Thunder Horse Redemption (Thunder Horse #3)

Mills Boon Intrigue Series Brings You Stories Filled With Secrets SeductionLife In The North Dakota Badlands Always Has Its Dangers But The Shooter Who Attacks Roxanne Has Raised The Stakes To Make Matters Worse, Her Ex Fianc , FBI Agent Pierce Thunder Horse, Is Determined To Protect Her And Strengthen The Unrelenting Desire That Still Rages Between Them.Thunder Horse Redemption (Thunder Horse #3)

Award winning author Elle James grew up as an air force military brat She received her work ethic from her rock solid father, her creative streak from her artistic mother and inspiration from her writing partner and sister, Delilah Devlin As a former member of the army reserves and a current member of the air force reserves, she s traveled across the United States and to Germany, managed a full

[[ Read ]] ➫ Thunder Horse Redemption (Thunder Horse #3)  Author Elle James –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Thunder Horse Redemption (Thunder Horse #3)
  • Elle James
  • English
  • 03 November 2017
  • 9780373696499

10 thoughts on “Thunder Horse Redemption (Thunder Horse #3)

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    I loved this book, and will add it to my read again list of books Pierce, and Roxanne broke off their engagement Roxanne had blamed Pierce for the death of her brother Her brother, and Pierce were in the FBI together Someone started targeting Roxanne, and Pierce was by her side The two worked together to find out who was behind all the attacks, While they also worked on the ranch The two couldn t stand each other at first, but the time they spent together, they realized what they had been really special In this book, bullets flew, there were fires and a lot It was one of the best action, suspense, and romance books I ve read in awhile Sample from chapter 10No matter how hard she leaned on the latch, it wasn t going anywhere Roxanne abandoned that exit and raced for the small side door Again it wouldn t open, the lock jammed Smoke was filling the interior of the barn Sheba ki...

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    Very good book Pierce is back on his family s ranch for his brother s wedding when he finds Roxy being attacked Roxy had called off their engagement two months earlier after holding him responsible for her brother s death She doesn t want him anywhere near her, but he s not about to leave her unprotected I really liked both Pierce and Roxy Pierce is very good at his job, but holds himself to very high standards When a raid went bad two months earlier, killing several agents, he felt he should have known it was a trap His sense of responsibility added to Roxy s grief and she ended their engagement But Pierce still loves her and refuses to leave her without protection He also finds that the they are thrown together the he wants to try to get her back Roxy s grief and fury caused her to pull away from Pierce Now she doesn t want him near her mostly because the attraction is still there and so is the love She doesn t want to depend on him but she s feeling overwhelmed by th...

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    The main reason I read this was because I needed a book set in North Dakota it also helped that the author s name begins with an E I didn t really have great expectations of this book, but it was worse than I thought it would be The hero and heroine have a history together, but none of that is explored, so I really didn t feel a connection between them and often wondered what he saw in her The heroine, in my opinion, is an idiot she s stubborn to the point of being arrogant, blames the hero for events that happened, and never examines her own behavior In one scene, she thinks to herself that she forgives the hero and is going to help him forgive himself there s no mention that she needs forgiveness from him The plot of this book was very predictable I knew who the bad guy was within seconds, and why s he was the bad guy ...

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    This is the first Elle James book I ve read I really enjoyed it Roxanne is a hard working, stubborn, determined, compassionate woman with a failing ranch Pierce Thunder Horse is an honorable, hard headed, conflicted man He takes responsibility for his actions and the results sometimes including things that he is not actually responsible for Both Pierce and Roxanne blame him for the death of Roxanne s brother in an explosion, which broke them ...

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    I enjoyed this romantic suspense, it was a wonderful blend of romance and mystery Pierce and Roxanne have a recent history that is heartbreaking enough without wondering about the strange happenings at her ranch Roxy s brother was killed while on duty and Pierce blames himself for his death Roxanne feeling the need to lash out because of her pain breaks off their engagement Both hurting from the recent break, they must work together to find out why someone is tr...

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    Roxanne Carmichael misses her brother, killed in an FBI raid She s also worried she ll lose her ranch if she can t get her cattle to market To make matters worse, someone is trying to kill her.When her ex fiance, Pierce Thunder Horse, finds out, he has to protect her and find the killer But Roxanne doesn t trust him And he still blames himself for her brother s death.When on accident after another occurs, Roxanne s ...

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    In James romantic suspense novel, Roxanne Carmichael was accustomed to the rugged North Dakota badlands Struggling to keep her ranch working, she faces a setback when a stranger starts shooting at her Facing threats from every angle, she faces another when ex fianc FBI agent Pierce Thunder Horse steps in to help her.Old wounds are opened as the estranged couple is thrown together unexpectedly To keep Roxanne safe, Pierce is willing to put his pain on hold to ke...

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    Roxanne broke of her engagement with Pierce after her brother dies during an FBI raid Roxanne blames Pierce for getting her brother to join the FBI and eventually for his death Pierce blames himself for his death thinking that he should have realized that something could go wrong with the raid even though he could have had no reason to believe that Than bad things start happening to Roxanne and her ranch and Pierce comes back into her life and she eventually realizes that she stil...

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    I thought this book was fantastic but I couldn t understand why she would still like trust Ethan after they had determined that he was the most suspicious out of all the suspects and it was a really big surprise when it turned out that sheriff shorty Duncan was one of the bad people when they went out to rescue Roxanne they used a helicopter...

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    FBI agent Pierce Thunder Horse finds his ex girlfriend being shot at on the ND Badlands He rescues her His protective instincts kick in and even though he knows she doesn t love him she broke their engagement a couple of months ago...

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