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❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Selected Poems and Letters Author Arthur Rimbaud – A phenomenonally precicious schoolboy Rimbaud was still a teenager when he became notorious as Europe's most shocking and exhilarating poet During his brief 5 year reign as the enfant terrible of Fren A phenomenonally precicious schoolboy Rimbaud was still a teenager when he became notorious as Europe's most shocking and exhilarating poet During his Selected Poems ePUB Æ brief year reign as the enfant terrible of French literature he produced an extraordinary body of poems that range from the exuisite to the obsene while simultaneously living a life of dissolute excess with his lover and fellow poet Verlaine At the age of he abandonned poetry and travelled across Europe before settling in Africa as an arms trader This edition sets the two sides of Rimbaud side by side with a sparkling translation of his most exhilarating poetry and a generous selection of the letters from the harsh and colourful period of his life as a colonial trader.Selected Poems and Letters

French poet and adventurer who stopped writing verse at the age of and who became after his early death an inextricable Selected Poems ePUB Æ myth in French gay life Rimbaud's poetry partially written in free verse is characterized by dramatic and imaginative vision I say that one must be a visionary that one must make oneself a VISIONARY His works are among the most original in the Symbolist movement R.

Selected Poems and Letters eBook ☆ Selected Poems
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  • Selected Poems and Letters
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  • 24 July 2016
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    This review specifically refers to the Penguin editionThe poems are amazing 5 star worthy and it's dazzling to think of how the wild and precocious French youth genius that was Rimbaud completely stopped creating any art from the age of twenty one The prose poems 'A Season in Hell' and 'Illuminations' I did not like so much or I didn't 'get' them so much I wished for there to be coherence or story Rimbaud was on drugs when he wrote much of them and I think it shows Then there are the letters that showcase Rimbaud's second career as a trader in Africa It is impressive that he set on such a path at those times there were almost no Europeans in the areas he ventured into and it's remarkable the change of completely leaving off his scandalous former life that included a tempestuous relationship with fellow poet Paul Verlaine that culminated in Verlaine shooting Rimbaud and being sentenced to prison for it In the letters there is a lot of rabbity concern with money and Rimbaud speaks some of local conditions in Africa Rimbaud's fear of military service stood out to me his mother and sister are often urged to confirm that he would not have to serve it Then there is the ending of Rimbaud's leg having to be amputated and his death from cancer at the age of thirty seven which I found to be so sad

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    Poetry is one art form that I continue to sample yet in the main struggle to fully appreciate So I have arrived at this Penguin Classic of Arthur Rimbaud's 'Selected Poems and Letters' without any prior knowledge of his life and workWhat is striking about Rimbaud's writing is the depth of his vocabulary at the age of just fifteen As the 'man' himself states in 'The Deserts of Love' These are the writings of a young man a very young man whose life has unfolded in no fixed place; no mother no country careless of the things one should care about; like many wretched young men evading moral lawsPersonally I found 'The Deserts of Love' and 'A Season in Hell' a struggle to complete however discovered much of historical interest in his letters particularly those from his time in Aden and Ethiopia

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    Rimbaud was a demonic implosion fierily clawing the mist of molecules strangling the sublunacy Armed with baldrics of snakehide sensuality phantasmagorially phalanxed and welded together with absinthine ague our rimbounder poet sought epiphanies of divine atheism in order to ordain the ministry of precedence to the ophthanatos He wrote nice things and after those nice things embarked towards cartographic voids weft together lacunae of our oblivion how he consonanced nullity with black empty cerebrash strokes Hell and back timetables mnemonically caressed hell and back loco motion hell and back darkness of the night at either end A tender monstrance an host devoured by sexalted hagiography Arthur defiling innocence with torrents of pen and ink he a shithead through and through rough and rough frou frou on paper underneath dripping spite A cell of carousal a true poet for what is a true poet if not one gruesomely crippled by ability always on the lookout for parallel bodies never seen nor sought; a frantic exploderer sucking history dry with proboscis atrophied by evolution looking for wrong nuances and ultimately spawning sheerness out of frustration His terrestrial communication? but signals sent from the shore of Already Blazingly phobic floressence Flip the final sou Arseholy Arthur the sauntering shit Footwear worn in ordealure souls too close to the sun not to roar in hellflames Sinbiosis fungus who wrought decay a cancergrowth on the society he could never even bother to look through other lies Wild tormented fool who tore to the middle tentatively stretching towards our beginnings and ends

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    Rimbaud's poetry is ahead of its time he was clearly very talented The letters in this collection are interesting some in terms of illuminating the conditions for a colonial trader and some though not much information about conditions for those who were colonised and ultimately sad reading as Rimbaud's health seriously declined

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    Rimbaud's poetry is in the most sublime way possible utterly beautiful To me it will always be inspiring that someone so young could conjure up such fantastic images thoughts and ideas Even in English his words still remain beautiful The images he creates are so vivid His letters while tedious to read at times are still so fascinating

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    Especially the letters from Africa

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    Review Found Here

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    Most of the poetry and much of the letters presented with the original French on the facing page A comprehensive collection in translation which also offers those who can read some French the opportunity to easily view the text in the original My french is limited but gosh Rimbaud sounds so much better in the originalThe gayness of Rimbaud and Rimbaud's work is also a bone of contention Some of the translation here seems to obscure what could be seen as gay reference Such as ma poitrine and sa poitrine is translated as my breast to her breasts a heterosexual rendering However this could just as easily be translated as my breast to his breast or my chest to his chest The gender of the second chest is not specified so the poem could easily ahem go both ways

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    Though writing only for a brief five years Rimbaud can be considered one of the most revolutionary poets to come out of France Although turning his back on literature at the young age of twenty one he left behind an unforgettable trace of his lyrically crazed genius This collection of both poems and letters allows us to examine two very different aspects of the poet's life through the most imaginative visions I know dusk and dawn rising like a multitude of doves What men have only thought they’d seen I’ve seen“I had to travel to shake off the enchantments massing on my brain Above the sea which I loved as though it could cleanse me of some defilement I saw the cross of consolations rise”

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    if this is the penguin edition new all black paperback horrible font on the spine crazy translation no man has ever seen makes rimbaud sound like ali g aiiii

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