[Read] ➪ Undead ➲ Kirsty McKay – E17streets4all.co.uk Now in paperback When the rest of the class goes all brain dead on new girl Bobby it's a school trip splatter fest and completely not coolOn the way home from the ski trip when the bus comes to a stop Now in paperback When the rest of the class goes all brain dead on new girl Bobby it's a school trip splatter fest and completely not coolOn the way home from the ski trip when the bus comes to a stop at a roadside restaurant everyone gets off and heads in for lunch Everyone that is except Bobby the new girl who stays behind with rebel without a clue Smitty Then hours pass Snow piles up Sun goes down Bobby and Smitty start to flirt And to stress a bit too Till finally they see the other kids stumbling back But they've changed And not in a good way Straight up they're zombies So the wheels on the bus better go round and round freakin' fast because that's the only thing keeping Bobby and Smitty from becoming their classmates' next meal It's kill or be killed in these hunger games heads are gonna roll and homework is most definitely gonna be lateCombining the chill of THE SHINING the thrill ride of SPEED the humor of SHAUN OF THE DEAD and the angst of THE BREAKFAST CLUB Kirsty McKay's Undead is a bloody mad mash up a school trip splatter fest a funny gory frighteningly good debut.Undead


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  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Undead
  • Kirsty McKay
  • English
  • 18 November 2014
  • 9780545381895

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    What started off as a laugh out loud funny zombie bookparody ends up losing its flair about half way through when the humor turns from funny to exhausting I can see this book garnering a certain fan base especially those who get a kick out of B rated horror films and parodies To me it was just too dumb This book was dumb I can't lie When a school trip zombifies Bobby and a couple other fortunate classmates who are still alive are trying to escape their friends who suddenly want to eat their faces This book is definitely meant to be funny even bizarre and I did laugh uite a bit especially at the beginning when Bobby's sense of humor makes the best of things I knew before going in that it wasn't a serious zombie novel I mean just look at this cover what I didn't expect was the extent to which it would get ridiculous I wanted to lay off the funny just a notch and get some good story building at the very least to give the humor something to hang on to For the most part we go back and forth with no real goal or significance in the story causing me to get restless and jittery and eventually lethargic The book zombiefied me Bravo Finally when the plot got some traction I was too anxious to get the book over with to enjoy the story developments that followed There are a lot of characters that come into play in this novel Bobby being the narrator we obviously get to know her the most I did like her but I also got irritated by her than I can count mostly because of her annoyingly flippant attitude about the situation What I did like was her determination and take charge attitude She's not one that needs a hand to hold Along with Bobby we meet a slew of survivors that I can't say are very memorable When a name was mentioned I kept having to do a mental check to recall who they were This is the type of characterization that you come to expect from horror films but in a book I like to get distinct personalities that I can get to know and care about at least to some extent Also for the love of god zombies are called zombies not zoms criesWill I tell you not to read this book? Not at all It has tons of humor that ranges from hilarious to stupid to just plain ridiculous that I'm sure some people will enjoy It will probably even gain its own cult following But if you're looking for any type of substance other than mindless entertainment walk away and let us never speak of this again An advance copy was provided by the publisher for reviewFor of my reviews visit my blog at Xpresso Reads

