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➵ [Reading] ➷ It Began With Ashes Wroge Elements #1 By D.E.M. Emrys ➪ – Peace in Wroge came at a priceThe costWarWroge was divided by the Saive War The Arneuton kingdom enslaved the Keltir clans into their invasion and swept across the territory converting and conscriptin With Ashes PDF/EPUB ê Peace With Ashes Wroge Elements PDF \ in Wroge came at a priceThe costWarWroge was divided by the Saive War The Arneuton kingdom enslaved the Keltir clans into their invasion and swept across the territory converting and conscripting the weak culling the strong Five Years of war the blood of four races millions of deaths The Arneut conuered The Keltir were released from their imprisonment but the Vikir Began With Ashes Wroge Elements PDF/EPUB or and Narz were forever banished It Began PDF/EPUB or from Wroge's bordersDraven fought for peace He fought another man's war and paid for his freedom in blood But even peace comes with its price Taxes to another man's king Draven's fight might have ended with the Saive War but the struggle to afford safety for his family is far from overWhen the Vikir threaten Wroge's northern border they come with a debt of their own And it's Began With Ashes PDF/EPUB å not taxes they're after They come because of the Keltir's betrayal in the Saive War They come from bloodBut Wroge's fate won't be decided by ageing warriors and old grudges The lives of four young men divided by peace united by conflict will shape the future of the war torn land'It Began With Ashes' is the story of how life's greatest struggle is to accept who you are Began With Ashes Wroge Elements PDF/EPUB or a tale of broken promises bitter grudges and brotherhoods bound in blood.It Began With Ashes Wroge Elements #1

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 200 pages
  • It Began With Ashes Wroge Elements #1
  • D.E.M. Emrys
  • English
  • 03 June 2016

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    Great book Well written characters with a story that flows naturally one scene into another The author introduces the reader to the history of our characters and their land gradually and the action makes sense in the context of the overall tale I look forward to reading this series going forward

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    In the inspired style of David Gemmell or Robert Howard D Emrys takes the minimalist approach to his stories By that I mean he lets the story speak for itself Dialogue and action are the foundations of the world and story rather than detailed description or extensive world building facts It can be a tricky approach to pull off and most who attempt the strategy end up either losing their true writing voice or falling into simplicity Fortunately for D Emrys the strategy mostly pays off and we readers are treated to a fully realized fantasy world replete with the mental and emotional maturity I demand from my modern fantasy reads When I imagine the author sitting down and drawing the beginning of the story I don't imagine himself asking what the story will be like or what will happen in the plot Instead I imagine him sitting down and asking what do I want my readers to feel? Because ultimately I think this a book about 'feeling' than 'happening' Sure stuff happens there's a body count fire etc but the book is really about relationships Relationships between father and son between friends and between complete strangers; it is how those relationships are formed and tested by traumatic events spiraling out of control that really make up the meat of the book The world building and the swords n' sorcery all show their respective faces to christen the book fantasy but at its heart its a people book which cares about the participants rather than the events themselves and that makes the book greater than the sum of its partsDisclaimerNotice DEM Emrys is a Goodreads friend of mine but I attempted to make my rating and review as honest as possible At no time did the author attempt to persuade me to read or review his book

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    The Arneuton kingdom conuered the Keltir clans These clans had to betray their allies in this war to ensure their own survival It is easy to figure out the former allies Vikir and Narz are not happy For now it is peaceful in the expanded kingdom except that there is no love lost between Arneuton natives and the clans Things are also uiet in the small village of Hearth home to people from one of the clans Torne; however the internal and external tensions are about to break the fragile peaceThe book follows a family of Draven from Hearth and tax collector and his son of Arneuton It is fairly short a rarity in modern fantasy but does a good job of world building and introducing interesting dynamic characters; this is in my opinion a real strength of the book The end of the book concludes the things nicely while still keeping enough subplots open for a seuel This is fast paced fun book which serves as a good start to a new series As I already mentioned I am very impressed with how much the book manages to accomplish in about 200 pages Considering the fact that this is author's first book I respect his skill of keeping the story short and to the point without giving a reader a feeling of being rushed This is something a lot of established authors have yet to learn 4 very solid stars heck even 45 stars for a very good first effort

