A Bitter Fate

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Pisemsky was a Russian novelist and dramatist who was regarded as an equal of Ivan Turgenev and Fyodor Dostoyevsky in the late s, but whose reputation suffered a spectacular decline after his fall out with Sovremennik magazine in the early s A realistic playwright, along with Aleksandr Ostrovsky he was responsible for the first dramatization of ordinary people in the history of Russian theatre Pisemsky s great narrative gift and exceptionally strong grip on reality make A Bitter PDF or him one of the best Russian novelistsPisemsky s first novel Boyarschina was originally forbidden for its unflattering description of the Russian nobility His principal novels are The Simpleton , One Thousand Souls , which is considered his best work of the kind, and Troubled Seas, which gives a picture of the excited state of Russian society around the year He also wrote plays, including A Bitter Fate also translated as A Hard Lot , which depicts the dark side of the Russian peasantry The play has been called the first Russian realistic tragedy it won the Uvarov Prize of the Russian Academy.

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  • A Bitter Fate
  • Aleksey Pisemsky
  • 03 June 2019

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