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    Undead was a heart pounding action packed zombie tale that took off and never stopped I dare you to catch your breath while reading itBobby is on her way home from the school trip from hell little does she know Haha The school bus has stopped at the “Cheery Chomp” café great name for a zombie tale so they can all get off and have lunch Bobby being the new girl and class outcast is tired of the mean girls and decides to stay on the bus Her are her ominous opening words “I would rather die than face them all again Die horribly In a messy fleshy blood ’n’ guts kind of way It is a total no brainer” Stuck on the bus with her is the rebel without a cause complete with inky black hair and leather jacket Smitty He’s been busted by one of the teachers for buying smokes and vodka with a fake ID But the teacher can’t deprive him of food so Mr Taylor makes his way to the café to grab a sandwich for him This leaves the bus driver Smitty and Bobby to wait while everyone eats Within no time Alice or Malice as Smitty calls her runs back to the bus in a panic It seems when she came out of the restroom the whole class including Mr Taylor was dead as doornails Well at least for the time beingRobby was the perfect heroine for this tale the ordinary girl stuck in extraordinary circumstances rising to every challenge with courage A zombie uprising brings out the best in this girl I instantly loved Bobby from the beginning with her snarky and humorous internal commentary that had me laughing throughout the story Smitty is all kinds of fun and full of hilarious one liners He is the hero to Bobby’s heroine and between the beheadings and vomit there’s a sweet little romance brewing There’s Pete the class geek and brain who manages to survive somehow And the last of this mismatched uartet is Alice the gloriously shallow mean girl who manages to still have her lip gloss and mascara carefully applied in all the chaos This beauty of a uote comes from her “It’s such a nightmare” Alice cries “They want to kill us” Her eyes narrow “And Shanika’s got my CoutureCandy bag the bitch” she says to the driver “Run them over” Kirsty McKay’s wickedly wonderful humor is laced throughout This story was non stop action terror and ironically fun It had my heart pumping from the anticipation of what was around the next dark corner But this was than just a mindless romp; there is a mystery behind this outbreak that these four slowly uncover and it hits close to home for one of them I totally recommend this story to adrenaline junkies and zombie lovers alike This ends on sort of a cliffhanger but not the tear your hair out kind With that said while I was typing up the review for Undead I ordered Unfed Undead #2 I can’t wait to see what happens next Thank you to Netgalley and The Chicken House for allowing me to read this You can read this review and at The Readers Denuotes are taken from an uncorrected proof and may change in the final copy

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    How can a ski “school trip from hell” to the snow covered hills of middle of nowhere Scotland get worse? Just add zombies blood bitchiness and conspiracy theories galore DThe Undead by Kirsty McKay wastes no time getting to the action We jump in with both feet right along with our heroes running swinging bickering and armed to the teeth At a roadside diner just asking for a zombie blood bath the Cheery Chomper Bobby witnesses a whole new side to her classmates Bobby is the new kid in school an outsider trying to find her way and perhaps a friend or two when her schoolmates begin zombie ing out hunting for bloody bits to nibble and suck on Instead of cracking the social status bubble of the ueen bees Bobby could end up cracking skulls instead So how does one stay alive and kicking in a moaning groaning leg dragging zom world?Teamwork I liked Bobby from the very first glare and snarky comment but humor and wit is nothing without sidekicks to bicker and banter along with The gang soon forms filled with strong likeable characters—Pete Alice Smitty and —each adding a new layer style and skill to the pile of fun I loved the whole gang but Smitty stole the show This leather jacket clad hero throws a wicked one liner swing and flirty comment out with such a fun wink of the eye humor warmth and charm He leads alongside Bobby with intelligence and strength Both willing to allow the other to take the lead and share responsibility A true gutsy team filled with possibilities Bobby and Smitty’s chemistry was intimate sweet and down right swoon worthy I loved the slow build up with uick looks touches compliments and jabs They made me laugh out loud throughout“What the ? Smitty doesn’t finish his sentence The power cuts out plunging us into darkness Alice gives another yelp there’s a thud and Pete cries out too I grab at Smitty and he at me and for one horrible desperately embarrassing second we fly into each other’s arms like Shaggy and Scooby Don’t” My absolute favorite part of the group’s chemistry and magic though was the growth and changes along the way Ms McKay allows each character to really develop and adapt to the deadly circumstances in their own time and way The simpering wad of nerves and tears in the corner may not remain curled up and immobile for long Hell he or she just might end up kicking some ass Now I know I have said this before but I’ll say it again—I’m a word junkie I live and breathe off of them So the language humor and words here were a true treat for me Every page held lines that had me giggling highlighting or looking up “With knobs on” or “Going all fruit loopy now is not going to help” Words that jumped out and made me smile—tosser crumblies pavement pizza and flabbergastery HahaLove itThe whole gory giggle fest was a pure joy to experience Lightning uick banter action and humor propelled this story along with force and fun But it was the action packed ending that had this horror fan swooning I could feel the slick cold fear and tension in my gut Bloody beautiful Color me very impressed A snow covered horror tale brings out my full wattage smile The splashes of color against the pure white snow provide such a gruesome image in my head All my senses jumped to attention with this final confrontation Twists and turns that had me biting my nails til the end D I highly recommend this dose of horror fun I had a blast here Can’t wait for

