Atlas of Human Anatomy

❴Read❵ ➪ Atlas of Human Anatomy Author Frank H. Netter – Netter Atlas de Anatomia Humana e uma das principais obras do renomado medico e artista Frank H Netter e o principal atlas de referencia para o estudo da anatomia do corpo humano em todo o mundo As cl Netter Atlas de Anatomia Humana e uma das principais obras do renomado medico e artista Frank H Netter e o principal atlas de referencia para o estudo da anatomia do corpo humano em todo o mundo As classicas e extraordinarias ilustracoes detalhadas do Dr Netter Atlas of PDF or desmistificam este assunto as vezes intimidante para os estudantes apresentando uma linguagem visual para entender a anatomia e como esta se aplica a medicina Esta Edicao contem um forte foco clinico como jamais houve com muitos exemplos novos diagnosticos por imagem ilustracoes clinicas adicionais e guias online ue tornam facil correlacionar a anatomia com a pratica Tambem traz juntamente com o livro impresso o codigo de acesso gratuito a uma serie de valiosos e exclusivos conteudos interativos extras no Student Consult para auxilia lo em seu estudo e maximizar a compreensao para a sua pratica.Atlas of Human Anatomy

Frank H Netter April September was an artist physician and most notably a leading medical illustrator He was also a Fellow of The New York Academy of MedicineFrank Henry Netter was born in Manhattan at rd Street and Seventh Avenue and Atlas of PDF or grew up wanting to be an artist In high school he obtained a scholarship to study at the National Academy of Design doing so at night w.

Atlas of Human Anatomy eBook ´ Atlas of  PDF or
  • ebook
  • 624 pages
  • Atlas of Human Anatomy
  • Frank H. Netter
  • 24 September 2016
  • 9788535254884

10 thoughts on “Atlas of Human Anatomy

  1. says:

    This book's an art Every picture is drawn by the author It's a must have if you're going to study anatomy

  2. says:

    If you are in the medical field this book is basically your bible At some point in your career this book will either be your doom or your salvation In other words a very accurate description of the real bible

  3. says:

    I love this bookI really doholds it close to her hartIt made my dreams come trueWellit did not I actually hated it when I had to learn the basics of Anatomy in my first year of medicineIt was as much fun as that plastic brain I hadOn my desk not as my regular brain substitution mind youAny way even thou –at the time I had a nausea attack as soon as I saw it I now praise it PRAISE THE LORDHALLELUJAHI'VE BEEN SAVEDAnd I wasIt's a good book to consult on many issuesIt was beneficial for my Pathology classes and even for looking at formalin corpsesZOMBIE GONNA EAT ME Ermwrong storySothe bottom line is if you want a universal human anatomy atlas pick this one

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    Netterer's sort of a douche can't help signing his name to every page and spelling it out in acrostics and reminding you of his many degrees I think in his author photo he's wearing a tshirt printed with his CV but his work is fantastic his drawings capture the real appearance of the meat so that ifwhen you look at an actual body you can identify its parts without much trouble As importantly he thinks carefully about point of view the angles of his illustrations allow you to see how all the parts in the picture interrelate the hipbone's connected to the thighbone now hear the words of the lord apparently without letting you lose track of the exact position of these bits in the overall body All in all a rollercoaster of action adventure

  5. says:

    As a medical illustrator this is one of unrealistic and highly inaccurate atlases out there Although most in the medical profession see it as their bible there are much better anatomy books out there Don't get me wrong the pictures are very pretty and colorful but as a reference you're much better off with Thieme Clemente or even Grant

  6. says:

    Excellent book If you want to know what your body looks like from inside this is the book to have Helps you understand visually the inner workings of your body

  7. says:

    Picked this up for my daughter age 5 who's going through an obsession with anatomy phaseI'm not in the medical fields myself so I can't evaluate this the way that a physician or anatomist would But from an outsider's perspective I can definitely appreciate it as a work of scholarship and of art I suspect it's a classic for good reason Beautifully detailed and thorough illustrations Gives me a lot better understanding of the body And importantly gives us something to show our daughter every time she asks How does the heart work? or What's inside the neck? or How do toes work? or Where does the baby grow? She's fascinated which is neat to watch Though apparently the brain suicks her Go figure I suspect that it will continue to offer fertile grounds for exploration for years to comeMy one gripe is that all the illustrations are of white people all apparently in peak physical condition all young and mostly male Eg except when female genitalia are involved To some extent that's not a huge deal we really are all mostly the same under the skin as far as I can tell So medically that shouldn't matter But it does feel like it contributes to establishingreinforcing a strong social norm between what's normal and what's unusual The classic selfother dichotomy encoded in a textbook used by most all? physicians trained in the US

  8. says:

    Of course with this Altas read isn't an appropriate word but it should be Studied DIt was my best friend during the whole 2 years of studying Anatomy and i think it always will be my favorite reference

  9. says:

    The Holy Book of many a medical student and I am no exception

  10. says:

    Basically it's a must read book for every medical studentbut the 6th edition is much better

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