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Einsteins Jewish Science Read Author Steven Gimbel Webpolitics.us Is Relativity Jewish The Nazis Denigrated Albert Einstein S Revolutionary Theory By Calling It Jewish Science, A Charge Typical Of The Ideological Excesses Of Hitler And His Followers Philosopher Of Science Steven Gimbel Explores The Many Meanings Of This Provocative Phrase And Considers Whether There Is Any Sense In Which Einstein S Theory Of Relativity Is Jewish.Arguing That We Must Take Seriously The Possibility That The Nazis Were In Some Measure Correct, Gimbel Examines Einstein And His Work To Explore How Beliefs, Background, And Environment May Or May Not Have Influenced The Work Of The Scientist You Cannot Understand Einstein S Science, Gimbel Declares, Without Knowing The History, Religion, And Philosophy That Influenced It.No One, Especially Einstein Himself, Denies Einstein S Jewish Heritage, But Many Are Uncomfortable Saying That He Was Being A Jew While He Was At His Desk Working To Understand What Jewish Means For Einstein S Work, Gimbel First Explores The Many Definitions Of Jewish And Asks Whether There Are Elements Of Talmudic Thinking Apparent In Einstein S Theory Of Relativity He Applies This Line Of Inquiry To Other Scientists, Including Isaac Newton, Ren Descartes, Sigmund Freud, And Mile Durkheim, To Consider Whether Their Specific Religious Beliefs Or Backgrounds Manifested In Their Scientific Endeavors Einstein S Jewish Science Intertwines Science, History, Philosophy, Theology, And Politics In Fresh And Fascinating Ways To Solve The Multifaceted Riddle Of What Religion Means And What It Means To Science There Are Some Senses, Gimbel Claims, In Which Jews Can Find A Special Connection To E Mc2, And This Claim Leads To The Engaging, Spirited Debate At The Heart Of This Book.Einsteins Jewish Science

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[Epub] Einsteins Jewish Science  By Steven Gimbel – E17streets4all.co.uk
  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Einsteins Jewish Science
  • Steven Gimbel
  • English
  • 22 July 2018
  • 9781421405544

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    The book examines why the Nazis labelled his work as Jewish science, examines to what extent the Jewish Talmudic way of thinking may have influenced Einstein s approach to theory of relativity and recounts the virulent anti semitism towards Einstein and other Jewish scientists The author is the chair of the dept of philosophy at Gettysberg College so there is some heavy philosophy in parts of this, which can be skimmed and also some moderate scientific analysis of relativity In dealing with the Jewish way of thinking the author illustrates the Jewish contextual approach to solving problems For example, the commandment Thou shall not steal is examined by the Talmud If one finds money, can one keep it or is that stealing The answer is based on the point of view of the person who lost it If it was found in the street, most likely the person gave up hope of ever regaining it, but if it was found in the person s home or with ID then one can t keep it The use of two boys together studying the Talmud to ensure that no one only has his point of view but is enriched by having two discussants is another example This is somewhat tenuous but no question there is a Jewish way of exploring ideas that deals with relative poi...

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    This book is enjoyable, humorous, and interesting Having said that, it also gives off a strong vibe of being written for the sake of writing a book, and the argument being slightly fabricated I also wish that the penultimate chapter, which presented evidence that anti Einstein ism remains in our culture, did to actually discuss the merits or lack of the anti Einstein aspect, rather than simply making note of it.Despite those complaints, this was a fun and engaging read, providing both entertainment a lot of...

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    Ngt r rig och dessutom inte riktigt tydlig med varf r boken skrivits Intressant stundtals dock

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    Every so often a book scratches an itch I didn t know I had This book revolves around the question Is Einstein s theory of relativity inherently Jewish I initially thought the question reads as racist, and the book follows the question with an exploration of the Nazi ideology and why German nationalists tried to discredit Einstein s theory through claims of faith More interestingly, it traces the theories of Newton, Copernicus, and Descartes and examines the theological influences present in each I knew that our environment affects our perception, but science, to me, has always been this monolith of observations leading toward facts, full stop In fact, that view of science alone is indicative of Western beliefs of an authoritarian God as a counter example, Chinese astronomy, with its cyclical vi...

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    Tis is a book that is geared up to fight a windmill whose days are long past It gives a good review of old philosophy and incidents of the ugly German abnormal World influence, now past I did not put it down as I am an History student and it did have some practices with which I was not familiar It is short read, but...

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    I had to take away one star from this brilliant book because I didn t find it very well organized The author argues that it is not completely possible to separate a scientific method from a religious context This does not mean that it is fair to call Einstein s method Jewish science in most ways it is not However the discussion of the Christian method of science which assumes access to absolute truth via a privileged reference frame...

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    This was not an easy read, but it was a thoroughly thought provoking book Of the chapters, Chapter three was the most compelling for me The scientific information challenged me I had to recall my meager scientific knowledge But the upside was melding my Jewish insights I applaud the author for taking on this subject and dealing with it in a balanced way...

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    It s often a fascinating read about Einstein, with the perspective that his worldview was influenced by Judaism in ways similar to how Descartes was a Catholic scientist and Newton a Protestant scientist Ye...

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    I like the premise of this book, at time I found it a bit heavy on the physics philosophy side which I guess is to be expected considering the subject matter Some times I felt like I had to push through the reading Finally, I did not...

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    This is a fascinating account of the relationship between religious beliefs and scientific inquiry Very informative and well researched, although the original thesis of there being a Jewish Science is not supported.

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