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    Okay FIRST I feel it DETRIMENTAL to my very existence to mention the dedication in this book which for the record I rarely notice but it appears I may have to start paying attentionFor JohnGobble gobble gobbleHehe I feel like this is made of win I don't know who John is and I don't know if Kirsty McKay was referring to turkeys or zombies but I don't care because either way that's an epic dedicationMoving onBobby is a super epic chick of AWESOME Wrapped in witty sarcastic charm and coated with attitude I loved her Can you tell? Is it obvious?Having recently moved BACK to the UK after spending the last six years in the US Bobby is feeling very angsty and irritatedWhen we moved to the US six years ago they thought I sounded as British as the ueen Now that I'm back in the motherland again I'm like some weird hybrid a freako chimera with an ever changing accentIt's not helping that she's on the School Trip from Hell Which in all reality is a ski trip with all her new classmates before the new school year starts Yep That pretty much sounds like the definition of hell to me But refuge is in sight as they are FINALLY on their way homeWhen the bus stops for lunch at the Cheery Chomper hehe Bobby stays on board unwilling to endure another lunch of solitude and having food tossed at her Mr Taylor stays because he's got the flu and Smitty Because Smitty is trouble Trouble swathed in leather and complete with a fake IDan ink haired indie kid in a leather jacket Rob Smitty rebel without a pause freak show and drop out in the making But the best snowboarder definitely When I first clapped eyes on him I was convinced he'd be the head of the underage drinking club and he is but dude knows how to throw himself down a mountain too Respect due in spite of the try hard guyliner and bad attitudeSee? How freaking E P I C is she? I know right? I LOVED her inner dialog Smitty gets Mr Taylor to go get him a sandwich by cleverly threatening student cruelty and starvation or something As soon as he's gone Smitty is trying to convince the driver to let them off the bus for some mischief or another when something slaps the windshield then it comes AGAIN only this time they see it's unmistakabley a hand so the bus driver gets out to deal with the teen miscreants messing with his busThen something slams into the back of the bus dazed and confused Smitty gets out to see what's going on What he finds is a puddle of blood and a shrieking figure in a blue coat running toward themAlice Hicks BARELY gets on the bus before Smitty locks her out I'd have locked her out Not even because she was a hateful witch but because hands are smacking the windows bloody streaks marring the snow Then some crazy screaming person comes running at me? No thank you Just sayinDead she screams Everybody's deadHOLY OHMYGOD right??Now I know I went into a lot of detail there But I COULDN'T HELP IT And honestly I didn't give that much away according to my kindle I was only 4% in by this pointWe end up with the new kid a badboy a nerd a pretty princess and a gas station attendant uite a band of misfits to survive the apocalypse But these characters were fantastically portrayedWhile I loved Bobby for her wit snark and general awesome I loved Alice's princess y bi polarShanika's her BFF got my CoutureCandy bag the bitch Drive she says to the driver Run them overAnd Pete the nerd extrordinaire is convinced they're all being watched and everything that is happening is some elaborate scheme by the government or new world order Whoever is behind it all has cutoff every means of escape and made it impossible to communicate with the outside worldNobody beleives him They think he's finally crackedThis is crazy  Of course there are cameras; they're everywhere these days But it doesn't mean that they've all been planted to spy on us in the even of a zombie apocalypseUndead by Kirsty McKay was freaking AMAZING from BEGINING TO END The actual plot wasn't something I NORMALLY get into but the pure EPICNESS of the characters the way they interacted and the dialog were enough to keep me reading well into the night and scrambling to grab Undead the next morning Seriously I'd read this book again today just becauseWith that I leave you with uotes If I die right here right now I will be ashamed What a fail Struck down and eaten by a bus driver for crap's sake in Scotland on a school trip

