Plague Fear and Politics in San Franciscos Chinatown

PDF Epub Plague Fear And Politics In San Franciscos Chinatown Guenter B Risse When Health Officials In San Francisco Discovered Bubonic Plague In Their City S Chinatown In 1900, They Responded With Intrusive, Controlling, And Arbitrary Measures That Touched Off A Sociocultural Conflict Still Relevant Today Guenter B Risse S History Of An Epidemic Is The First To Incorporate The Voices Of Those Living In Chinatown At The Time, Including The Desperately Ill Wong Chut King, Believed To Be The First Person Infected.Lasting Until 1904, The Plague In San Francisco S Chinatown Reignited Racial Prejudices, Renewed Efforts To Remove The Chinese From Their District, And Created New Tensions Among Local, State, And Federal Public Health Officials Quarreling Over The Presence Of The Deadly Disease Risse S Rich, Nuanced Narrative Of The Event Draws From A Variety Of Sources, Including Chinese Language Reports And Accounts He Addresses The Ecology Of Chinatown, The Approaches Taken By Chinese And Western Medical Practitioners, And The Effects Of Quarantine Plans On Chinatown And Its Residents Risse Explains How Plague Threatened California S Agricultural Economy And San Francisco S Leading Commercial Role With Asia, Discusses Why It Brought On A Wave Of Fear Mongering That Drove Perceptions And Intervention Efforts, And Describes How Chinese Residents Organized And Successfully Opposed Government Quarantines And Evacuation Plans In Federal Court.By Probing Public Health Interventions In The Setting Of One Of The Most Visible Ethnic Communities In United States History, Plague, Fear, And Politics In San Francisco S Chinatown Offers Insight Into The Clash Of Eastern And Western Cultures In A Time Of Medical Emergency.Plague Fear and Politics in San Franciscos Chinatown

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[ PDF / Epub ] ★ Plague Fear and Politics in San Franciscos Chinatown  Author Guenter B. Risse –
  • Hardcover
  • 371 pages
  • Plague Fear and Politics in San Franciscos Chinatown
  • Guenter B. Risse
  • English
  • 10 July 2018
  • 9781421405100

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    A Probing, Thoughtful Investigation into a Criminal ActWhat appears at first to be a dissection or post mortem on an embarrassing period of history in this country that lifts my light beside the golden door to immigrants is in fact a brilliant piece of medical and sociological and political investigation Author Dr Guenter B Risse is both a physician and a medical historian who in his prolonged introduction to this book states To unpack historical narratives fully, readers must consider the identity of the storyteller and the historical time in which any work is written My own trans national status I was born to emigrant German parents in Argentina, and I subsequently immigrated to the United States has contributed to an understanding of the pressures of cultural assimilation, amplified by the political and bureaucratic vicissitudes surrounding my own legal entry My residency in two West Coast cities, San Francisco and Seattle, both with Chinatowns, provided exposure to transpacific influen...

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    I thought that politicizing health care was a modern thing Was I ever wrong about that This book, which on the surface is about bubonic plague in 1900s San Francisco, is really about the political machinations that took place because of it In 1900, a few cases of bubonic plague were discovered in San Francisco s Chinatown Chinatown back then was not a pretty, tourist friendly, place It was dirty, crowded beyond belief, ill built, rundown, and almost completely poor of a ghetto than anything else and infested with rats At this time, the method of transmission of the plague by rats and fleas was not understood The general belief was that it was carried on a miasma such as occurred in damp, dirty places But people knew it could be wildly contagious The reaction of the city and the state was not to try and help the people of Chinatown most Americans of the time were quite prejudiced against the Chinese And San Francisco was a transportation hub at the time, with freight coming and going by train and by ship If the city were to be quarantined or be avoided in favor of Seattle, the economic consequences could be disastrous The plague deaths were immediately hushed up, with the deaths blamed on all sorts of disease other than bubonic Wh...

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    This is a thorough and well researched into a little known period in The City s history the years immediately before the 1906 quake and fire, in which bubonic plague surfaced in Chinatown It ll be of interest to those interested in the history of San Francisco and California, since the plague and its quarantines would affect the regional economy and its rail and sea commerce The City and state politicians of the day, including the Southern Pacific political machine, appear in a new light.For ethnic history, it is superb The author seems to have researched the Chinese language records and newspapers of the day, seems to understand the cultural dynamic of the day, and he covers, in detail, the Chinatown and Chinese government reaction to the plague and California politicians efforts, often abusive or ignorant, of dealing with the community The demographics of Chinatown, heavily single male due to the peculiar labor and immigration requirements, affected the sanitation and interactions among its inhabitants, and the story highlights this.It may also be of interest to med...

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    Plague, Fear and politics in San Francisco s Chinatown explores the early 1900 s of San Francisco and the outbreak of Plague that threatened the city It shows the rampant racism that pervaded the western sea board against Chinese during that period and the lengths a society was willing to go to enforce it Risse writes in a very scholarly fashion that can get bogged down in details at times as he jumps from Chinatown racism by San Francisco to intricate politics both at the local and state level He is short in details for those who are not familiar with the time period and a lot of knowledge is assumed as he dives into his topic so this is not a book I would recommend for someone who is just starting to explore the time period It is however a nice blend of political, epidemiological, and urban history that gives a refreshing look on something that is glossed over in many other books since the 1906 quake is what dominates most accounts of 1900 s San Francisco history Overal...

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    Gunter Risse s history is of the 1900 outbreak of Bubonic plague in San Francisco s Chinatown The first victim of the plague died in February 1900 and the last victim died four years later in February 1904 The real story here is not the plague itself, as horrific as it was, but rather of the politicians using that horror to try to eject the Chinese residents from the city The media fueled long standing racial prejudices against the Chinese using the plague as its reason for doing so.Risse s rather dry reporting of this period to understand decades l...

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