The Guardians

Got Wings Elijah And Cassie Aren T Your Old School Angels Chilling In The Heavens And Strumming Harps They Re Members Of The Guardians, An Elite Force Of Angels Masquerading Under The Guise Of High School Teens.Their Newest Mission Is No Walk In The Clouds In An Effort To Seek Out Troubled Teens, They, Along With Fellow Angels, Rafe, Sophie And Gabriel, Will Pose As A Family Of Adopted Brothers And Sisters And Enroll In High School Along With Their Gift Of Emotional Divination , Which Is To Take On The Pain Of Those Who Are Suffering, They Experience Their Own Roller Coaster Rides Of Teenage Emotions.Accustomed To Working With Children, Shy Elijah Is Overwhelmed When He Is Assigned To Abby, An Honor Roll Cheerleader When She Discovers She Is Pregnant And Her Boyfriend Abandons Her, Abby Turns To Elijah For Support As His Feelings For Abby Intensify, Elijah Also Struggles With The Desire To Be A Guardian To Abby S Unborn Baby However, As Elijah Is Trying To Do Good, A Dark Force Hovers Over Him In The Form Of Lucius One Of Satan S Demons Things Escalate When Elijah Threatens Lucius It Will Come To A Fight To The Finish With Elijah Either Being Defeated Or Damning Lucius Back To Hell.Song Bird Cassie Sings Her Way Into The Lead Of The School Musical And Into The Life Of Zach, A Guitar Strumming Lost Soul After Constant Beatings From His Step Father Drive Zach To A Suicide Attempt, Cassie Must Teach Him About Hope And Faith However, A Dark Force In The Area Leads Cassie To Mistakenly Interpret That Zach Is Her Assignment Instead She Was Meant For Lauren, Her Musical Rival And The Girl Who Has An Intense Crush On Zach Cassie Must Somehow Find A Way To Befriend Lauren, Help Her Along And Continue To Help Zach Without Destroying Lauren In The Process.To Fail Means Death For Their Assignments, And To Fall In Love Ensures A Fall From Grace No One Ever Said High School Was Easy.The Guardians


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    Lily Raye works her way around a plot like magic There s never a shortage of emotion and spot on dialogue in The Guardians These aren t your typical YA angels There s something a lot special going on in this book and it ll make your insides glow

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    I ll openly admit there s a lot of angel books out there, and I wondered what could possible be different about The Guardians Well, there s a lot First of all, you don t have fallen angels or the bad male angel trying to kill a chickthank GOD You also have angels who actually DO something There s a lot of layers of angelic mythology in the Guardians that I haven t seen in other angel books I love the aspect of emotional divination that Elijah and Cassie and the other Guardians have They can take on the pain of others and experience what they re feeling They can be seen or unseen, and they have to keep a check on their emotions so their wings do not come busting out at the most inopportune moments There s also a great training scene where Elijah learns how to use his angelic powers And the endingOMG Amazing Can I just say how much I love the characters OMG, Rafe is HILARIOUS He brought so much to the book It s too funny that he s this jock angel, playing football, but then being the leader, so to speak, at school for Cassie and Elijah and giving them such wisdom Elijahoh what can I say about sweet, awkward Elijah Who wouldn t want an angel or regular guy like him I loved all the scenes with him and Abby when they re trying to decide how they feel about each other Cassie reminds me a of a typical teenage girl altho she s an angel just in teenage form I love her interactions with Lucius, the demon Even though she s so clueless as a newbie on her first mission she doesn t let herself be intimidated by him I would highly recommend the Guardians to anyone who loves angel books or fantasy.

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    Definitely not your average angel book I fell in love with Cassie, Rafe, and sweet shy Elijah I cant wait till the next book, assuming there will be one I would recommend this book for any one who loves books about angels and wants to read about something new and fresh.