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    Told from the point of view of a young woman named Bobby a native of the UK who has spent enough time in the USA to mess up her accent and therefore be made fun of by co students who is now returning from a school ski trip a school Bobby has not yet joined but will shortly since they have just moved back to the UK they being Bobby and her mother 'mum' but not dad since dad's dead though glimpses of him are seen in flashes ETA flashes flashbacks ETA added because remembered this be a zombie book dad not zombieThe book opens with Bobby resting her face against a bus window watching as her classmates head to a café through the snowy blizzard like conditions to eat some food She's tired of being near people who make fun of her had prepared a sandwich for herself before the bus trip started the bus trip by the way to take the kids from the ski location to well never actually stated Eventually she's left on the bus with only the bus driver one of the teachers and Smitty a young rebellious man co student Smitty is being forced to remain on the bus due to um reasons stuff he did or didn’t do or whatever He Smitty convinces the teacher to go get him a sandwich Leaving the bus down to the bus driver Smitty and BobbySomewhere along the line either before or after the bus experiences a few bumps a car slams into the back of the bus The bus driver exits to investigate Leaving Bobby and Smitty alone But not for long for suddenly one of the popular girls on the trip Alice ends up on the bus collapsed on the stairs in her skirt like on the cover of the book – re cover Alice is not the main character who is wearing pants and neither Alice nor Bobby ever weld an axe though Smitty does at some point She’d been yelling at them Something about all of them being dead and to close the bus doorsAnd so things proceed The people on the bus gaze at the café through binoculars see everyone slumped over everyone they can see Then Smitty remembers the bus driver is out there somewhere and goes and gets him – only to find him slumped over injured Alice locks Smitty the driver and Bobby out but the driver revives enough to indicate how to open the door from the outsideMeanwhile many attempts are made to make phones andor radios work None of the attempts work Eventually it is decided to attempt to go the gas station Which is where Gareth and um Pete I think his name is Pete are added to the small group of people wondering just what is up what’s going on Mind I’ve already overlooked the fact that the teacher had returned to the bus at some point pounded on the door and wanted in Many indications though were there that the teacher was no longer human As happens times than I’d like to see one of the characters is reluctant to use the Z word you know Zombie But he’d been zombified Right so – everyone but a few school students and a gas station attendant had been turned into zombies In their set of resources the kids have everyone’s luggage and a bus And no way to contact anyone And so they wander around attempting to figure out how to save themselves exploding things picking up other live humans getting trapped escaping etc etc All against the backdrop of some snowy location in ScotlandInteresting enough zombie book I suppose the one negative I can immediately note is the part where the author was good at creating teenage characters as opposed to a bunch of adults in teenage bodies A negative because well it’s exhausting reading a bunch of whiny posing vicious people interacting and attempting to live But then I remember the few scenes I’ve caught here or there from that Walking Dead show and well heh Actually I’m thinking of the 14 or 15 graphic novels I’d read in that series before the show ever aired but I have seen a few episodes from that seriesThere is a seuel I’ve no idea what the seuel is about andor if the same characters are in it I do not know if I’ll read that seuel Rating 415January 5 2018

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    This and other reviews can be found on The Psychotic Nerd MY THOUGHTS I read this book as part of my Cleaning Out My TBR challenge I originally added this book to my TBR in 2012 and lately I've been wary about those books on my TBR added in 2012 because my tastes have changed a lot since then and I haven't had a whole lot of luck with them With this book I'm glad to say that I actually did enjoy it It was an entertaining and thrilling read Bobby has recently moved back to the UK and what better way to get to know her school classmates than to join them on a ski trip? At least that's what Bobby's mother thinks So far no one seems to want to talk to her and the trip is feeling like hell On the way back from the trip their bus stops by a cafe Bobby decides to stay inside the bus but her classmates wander off for lunch with the exception of Smitty the trouble maker who is told to stay on the bus Things seem normal until their classmate Alice comes running back to the bus claiming that everyone else is dead and one of their newly dead teachers tried to grab her This can't be believed until they see for themselves that their classmates and everyone else in the cafe is dead but is walking towards them They have to find a way to escape but that's easier said than done when you're in a snowstorm in a bus running out of gas and no way out of town to escape the surrounding zombiesI admit that I was surprised by how entertained I was from this book The plot sounds like it comes straight from a cheesy horror movie The book does feel at times like you are reading a cheesy horror movie and it does start out that way Our main cast is isolated in a snowstorm with no way to get help Bonus points that they are young people The longer in the story though the complicated the storyline gets I just kept wanting to turn the pages in this book because I wanted to see the characters make it out of this dangerous situation There was never a break in the action in this book and the thrill level just went up and up and upThe story also takes the typical zombie plot into absurd directions Sometimes the absurdity of the book was difficult for me to take in or believe that's what makes it absurd Oddly enough though it worked for the book For instance view spoiler The carrot juice and the carrot man I guessed early on that this was the cause of the zombie virus but it's such an odd premise Also I am now going to be very distrustful whenever someone tries to give me a free food sample hide spoiler