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    Wroge has not seen war for twelve years not since the Arneuton invasion The Arneut rule the Keltir serve and the Vikir and Narz remain in exile The blood of four races belongs to the earth of one landBut what if blood was to run again?Draven Reinhardt is a man with a nightmare of a past dreaming of a better future He paid his dues in blood and coin settling for a uieter life a better life Gone are the knocks at the door from his past But what happens when the future comes knocking?Like any boy Kale wants to follow in his father’s footsteps – if only he knew what they were It’s hard enough to find his own feet in the walk of life without knowing where he came fromThe walk of life is a lonely one for an outsider Astartes will vouch for that Raised a tax collector’s son and born of foreign blood he searches for a friend who will overlook the divideDivided four races stand United someone will fall Will the past shape the future or can blood be washed clean?‘It Began With Ashes’ is the story of how life’s greatest struggle is to accept who you are – a tale of broken promises bitter grudges and brotherhoods bound in bloodThe follow on from the short story From Man to Man follows Draven his family and a host of other characters as the small village of Hearth is attacked by the banished warrior race of the Vikir Draven is an interesting character with a violent past now settled into village life working at the blacksmiths the book sets out initially with a dark tone as a twelve year old boy has his throat slit during a lads scuffle with Dravens son Kale involved Before any repercussions can be discussed the incident is somewhat overshadowed by the violent introduction of the Vikir as the village is decimated and the survivors escape into the forest After a difficult couple of days ride through the forest Draven and his fellow escapees join up with another group from the village the travelling nomads the Sicrun Astartes the tax collector and his son where the final battle takes placeThe story also follows Draven's wife Morganna's desperate plight as she and a group of the village wife's escape Morganna has a bit of warriors blood in her as she takes on the Vikir giving chase but in the end to no avail as they are capturedThe story is told from alot of characters viewpoints possibly too many for a such a short story As the chief protagonist the story doesn't centre on Draven so much as everyone around him and I would have liked to have seen maybe a tandem storyline about Draven and Morganna's past Also the Vikir warriors story may have benefited from a POV character to emphasize their uest for revenge against the banishment There is a good dose of action as all the characters fight for their lives and also alot of the story is given to the youngsters in the book and the tax collector maybe these have prominent roles to play as the story develops but their character development seemed superficial to the crux of the story The story is fluent well written and there is a lot of promise for the second outing of the Wroge Elements even though it ended to soon and I will certainly read the next instalment

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    This is a well written book and I found it uite easy to get into The descriptions are good if a little repetitive at times when it comes to describing people we are constantly being reminded about the defining characteristic of some characters and the story is intriguing There is plenty of action with the fight scenes not being skimped on but explored uite thoroughly evoking of the senses than just saying what the characters can seeBut From Man to Man was written purely from Draven's point of view and I enjoyed his voice his little humorous thoughts that he kept to himself the things he left unsaid in general We don't get any of Draven's POV in this book and I missed that a little I hope he comes back later in the seriesWe are introduced into the world well not left confused by a lack of information but not having it all thrown at us at once with info dumps There are a number of clans resident in Wroge as well as the occupying Arneut people who all seem uite ignorant about each other the children at least giving the perfect excuse for explanatory sections here and there about the war or the world or the politics or whatever But these aren't cumbersome giving us just what we need to know without being excessive and going into too much detailI liked the whole 'clan' thing and that each has its own rites and areas of general expertise Thought has obviously gone into it all and I'm looking forward to finding out One problem I had with the created societies was their oath Fraid and Govannon's bloodied blades It just seems like a bit of a mouthful and I sure wouldn't be able to be bothered to say this all the time and I think even something like this would have been shortened down somewhat Except maybe for things you really need to swear aboutThere were a couple of other little things that didn't uite make sense some that didn't uite sit right with me but overall I very much enjoyed this book There is a definite ending but it is open enough to give you some clues as to what will be coming in the next instalment and keep you interestedFull review at my blog

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    Fast paced and gritty this was an enjoyable read Plenty of action with a nice blend of character and pace Looking forward to the next one

