❰KINDLE❯ ✽ Riduna Author Diana Jackson – E17streets4all.co.uk Why RidunaRiduna is the Latin name for the uniue and picturesue island of Alderney sister island to Guernsey Channel Islands UK For Harriet who was born on Riduna in 1866 and many others in her commun Why RidunaRiduna is the Latin name for the uniue and picturesue island of Alderney sister island to Guernsey Channel Islands UK For Harriet who was born on Riduna in and many others in her community Riduna seems to be a character in its own right It is the only world they have known or wanted to know On the other hand Edward lives with his head full of dreams of distant shores As their destiny is challenged will their devotion remain constant Diana chose the name 'Riduna' to conjure up the mystery and beauty of an island which holds a special place in her heart.Riduna

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  • 02 March 2016

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    Reviewed for Readers FavoriteHarriet always thought she had her simple life planned out She would grow up on Riduna marry and raise a family never leaving her tiny island home Sometimes dreams aren't enough to face the realities of life and the harsh realities of life can change even the best of dreams Edward grwe up next door to Harriet and he had always dreamed of traveling going to sea and adventuring but he always thought he would come back to the safe port of home in Riduna and Harriet When tragedies occur and Edward is far at sea and nowhere to be the rock that Harriet needs his cousin Joe becomes her rock and protector Riduna follows these three people through life and the developments of the world and war and all the changes that occur to change all of their dreams Diana Jackson does a wonderful job of giving a family saga that touches your heart with love and heartache You become involved in the family and want to know and want to see what occursRiduna is such a small island but among the friends we met in the beginng some can't wait to leave some can never see leaving and some who never planned to leave find things that they have no control over can change even the best of plans Diana Jackson is a great writer and develops a wonderful story that has you feeling part of the lives of these people You can almost imagine yourself on the island of Riduna right in their lives There are historical events that truly occured mixed into the story that makes it feel even real and like this could really be someone's actual life This is a great book the first of two book in the series and would be a wonderful read for anyone of interest

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    I could almost hear the sea and taste the salty airTo be perfectly honest I found this a little slow to start Then for me Jane the doctors daughter the friend of Harriet the main character seemed a whole lot interesting But as the story progressed and children became young adults it livened up At times the words magically evoked the faint sound of the sea washing upon the rocky shore I could almost smell the sea airI was moved by the tragedies that just seemed to never end for Harriet I was warmed by the great compassion and sensitivity she showed her family friends neighbours It turned out to be a wonderful story and one I would certainly recommend Although like I said you may need to persevere through the opening pages but the story did not disappoint in the end

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    I won this book through GoodreadsIt is about the life on a small island Riduna in the late 19th Century The book tells the story so you really get a feeling for what it was like to grow up on a small island you follow peoples dreams and tragedies It is amazing that some of these people never left or even wanted to leave the island I liked the book and definitely would like to read in this series I will recommend the book to family and friends

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