[PDF / Epub] ☃ Testify ✑ Valerie Sherrard – E17streets4all.co.uk Short listed for the Forest of Reading Red Maple Award 2012 Before you judge me there are two things you should know about why I did it Shana Tremain is a good kid She knows right from wrong and she Short listed for the Forest of Reading Red Maple Award Before you judge me there are two things you should know about why I did it Shana Tremain is a good kid She knows right from wrong and she’s never been in any serious trouble But when her best friend Carrie comes to her for help Shana agrees to break the law to save Carrie from a molester She even feels good about it for a while Then trouble starts Someone in their group of friends is stealing from the others As she searches for the truth Shana uncovers evidence that raises a terrifying uestion Has she made a horrible mistake Faced with the reality of what she’s done Shana finds herself trapped in a web of her own lies and deceit Can she convince the right people that she’s telling the truth now Either way it’s clear someone is going to pay a terrible price for her crime.Testify


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  • 144 pages
  • Testify
  • Valerie Sherrard
  • 21 August 2016
  • 9781554889280

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    Testify By Valerie SherrardThis novel is about a teenage girl that lied in court while testifying about her best friend being sexually molested by her stepfatherHer best friend had begged her to testify and lie because she was worried about being molested The main character is the teenage girl and her name is Shana protagonist Her best friend Carrie believe it or not is the antagonist in the bookIn this book Shana has a group of friends including Hailey Carrie Jen Kaity Hailey figures out Carrie's secret that she lied about her stepfather and starts acting weird when Carrie wins the trial and her stepfather gets arrested Carrie being as smart and devious as she is started to suspect that Hailey thought she lied about the sexual molesting with her stepfather due to what Carrie told Hailey one morning Carrie told Hailey that if she was uncomfortable with the border renting a room to help with rent money regarding the whole house then Hailey can just say he sexually molested her Hailey strongly felt uncomfortable after that conversation with Carrie Carrie was indeed correct When they were all at Shana’s house Carrie framed Hailey and said that she was stealing To prove it Carrie stole a brooch from Shana and her other friends and placed the brooch in Hailey’s cell phone pouch When Carrie came to prove it and dump out her bag the brooch was found in Hailey’s cell phone pouchCarrie planned all of that just to get Hailey out of their group so Hailey can’t tell anyone what Carrie didWhen Hailey tried to prove to the group that she was innocent only Shana listened After that Hailey proved to Shana Carrie was EVILThen Carrie found out and started sabotaging Shana her so called BEST FRIENDAll of Carrie’s evil schemes other than the one’s i’ve mentioned broke the group a part So one day Carrie called Shana crying really hard and weeping and apologizing so hard and asking Shana to come over so that she can go to the police saying her stepfather was innocent and telling her mom the truth Shana of course with her kind heart ran to Carrie’s house They talked for awhile and then when Shana went to go get a water bottle for Carrie and came back Carrie had disappeared after a couple seconds Shana gets hit on the head and blacks out When she wakes up she finds herself tied up from her mouth her hands and her feet her head is also bleeding a little Carrie comes up to her with a gasoline tank and tries to set her on fire and make it look like she took her own life at Carrie’s house to frame her Carrie Carrie’s plan fails because Shana records everything Carrie said before Shana was in flames and sends it to her friends and her friend Jen calls the police first Carrie was of course stuck and tried to escape but failed and got charged and arrested and everything was back to normal Also her stepfather was found innocent and freedI felt that the antagonist was a really good choice of character I feel that Carrie is a true evil villain and deserves everything that happened to her Overall i can not add or thing of anything evil then what this teenage girl has done to her innocent people who are supposed to be her friends I really enjoyed this book and all the conflict and mystery that happens in it I recommend it to anybody alive and suggest reading other books by Valerie Sherrard as wellBy Esraa Ghanem

