We Are Best Friends Mulberry Books

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Aliki has written and illustrated Best Friends Epub µ many books both fiction and nonfiction loved by readers throughout the world The books were inspired by a word an experience or the desire to find out Aliki lives in London England.

We Are Best Friends Mulberry Books Kindle ↠ We Are
  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • We Are Best Friends Mulberry Books
  • Aliki
  • English
  • 10 November 2016
  • 9780688070373

10 thoughts on “We Are Best Friends Mulberry Books

  1. says:

    Great book about dealing with the sadness that comes from a best friend moving away and the joy of finding a new friend

  2. says:

    Robert learns an important lesson friends are replaceable

  3. says:

    So I'm embarking on a journey to read as many of the books in our school library as I can because I know nothing about our collection So here goesI literally just started with the As in the fiction and so this book is first I didn't have a lot of hope for it It looks like a really old and hokey book about friendship that won't actually say anything And then I started reading and the language was really stilted and formal My kid is weird and doesn't use a lot of contractions but is that normal? It felt weird But then as you move on it's a book about being the friend left behind when one friend moves It's about the hesitance to get another new friend I felt like it was really nice and offers some guidance for those kids stuck in that situation I don't think it's a book that any kid is going to feel compelled to pull off the shelf but it's something I'll remember to be able to recommend when a child is having this issue

  4. says:

    This story was buried deep deep in the recesses of my mind since the first grade but I recognized it instantly when I saw the cover I've always thought about it fondly especially the I don't like freckes portion but I couldn't remember the name of it for anything Imagine my pleased surprise to find out that it was written by Aliki Whoop whoop Anyway I'm extremely happy to have the title this time

  5. says:

    Make new friends and keep the old

  6. says:

    We Are Best Friends is a short picture book about friendship A boys best friend moves away and he's upset because he has no one to play with any But a new boy comes and at first Robert didn't like Will but after awhile and knowing that Peter had made new friends but that Robert was still his best friend Robert was willing to hang out with Will and show him all the things he and Peter had done together Best suited for k 2nd grade

  7. says:

    In the book We Are Best Friends Robert is sad and lonely when his best friend Peter moves away Robert and Peter continue to keep in touch by writing letters to each other A new boy Will moves into the neighborhood but Robert is reluctant about being his friend because he misses Peter Meanwhile Peter makes a new friend at his school Robert eventually allows Will into his heart and they become friends This book’s theme is friendship I love how both boys realize that they can keep their old friends and make new ones too I think many children would be able to identify with this book especially children who have moved schools Although I like the message of this book the plot was hard to follow The book had a lot of back and forth dialogue between the characters which made it difficult to keep track of who was saying what Some of the dialogue was not tagged which made it even difficult to figure out which character was speaking I had to carefully read the book twice to understand what was going on I would only use this book to read to an individual child While reading I would point to the characters as I read their lines to help clarify which character was speaking

  8. says:

    When Peter moved away Robert got very upset because he had no one to do anything with any One day a new boy Will moved to his school Peter sent a letter to Robert to tell him about his new school and how he is doing Robert decides to befriend Will and learns that it is okay to have than one best friendThis book was very cute I loved the innocence of the writing as well as the innocence of the pictures It was a good readThis book would be great to let a child read in class when their best friend moves away to see it's okay to make friends because that does not mean you won't be friends with the former friend

  9. says:

    I love Aliki So I look for her? his? books at the library whenever we go It helps that the A authors are right by the toytable area Anyway this book is cute It's about a boy whose best friend moves away and how he finds another best friend It actually made me sad thinking about best friends of mine who have moved away my whole life Aliki has a simple drawing and writing style Recommended for preschool age and up

  10. says:

    This book is great for children who are shy or for those who are afraid of making new friends In this book two children lives are changed when one move away Both friends go through a rough patch but eventually make new friends while keeping up their friendship through letters and conversing about the new friends they've made I would use this book in the beginning of the school year to encourage children to talk to one another

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