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    3 12 StarsI didn't LOVE it but I didn't HATE itit fell in between for me I enjoyed the story line but was able to put the story down and out of my brain when I wanted I think what fell flat for me is the age bracket of the characters I am not a huge fan of YA books unless the story grips me completelySo that being saidI will use the age old cliche It's not you it's me If you enjoy YA Zombie books then this is definitely right up that alley because not only does the story take a different route in the whole zombie genre but it adds a bunch of humor into the story as well

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    OMG THIS BOOK IS AMAZING I AM SO SHOCKED I AM NEVER GOING TO DRINK CARROT JUICE OR TAKE FREE SAMPLES EVER AGAIN I CANNOT BELIEVE IT and what’s worst is that it could happen but I have a big imagination so don’t worry Anyway back to writing the review This book is by Kirsty McKay and it is the first in a series called Undead The next book is called Unfed and it’s going to come out in the August of this year ; Undead ended on a really big cliffhanger and I CAN’T WAIT FOR UNFED TO COME OUTAs you can probably guess this book is about ZOMBIES I love zombie books They are AMAZING Zombie books are so full of action and although most zombie books have the same sorta plot but they are all uniue and AMAZING not amazing in their own special ways This book is one of those uniue and AMAZING BOOKS It’s also one of those few books that almost have no genre; there was action romance and LOTS of comedy I know it sounds odd; laughing at a zombie plague It was fast paced and it literally had my heart racing believe it or not that is no exaggeration and at the end of almost every chapter there was some of cliff hanger to keep me reading It was really hard to put it down for one second Seriously THIS IS A MUST READA uick summaryThe main character is this new girl called Bobby she has recently moved school and moved country and basically she is one of the “odd people” who don’t really fit in Her mum “suggests” her to go on the school ski trip and EVERYONE TURNS INTO ZOMBIES well not everyone and this book is basically about them trying not to die happy thought Conser This is one of the few books that I am actually struggling to come up with any consProsBobbyShe is AWESOME I think she deserves her own little paragraph She isn’t like one of those girls who just screams and screams and screams when a zombie plague happens She is an unbelievably strong character and her determination to survive is just incredible I loved how she was the narrator; she was so funny But at times I felt like screaming at her in a good way because she is thinking about Lego while she should be RUNNING FOR HER LIFE The uote is belowThe other charactersI feel bad because these characters don’t have their own paragraph like Bobby I guess that’s their own fault though Smitty He’s the typical bad boy in the school or was because their class is kinda dead He has this carefree nature about him which I thought was truly amazing; he was always the first to volunteer to do all of the dangerous tasks; even though he could have DIEDAlice She’s the type of girl in a school that spends hours putting on make up and believe it or not that doesn’t change at all in a zombie plague She was a funny character as in laughing funny She was always herself no matter what; that means mocking and teasing people at all the wrong timesPete He’s a geekThe writing styleKIRSTY MCKAY is an AMAZING author I will definitely be looking out for of her books There was a time in this book when I found that I could just read the speeches of the different characters and just know without even looking who was talking That’s what I think is amazing; you know almost no information about the characters yet you feel as if you have known them their whole lives Yes I know it sounds odd but if you’ve read the book then you will understand Probably Maybe or maybe it’s just me I also love the humour It was a good contrast to the series stuff about dying and being eaten or blown up etcFavourite uotes“Maybe he’s got a nicotine crave on That must really suck being a zombie who can’t get a smoke”“Here’s Lego Zombie Chef Here’s Lego Zombie builder See their grasping hands and posable limbs“I’m evil but I don’t care”“Could you just go downstairs and lock up the headless body first please? It’s reasonable reuest”OverallThis book is AMAZING have I mentioned that before? For all of you zombie fans out there YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK and for all of you non zombie fans out there either READ THIS BOOK or in the nicest possible way go drink some carrot juice or go to a cafe and make a carrot man attack you Easily 5 shuriken stars JUST GO TO THE NEAREST BOOKSHOP LIBRARY ANYWHERE AND GET A COPY OF THIS BOOK

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    45 stars Vomitously good Review to come