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    Re ReadThis book was gonna be one of the examples of how a reader s taste definitely changed with time and probably age I found this book marginally too immature for my taste While I still agreed with my former self that it was nice to see the oh not so perfect version of angels, I found them too inexperienced to be true The story was too highschool drama for me The world building was typical While the plot had potential, it was not as good as expected The way angels and devils proceeded with their jobs and their rules were confusing and conflicting Too many theories that did not make sense It was not quite an enjoyable read for me this time I kept rushing at the end and when it ended, it actually just stopped abruptly The book did not complete at all and I definitely not seeing any sequel happening It just stopped with so many things still going on Spoilers The book started off pretty promising The guardian angles were tasked to protect their respective individuals However, they had rules and sometimes they allowed certain fates to happen so as to protect the balance Guardian angels Elijah, Gabriel, Sophie, Rafael and Cassiel were assigned to protect their respective members of Thomas family Sophie protected Hannah as she was hers to protect but allow her mother to die so as not to disrupt the balance of fate However, Hannah became traumatized my her mother death the book introduced demon Lucius as the opposite side of good Lucius also followed the rule of the dark and was part of the reason of Thomas family s death.The book started off great but then it just fell flat right away Why the setting immediately changed into the highschool drama This was actually not a bad thing the problem were the angels They were given human form and identities to stay close to the Thomas family and to protect them Elijah, Rafe and Cassie became highschool students to stay close to their assignments Rafe was alright Elijah and Cassie not so Elijah was of seventy five angelic age and had witnessed plagues and pestilence firsthand Cassie was newbie but also had spent the last year working on disaster relief missions with the Red Cross and Salvation Army She claimed to be accustomed to earthquakes, tsunamis, and floods Rafe had even years ahead of them both Sophie and Gabriel were even supposed to be Archangels all of them were angelic hosts who lived than decades I understood that the author insisted that it was a first time they were given emotion and were new to them but the way Elijah and Cassie acted, they were too inexperienced They might be new to emotion but they sure not new to the world and why did they know so little about their own rules and Demons Didn t other angels teach them at all It was as if the Dominion the HQ just dumped angels into their missions Anyway, it was pretty confusing to me by the time, I went through half the book, I started to get annoyed with the plot and how it came about Why was Thomas family chosen Didn t other humans also have their own guardian angels if angels could feel pain of others, I was sure they would be bombarded by many Why so little If angels was to protect both physical and emotional, why didn t Sophie saved Hannah s mother in the first place and if it was about balance, why safe anyone at all when their times had come How did Lucius interfered what were his rules since the demons pretty much seem to be able to do anything while the angels just had too many Everything didnot make sense to me Perhaps, this book was not my cup of tea any longer even I got confused with writing this review.Overall, I didn t enjoy it as I had hoped I liked Elijah Character but that was all I feel indifferent toward Abby She was too typical Nothing special Cassie was totally not what I expected and I meant it in the bad way All characters and stories were too high school drama for my taste YA was definitely not my kind of thing The ending was disappointment The story did not end.2.25 StarsEdited Jun 11, 2014First Read 8 9 Feb 2014Wow this book is so different than any YA angel stories I have ever read This book is beautiful and innocent. the angels in this books are not all gorgeous, powerful or know it all they are truly innocent and good and lack the taint of human emotions I really love all the angels in here Elijah, so sweet and caring Cassie, so pure and determined to help. Rafe, Gab and ever Sophie are all lovable characters the book ends quite incomplete and I hope that we will be able to get sequal for it. hope there will be5 stars

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    eugh, on and on it went with seemingly no end in sight, did anyone else think it was like glee with angels lol

