of drug use and feelings accompanying it was realistic and raw It was difficult to read it so I cannot imagine how difficult had to be writing itBella is trully messed up in this story And the relationship she had with Edward was really sick They love each other deeply but they were hurting each other constantly They cannot live without each other, but their relationship was just so wrong It was very depressive and emotional story Jasper and Alice are another messed up couple in this story Especially Jasper I do not want to give anything away, but this story is definitely not for leisure reading But even though Revelry was very difficult to read sometimes, overall it was very hard to put it down This story is really special one

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    Revelry was one of the most intense books I have ever read It was such a nice change of pace from all of the formula books I am used to reading I know it is fan fiction so the author is able to take a lot liberties, but still, the writing and the story itself were incredible The author warns you in the beginning that it contains A LOT of explicit and hard core material, so let s just say you are warned Bella and Edward are both from well to do families They are those typical teenagers that are given a little too much freedom and in freedom most people, especially teenagers, find sin They do drugs, mainly pot in the beginning, and have a lot of sex They are completely and totally in love Bella is extremely insecure and emotionally unstable She basically manipulates Edward by cutting herself when she feels jealous or when he is upset with her This obviously takes an emotional toll on Edward He feels helpless when the girl he loves hurts herself Bella knows how it affects Edward, but continues to do it anyway Bella and Edward have a very best friend named Jasper He completes their tripod They both do not know what they would do without him Jasper has emotional problems of his own stemming from the death of his mother, and eventually he starts to do cocaine as a way to deal At first, Edward wants no part of it, but eventually Edward gives in and starts doing cocaine as a way to numb himself to Bella s manipulations Eventually Edward s cocaine use to numb himself becomes an addiction and in order to deal with it Bella stops cutting to manipulate and starts cutting to numb the pain of Edward slowly slipping away from her Bella, Edward, and Jasper are their own worst enemies They cope with their problems and issues in all the wrong ways I loved this story bc I felt the love and passion between Edward and Bella They were so in love with one another it just about kills them and I completely understood it I felt what they felt Mary Elizabeth is that great of a writer I felt everything Jasper felt too The pain from losing his mother, the self doubt and hatred I loved all 3 of these characters so much Mary Elizabeth makes sure of that with her beautiful words and outstanding character development.This book made me laugh, cry, shocked the hell out of me, and made me feel just about every other emotion along the way I highly recommend it

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    TeamBella23 is one of the best writers out there She doesn t sugar coat things, but she has a way with words that makes you feel so much from the first chapter that you re instantly drawn to the story and its characters.Her description of drug use and self harm are as real as it gets and if you ve ever went through any of those you ll see what I mean.Well written, great plot and a brilliant closure, not dragging the story to no end.

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    Absolutely loved this one can t get enough of Edward and Bella, Alice and Jasper.

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    From Dusty to Revelry I must need my head examined I had flounced this story a couple of times but this time I was determined, as I couldn t understand why out of all TeamBella stories this one wasn t gripping me, well having come to the end of it I ve figured it out A lot of Bellas in Twifics are just shakes heads annoying, but the Bella in Revelry She s a manipulative, selfish, kinda spiteful, b.i.t.c.h of the the most dangerous type a Bella who sees her own flaws but seems to be unwilling to do anything about it Reason Well, that is the challenge of TeamBella s story, she doesn t really give you one not one that is cut and dry and twific acceptable which is what makes TeamBella23 a very brave Twific writer indeed Some people are twisted because they re twisted, end And if they cross your path Watch out, because they ll take you down which is what Bella proceeds to do to Edward I believe this is why I flounced this story early on in my Twific career, at that time I was unprepared to have Edward and Bella s relationship be any less than perfect this couple, in this story are so less than perfect you want them to split up you want Edward to run away from Bella as fast and as far as his legs can carry him, instead she sends him into a downward spiral that comes back to bite her in the arse So am I recommending this story Yes, if you want something outside the box or are a bit over the normal EB dynamics of shy, lip biting, stumbling, fumbling mess and swoop in and sweep off, this might just do the trick But, it isn t for everyone, it is a good but not an excellent example of this author s work, I think she was writing this at the same time as California Waiting, not sure if she had a Beta but the copy I have has a fair amount of grammatical and spelling mistakes but as usual this woman s writing is strong, her character development fantastic and the cast atypical But I do think, if I m totally honest, that this is one for devotees of the TeamBella23 cult such as myself, having drank the Kool Aid will help with the digestion of this tale.

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