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    Original Review “An awesome tale edge of your seats stuff” The Founding FieldsIf you’re somebody who doesn’t mind reading the odd self published book like myself you could do a lot worse than DEM Emrys’ epic fantasy tale It Began with Ashes It’s strong confident and creates an enthralling tale with likeable characters with their own personalities The book itself tells the story of coming to accept yourself as who you really are as well as exploring other details such as character development whilst jostling with world building and some awesome action seuences Peace in Wroge came at a priceThe cost?WarWroge was divided by the Saive War The Arneuton kingdom enslaved the Keltir clans into their invasion and swept across the territory converting and conscripting the weak culling the strong Five Years of war the blood of four races millions of deaths The Arneut conuered The Keltir were released from their imprisonment but the Vikir and Narz were forever banished from Wroge’s bordersDraven fought for peace He fought another man’s war and paid for his freedom in blood But even peace comes with its price Taxes to another man’s king Draven’s fight might have ended with the Saive War but the struggle to afford safety for his family is far from overWhen the Vikir threaten Wroge’s northern border they come with a debt of their own And it’s not taxes they’re after They come because of the Keltir’s betrayal in the Saive War They come from bloodBut Wroge’s fate won’t be decided by ageing warriors and old grudges The lives of four young men divided by peace united by conflict will shape the future of the war torn land‘It Began With Ashes’ is the story of how life’s greatest struggle is to accept who you are – a tale of broken promises bitter grudges and brotherhoods bound in bloodIf you have any version of a Kindle or a way of adapting a Kindle formatted book to suit your appropiate e reader format then you can get a taste of what Emrys’ works are like for nothing in the form of the short story From Man to Man The pricing of It Began With Ashes is pretty strong as well and although it may be short it’s a great teaser for what’s to come in this novel as it picks up from where it left off exploring Draven his family and a large dramatis personae that find themselves caught in the midst of an attack from the Vikir an exiled warrior race The book itself is great at handling the cast of characters so that the Point of View switches never seem jarring and they seem to flow naturallyKale Draven’s son is one of the main characters in It Began with Ashes and is a very interesting character to read the POV of whose experience is harrowed following the death of a young boy his age having been killed by a friend His character is affected greatly by the death and you – the reader will be as well as the book itself establishes a dark tone that will continue throughoutIf you’re tired of pages of pages of exposition in your fantasy novels then Emrys ignores that getting right to the heat of the action and character development and you’ll uickly find out that a large portion of the book is action dominated at least half Don’t let that put you off though because I’ve already mentioned that there’s plenty of character developmentThe world building is also something not to be looked down on with most being compared through conversations with characters as opposed to the narration with a strong pacing to boot that doesn’t feel like it’s either too fast or too slowThere are some people who don’t pick up first novels in a series when future issues haven’t been released yet and that is understandable but with a low price for It Began with Ashes it’s really something that you can’t afford to pass by because despite the fact that there is clearly intended to be future books the novel can probably be read as a standalone as the book itself doesn’t end on a cliffhangerSo with all of that mentioned if you’re looking for some self published work for a low price and have an e reader then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t pass this opportunity byVERDICT 45

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    Originally published at RisingshadowI recently read DEM Emrys' From Man to Man and liked it very much because it was a good fantasy story so it was nice to read It Began with AshesIt Began with Ashes is the first part of the Wroge Elements fantasy series It's a much larger and complex fantasy story than From Man to Man which was an introduction to the Wroge Elements series It Began with Ashes can be categorized as heroic and realistic epic fantasyI liked It Began with Ashes very much It's difficult not to like it because the happenings are interesting and easy to understand and the author writes well about difficult themes and pays attention to the theme of acceptance There are some minor flaws in it because eg certain things could have been explained thoroughly but on the whole it's an excellent read and offers great escapism for fantasy readers who are looking for an enjoyable and fast paced story to readHere's a bit of information about the world The events take place in the world of Wroge which is a fictional fantasy world that reminded me a bit of Britain under Roman rule Because of the wars Arneutons rule Wroge They conuered and colonized Wroge and the different clans have to live in servitude to them Bits and pieces of the world are revealed to the reader as the story begins to unfold I think that things will be revealed in the seuels because there are probably several things that haven't been revealed yetFrom Man to Man was a story about Draven but It Began with Ashes follows the adventures and lives of Draven and Nicolas and their families Draven Morganna Nicolas Kale and Astartes are well portrayed characters that become interesting as the story moves forwardThe beginning of It Began with Ashes is instantly addictive and exciting The story begins with Astartes travelling on the road with his father Nicolas towards Hearth Astartes doesn't see anybody but he's sure that they're being followed They're collecting taxes from Keltir clans He manages to see a glimpse of a figure who has horns Because this is only the beginning there's much to come but I won't reveal here what happens to the charactersDEM Emrys keeps the pace brisk and moves the story fast forward but doesn't hurry too much He lets readers get to know the characters by writing about them their lives and their backgrounds as the story progresses I liked it very much that he wrote about certain happenings through the eyes of Astartes and Kale because they were young characters and differed from the older characters Reading about them was interestingDraven is an especially interesting character because he's been a mercenary but has given up his former life for the sake of his wife Morganna and son Kale Draven cares for his wife and son but life isn't always as easy as it should be and he has to make difficult decisions times are tough and working for the Guild would be profitable than his current job and he would be able to feed his family I think it's good that the author has created this kind of a realistic character because it's interesting to read about his life and problemsI think it's good to mention that there's a glossary at the end of this book It's nice that the author has included a glossary because it may be useful to readersEverybody who likes this story will be interested in knowing that there will be a seuel According to the end of the book it will be called A Stirring of Dead EmbersIn my opinion DEM Emrys has a talent for storytelling because he writes entertainingly about the happenings When I read this story I thought to myself that the author loves writing and clearly intends to write an entertaining fantasy series for adults the author seems to have lots of potential and that's a good thing I definitely want to read what he writes next because I enjoyed this storyGood and entertaining fantasy for adults

