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✫ Table for One Books ✭ Author Daniel Kelley – Ah the pleasure of temporarily inhabiting characters imbued with so many of the flaws that mostof us strive to hide Five stories involving well than five problem customersMilo Steddiman a disgraced bu Ah the pleasure of temporarily inhabiting characters imbued with so many of the flaws that mostof us strive Table for Kindle - to hide Five stories involving well than five problem customersMilo Steddiman a disgraced business titan revisits his childhood town of Lincolnsville in “FullCircle” only to discover that the years spent away haven’t exactly erased the traces ofpersonality he’d left years beforeIn “A Summer Tale” Miss Dori sees a familiar looking man in a barber chair and is flooded withmemories of a rapturous summer decades before Could this actually be Franklyn who’d lovedand left her who’d stolen her heart and soul before departing her lifeA husband takes the plunge and informs his wife of feelings he’s developed for another womanBeing straightforward is such an admirable trait The conversation however definitely doesNOT go in the direction he had hoped Such is his reward for “Honesty”Unlike Miss Dori Catherine actually found the man of her dreams in Thomas Gardiner HuntleyAnd then they got married Years later Catherine is completing a “Jigsaw Puzzle” herprimary ‘allowed’ hobby and she reflects on how her choices resulted in such an intractablesituation and what she can do to end itAnd to round out this word collection of damaged goods “original Owner” opens awindow into Gerald who’s been chucked by girlfriend after girlfriend For Gerald has a problemwith those who have come before him romantically And as he’s discovered with much agonythere’s not a damn thing he can do to alter the past Or his obsession with itAn enticing group of stories There’s nothing uite like being both horrified and relieved byexperiencing through words how those tricky blemishes in our own personalities could havealtered our lives.Table for One

Daniel Kelley is an author and a music arranger His fifth novel Raffle Ticket was published in October Table for Kindle - Nearly books of Daniel’s compositions and arrangements have sold worldwide and over of his e books have captivated readers With lyricist JoEllen Doering he also composed the music to the classic holiday song “It's Christmas Time Again” Daniel mosaics bakes constantly.

Table for One PDF Ñ Table for  Kindle -
  • Kindle Edition
  • 90 pages
  • Table for One
  • Daniel Kelley
  • English
  • 10 October 2015

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    Table for One is an anthology of psychological short stories that reveal some of the darker moments and aspects of the human experience If you are looking for romance or a happily ever after this is NOT it Readers who enjoy succinct psychological story telling that drops one into the epiphany moments of the protagonists will enjoy Daniel Kelley's talesFull Circle Milo Steddiman's bitter musings on his experiences growing up surrounded by people who were unfair to him paint a clear picture of his still flawed self perception In A Summer Tale 62 year old Miss Dori glimpses a man she hasn't seen in over 40 years and is immediately transported in her mind to the summer romance they shared long agoHonesty details a conversation between a middle aged man and his wife when he decides to be honest with her about his attraction to a much younger woman at work Sure that is a good ideaIn Jigsaw Puzzle Cathy Huntley contemplates her troubled 16 year marriage as she assembles a complex jigsaw puzzle Cathy is a likable heroine with uiet strength This story is the uplifting of the two that might be described as positive The other one is A Summer TaleOriginal Owner Gerald laments his inability to sustain a relationship with a woman because of his irrational jealousy This is a dark little vignette in which Gerald provides insight into his pathological thought processes It is almost chilling how her refers to the she's dehumanizing the women with whom he had been intimate

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    Table for One is collection of short stories into the human character Characteristics presented are selfishness loathing misery hope and happiness Most of the people were interesting rich and bold The stories were intriguing bold and fascinating I look forward to of this author's work in the future

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    An engaging read with multi faceted characters in various phases of love and love lost Kelley creates vivid pictures of men and women as they act out their needs and longings in five short stories The crisp descriptions and references to small behavioral details provide the reader with the sense of being there as if you lived in this place with them Strong dialogue moves the stories along uickly The author is skilled in weaving stories around memorable phrases and illusions to ponder such as this from a disillusioned wife You are a promise that never comes true and the woman who does crossword puzzles because the solution is right there from the beginning Amusing character and place names such as Steddiman for a real jerk of a man and the Kiln Me Softly ceramics center keep the stories from becoming too anguished Fewer exclamation points might be an improvement for the reading however I enjoyed this book and look forward to from this authorTable for One

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    This is a collection of five stories each one of which is uite good They depict people a reader can easily relate to or who may even resemble parts of anyone’s life After reading the first story I only found that they got better as they went along The situations are well presented and though there is little dialogue the main characters manage to convey all that is necessary for the plot to be developed and end well Short stories are possibly harder to write than novels because there is such a short space and time to introduce the characters setting and plotstoryline develop the plot and bring it all to a successful conclusion that will be satisfying to the reader This author has managed to succeed in doing all that plus keep the reader remembering and wondering long after the story is over about the relationships the characters experienced and how they might have turned out for the reader or someone else I received this book from Library Thing to read and review

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    These 5 short stories are about every day people doing every day things No super heroes no super evil boogiemen trying to destroy the world no zombies or vampires looking for their next victim; those things aren't needed to keep the reader involved I started each story thinking What do I care? So what I wound up delving into the every day lives of every day people; their past dreams their regrets their longings Overall a very enjoyable and uick read I am looking forward to books by this author

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    Table for One by Daniel Kelley is a well written collection of short stories providing a view into the lives of very different people Each story reinforces the understanding that you cannot judge a book by its cover as this writer peels back the layers of their lives revealing hopes dreams failures and compromises that shape their lives Kelley has a uniue ability to take the reader into a life and to provide a glimpse of the character's inner struggles and perceptions while providing an opportunity for reflection

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    It was an easy going reading which I liked very much Daniel Kelley writes short stories which are grabed of the real life Those stories could be experienced by everybody In this book five persons declare their love life Some are looking back what could have happened if years ago they would have done another twist in their relationship They are lost in their memories and are very happy when they are returning to their present life Others are struggling with their actual life and would like to know what the future will bring them4 12 stars

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    I was given these short stories in exchange for an honest reviewThese are all great stories The author created very real characters The stories each drew you in and made you feel like you were watching each person go through each situation and not just reading about it The stories were weren't flawlessly and the author made each story stand out for different reasons While my favorite was Jigsaw Puzzle the entire collection is a must read

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    It's hard to say what my favorite story was or who my favorite character is Milo Steddiman reminded me of several guys from high school that I didn't want to see at my reunion Catherine in Jigsaw Puzzle gave me hope for all strong women and adorable Miss Dori reminded me sadly of my own Great Aunt It's always a surprise to find an author who catches the essence of people

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    Table for OneFive very different well written stories that each are good enough to have a whole book written about This amazing Author knows how to create believable characters in just a few sentencesLooking forward to reading of Daniel Kelley's work

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