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    I thought that this book was amazing in the beginning i was starting to understand why Shanathe main character had lied in the court to help her best friend Carrie who was going to court because she calmed that her step father Joe had molested her As soon as problems started to happen in their little group i had started to wonder if this whole testimony against Joe was a lie Some of the problems that had really surprised me was when Carrie had said that she was going to talk to one of her friends she had framed of stealing when she never did She had said all of these mean things about every girl but the mean thing she said to Shana was something that Shana had only told one person and that person was CARRIE After all the things Shana thought were true were false she and Hayleythe girl that was framed had realized that everything that Carrie said did wanted and was always a lie In the end i was just shocked at how Carrie had turned out to be how stupid Shana had been to lie in a court to back up her best friend when she never saw anything I am still in shock at how that amazing book ended and how amazing this author is But most of all i am very impressed at the ending of the book

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    RED MAPLE NOMINEE This is a uick read that really grabs you uickly The dynamic between the female characters in this book is rather interesting It will make for some interesting discussions about truth and honesty A few surprising twists keeps the reader on their toes in this short uick novel If you have reluctant girl readers this is a great book as it moves uickly and is not all that long or difficult

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    I thought this book was amazing I thought it was good because the way the author wrote the book leaves you wondering after every chapter Something I thought was a little confusing at times was that so much was going on in the book at once so sometimes it was hard to follow My favourite character was Shana because she always a sweet girl and always did what she thought was right but she makes a huge mistake and I think that's what makes her so interesting

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    Did not enjoy the ending; the way the conflict was solved

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    This book was excellent Whenever I read books it bugs me because I always end up predicting what happens and it becomes less interesting but this book was very shocking and all over the place yet very easy to understand The plot was great and overall 45

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    Testify is about a girl named Shana who testified in court for her best friend Carrie Carrie told Shana that Carrie’s step father joe sexually abused her but that was not true and somehow Carrie convinced Shana to lie in court to send joe to jail Shana didn't want to send a innocent man to jail but Carrie begged her Carrie only did this because she does not like her stepfather Carrie won the case and Joe was sent to jail Shana made a horrible decision for helping Carrie because she betrayed her Shana has a group of friends which are CarrieHayleyJen and Krysti Carrie first betrayed Hayley because Hayley knew that Carrie was the reason why Shana’s boyfriend broke up with her but Shana didn't know that so Carrie showed fake evidence that Hayley stole their jewelry That made everyone stop talking to Hayley But Shana found out that Carrie was the one stealing she tried to prove that to her other two friends but it didn't work at it backfired and everyone hated Hayley and Shana Hayley and Shana found a way to prove to Jen and Krysti that it was all Carrie’s fault and now the group is back together except for Carrie In the end Carrie was charged for beating up Shana and for sending joe to jail but joe was set free Therefore I really liked this book and it showed that even your best friends can betray you

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    Grade BWhen Shana agrees to lie on the witness stand to say she saw her best friend's stepfather molesting her she feels like she's saving Carrie But soon after Shana begins to have doubts Is Carrie capable of such a lie and if she's capable of that what else might she do?TESTIFYING was a fun read despite the seriousness of the subject Shana is a likable character much too trusting of her best friend even after the evidence mounts Her naïveté at first understandable at some point turns to cluelessness as she continues to fall for Carrie's manipulations I knew something about Carrie was off as the story progressed she became of cliched I enjoyed the writing and pacing I wish Valerie Sherrard had included an additional 50 pages to add meat to the story and delve deeper into the characters She created a nice voice for Shana's narrationThemes friendship sexual abuse honesty cliuesTESTIFY would probably best appear to Tweens and younger teens as older readers might be see this novel as implausible At 128 pages I finished the book in about 2 hours in one sitting

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    I found that it had a uniue story line I feel that Carrie has such a strong character but might of been written better More information of why she was like that Did something happen in her childhood or is it generic? Maybe she is just whacked She thinks that she has everything planed so perfectly yet a fifteen girl who has no detective training figures it out Real smart she is

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    I thought this book was great in had so much excitement in it andi also thought that the character Carrie was very crazy and i don't understand why she would do it i mean it is a crazy idea Anyway i thiught it was great and anyone that didn't read should read it as awesome

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