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    This review and others can be seen in all its properly formatted glory on my blog Beauty and the BookshelfI wouldn't say this is a 5 star novel but I enjoyed this so damn much that I'm saying to hell with it and giving it 45 starsUndead is a book I read as part of a reading challenge for one of my book clubs I wasn't expecting much from it Like at all I picked it up in the hopes that it'd be a meaningless shits for giggles novel that you read just because like when you eat food you're not the fondest of just because it's food I mean come on this is a zombie novel and the cover has a cheerleader on it with a bloody ax So I wasn't expecting much except for a fun uick read that's just a read But here's the deal I liked it Like a lotThis book was totally better than I thought it'd be I'm not saying I expected it to be bad if I'd have thought that then I wouldn't have actually wanted to read it But there's something about Undead that just hits the damn spot It's a zombie novel in the vein that Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland are zombie movies it leans toward the comedic mocking side laughs than screams There's still seriousness and substance though and something about it just works I think I loved this book And I'll be completely honest when I say that I wasn't expecting to be such a big fan of Undead but I amUndead begins after a high school ski trip when the bus stops at some random cafe for lunch Bobby decides to stay on the bus to eat because she's the new girl from America this is set in England she has no friends and she's the ueen bee's favorite person to sting With her on the bus are the bus driver and Smitty the resident bad boy who's not allowed off the bus because he's the resident bad boy More on him later Fast forward a bit and something's gone wrong the people are wrong and Bobby Smitty ueen bitch Alice and ultimate nerd Peter are fighting for their lives and in the snowI kind of adore these characters okay? This is Bobby's story and it's all in her point of view but Kirsty McKay does such a good job of fleshing out her secondary characters and in a way that works for this kind of novel I liked being in Bobby's head and seeing how she'd describe the unfortunate things happening around her She's a total teenager bitter about being the picked on new kid and she's suffering from the loss of someone but she could be snarky and grounded mean and kind all at the same time and when necessary She had no idea what the hell was she doing but she would still try to be fierce and not sit there crying like a baby and peeing her pants like I would Where Bobby's the best most headstrong leader everyone else's heads may be a little off kilter Peter's the necessary brains of the group He might pick using his brain over worrying about his own being eaten but he's smart and techy and a large part of what the little ragtag group needs to survive Alice is so perfectly the high class oh dear gosh I broke a nail forget the zombies look at my hair ueen bee mean girl bitch Sometimes that gets so overdone and is so obnoxious I can't stand it but Alice and her character work so perfectly in Undead I mean occasionally you just wish someone would bash her over the head and shut her up but she's rather tolerable And there's Smitty SMITTY SMITTY SMITTY He is the comic relief occasional voice of reason possibly the most logical of the bunch thought not the most serious and just the best He and Bobby definitely take the reins the most how fitting I love Smitty He's got that whole punk rock rebellious I hate the world vibe and it is so wonderfully Smitty If Smitty's not on a page then what's the point of reading it? Also I totally pictured him as Dalton Rapattoni from American IdolNow the zombies They're kind of your average dumb braaaaaain addicted zombies except where the hell did they come from? Don't worry we actually get an explanation of sorts I feel like so many zombie stories avoid that but we want to know damn it But with zombies also comes the whole people vs people trust no one concept so that takes a bit of a play here too It has zombies but it's not overly zombie fied It's a story about teenagers trying to survive not just zombies but being stuck with each other and it is such a thrill to read Undead has like everything and it's the kind of book that could overdo it and get away with it but McKay keeps most things at just the right levelUndead is definitely a book you want to read whether you like zombies or not My gosh it's just so fun and I adore it Like okay zombie book let me snuggle with you It's very much on the lighter side and can be rather comedic and utterly ridiculous but it still has that fine mix of panic and thrills and oh my gosh DID THAT JUST HAPPEN? Seriously Perfect blend of everything There are even feels and romance and I SHIP IT so brain filled brownie points to you book It's light and fun and yes kind of meaningless I guess I mean it's not going to win any awards or anything; it's not that kind of book at all but WHO CARES Let me tell you I read Undead and its seuel Unfed over the course of a couple days I freaking devoured Undead in like a day and books haven't been doing that to me lately and it was so nice to be all over a book again and just want to smile because of it and just writing the review for it is getting all me excited and filled with glee and it's been over a month since I've read it Thank gosh I had Unfed on hand or else I would've been in pure agony because SEUEL NEED Especially after that ending WHAT WAS THAT Now give me all the Kirsty McKay books please

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