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    This seuel of 'From Man To Man' is excellentTo say that I thoroughly enjoyed 'It Began With Ashes' would be an understatement the characters of Draven his friends and their families have really firmed up in my imagination and I can really picture themI would have no hesitation in recommending this book to anyone who likes the combination of Historical Fiction Action Adventure and a light touch of FantasyI look forward to the next book of this series 'A Stirring Of Dead Embers'See my review also at

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    First of all The author gave me this book for free in exchange for a reviewHaving read DEM Emrys' short story From Man to Man first I thought like a lot of people who reviewed this book that Draven or at least Nicolas the Arneuton Tax Collector would play a rather big role in the book but this was not the caseInstead of having the story center around a rather classical protagonist a middle aged ex mercenary looking for a new way of life It Began With Ashes takes us into a world of war seen from four childrens' point of viewDraven's son Kale wishes nothing than to one day be as strong as his father and to fight gloriously with a swordHis friend Deule in the face of a harsh life does something no one would have thought possibleThe Tax Collector's young son Astartes' doesn't plan to become a tax collectorAnd finally Damien a young peddler who can create green fire from thin airFew fantasy author's choose this angle to portray their world's and I applaus Emrys for having done it Instead of being another dull story of an ex merc's search for redemption I've read too many of them we see a bunch of 12 year olds trying to figure out what's their place in life and what's happening around themSeeing the world of politics and war around them though their eyes was a very strong aspect of the book and amongst the points I enjoyed mostCharacters are Emrys' forte He portrays them vividly and layered and I wish the book had been longer and detailed so I could have gotten to know them better especially Deule who remained rather sketchyBeing a short book just abut 200 pages especially for a fantasy book there wasn't that much story inside I was rather disappointed when the book ended not only because I wanted to know the rest but also because I felt that the book was incomplete as a novel It was rather an episode of a longer tale It's just a preference of mine but I dislike episodic tales I don't have a problem with cliffhangers per se but I like my novels to have enough meat so I don't have the feeling that I read a chapter instead of a bookWhat bothered me most in this book was something I couldn't overlook messy exposition It Began With Ashes being the first book in a series set in a fantasy world yet unknown to the readers Emrys naturally had to introduce all the different social groupsUnfortunately I didn't agree with the way he did it Instead of letting the reader guess and think on hisher own he lets the characters explain to each other which clan is whichAnd mostly it sounded much like thisA Can you believe we once fought a war against the Germans?B Who are they again?A Oh they're the beer drinking folk with no humorNow in the case of A and B it's uite incredible that A would just shrug B's lack of knowledge about WW2 off like that without even rolling his eyes In the case of the characters from It Began With Ashes I was rather surprised by the enormous lack of knowledge some of these people possessed As far as I understand the War in their world happened only 12 years ago no? And still they don't seem to recall who it was they fought against? That's just ridiculously stupid if they really didn't know or just the author being as subtle as a tank about his expositionI was not impressed with the way he threw huge chunks of information at me without even letting me guess once And sadly it happened uite a few times which annoyed me to no endAll in all the book would have deserved a sparkling 4 star rating if it hadn't been for the incredibly irritating telling instead of showing I liked the book and I hope that now that every last bit of information was thrown at me the next book in the series won't have the same flaw

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