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    Check this review out at our blog 3.5 Stars With plenty of emotions and angst, The Guardians sets itself apart as a paranormal angel book without the whole excessive pure mojo becoming burdensome and tons of human like emotions for our angelic characters.After witnessing the murder of a pivotal mother, Victoria, among several families, several angels, including Elijah and Cassie, are sent on a mission to prevent several of the mother s family members from going off the bridge to the bad stuff The job s tough, but someone has to prevent these multiple children from being manipulated by Lucius, the malevolent presence responsible for Victoria s death who is out for blood The guardian angels are sent down to earth in human bodies to make themselves behave like real humans for the sake of fitting in, so the angels are not immune to the effects of human emotions These emotions make the angels relatable protagonists, despite their job title as angel This feels somewhat out of place with all of the jealousy, pride, and anger that comes along with the title of being a guardian angel In some ways, this is like a book about two people developing feelings for people who lack the necessary ability to go far in life without some support Unfortunately, they fall in love with these hopeless people, and then the soap operas come in dun, dun, dun No, actually it s a good thing There are few angel books that take risks like The Guardians does Instead of focusing on cleansing the souls of these poor humans, the angels serve as guards for the kids recovering from the empty spot Victoria left in their lives However, many elements of the plot and aspects of the world are left unexplained that leaves the reader confused at times, and wondering why all of this couldn t be solved as easily as it is at the end Every scene seems to be a climatic moment, even if it is not the vital to the story line Whether or not that is a bad thing, I still have yet to decide, but overall, it feels as if there s no true plot line Instead, it feels like a group of TV episode summaries bunched together, with a new situation and climatic moment every few chapters.Many of the characters of The Guardians vacillate from brimming with emotion to drowning to one sided characters with no personality For example, Elijah and Cassie are hormone crazy angels in teenager bodies It s endearing in that they have to experience what every human s forced to face, but a little odd to see these angelic creatures easily adjusted to the sinful nature that humans have It seems questionable that the main angel characters are the ones with all of the problems, while the other three Rafe, Sophie, and Gabriel, aren t really developed as characters and act like the angelic creatures they are Nothing is wrong with this, in fact, it makes The Guardians stand out as a book Meanwhile, the assignments Abby and Zach, are somewhat undervalued Rather than being seen as teenagers who suffer as all teenagers do, they are portrayed as nearly perfect humans with terrible circumstances awaiting them Abby is Miss Goody Two Shoes, even when she finds out that she and baby can t be together Zach is like the Hulk, a sweet guy with an untested rage just dying to be unleashed Overall, the characters weren t exactly the best selection to be found, but they were enjoyable to read about.The Guardians is a sweet, enjoyable read due to its easy nature and real life problems among teenagers Despite all of the angel talk, there is no other book that has many of the soap opera problems that teenagers must face in a realistic manner, way realistically than dramas At first, I was thinking this book would be like Halo by Alexandra Adornetto, which was one of the stupidest books ever written in the history of YA kind, but actually, this book succeeds in everything Halo couldn t possible imagine The ending was a little rushed in my opinion, and needed work because of its approach, which could ve been achieved earlier in the book to save many characters much grief Regardless, with a plot accented with twists and a group of multi faceted characters, The Guardians shows itself as a great start for what I hope to be a wonderful new paranormal angel series.Angie YA Novelties

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    Background Elijah and his family have been send by the Dominion to be Guardian Angels to the Thomas family after their time of need Each are given an assignment, aka person, and expected to help them cope with their pain, torment, as well as teenage problems and the story begins with a death.Review The story follows two points of view Elijah who is sweet and shy and is assigned to Abby the eldest daughter of the Thomas family, and Cassie who does not know her assignment since she is new and the Dominion higher ups want her to feel for the pain of her assignment to link with themI enjoyed this book quite a bit, however I am normally but off by angel books that aren t all for teenage angst and malice this one was different Raye kept it on point, the characters are well formed, entertaining, and the story line keeps you questioning so many things As a reader you aren t sure if the angels are going to stay angelic, or that their assignments are going to make it without committing suicide due to grief and all this rolled into one story was a delight to read.I received this as a PDF from the author and was a little put off at times by the editing errors, there were a few missing words here and there and some typos, but all in all a great read.

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    I really enjoyed reading The Guardians This book is about a group of angels, pretending to be high school teens, on their mission on earth Each angel is assigned to one human soul But of course there is also Lucius one of Satan s demons to mess with humans, to threaten the angels and to spread a dark force..This story is told from both Elijah s and Cassie s point of view The writing style is great and I really liked the characters Also the story develops well It was a pageturner and I didn t want to put it down at all.But, in all honesty, I need to point out that the ending came out of nowhere Suddenly the final battle begins and it s even over before the blink of an eye And after this battle the book almost immediately ended I was left with lots of questions view spoiler Wat happened to Cassie after Zach s memories where erased Is Elijah going to transcend And what about the battle that is coming hide spoiler

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS GENRE AND STYLE OF WRITING Katie Ashley surprised me This book is all consuming and refreshing The characters are all well defined and likablewell maybe not everyone The story is unique and strategically delivered with true passion Well placed description and imagery and the words flowed effortlessly It was just what I needed A welcomed change of pace.

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    Is there going to be a sequel I really hope so because it was left at a rather interesting point I couldn t put my kindle down once I started reading this It had me hooked Can t wait to see what happens next

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