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✮ Seduce Me Books ✰ Author Carly Phillips – Looking this good should be against the lawSexy divorce attorney Jack Latham is brilliant in court and even better in bed He has no desire to get off the romance go round until a high profile case ass Looking this good should be against the lawSexy divorce attorney Jack Latham is brilliant in court and even better in bed He has no desire to get off the romance go round until a high profile case assigns him to work with his law firm's resident ice ueen Mallory Sinclair For years Mallory's power suits and cool professionalism have laid down the law for male colleagues But the lady has a secret Jack just happens to be the object of her desire Hiding her lust has been a challenge but her ambitions demanded the sacrifice Now with Jack so tantalizingly close it's time to reveal the silk beneath the pinstripes.Seduce Me


Paperback  Á Seduce Me MOBI ò
  • Paperback
  • 249 pages
  • Seduce Me
  • Carly Phillips
  • English
  • 15 July 2016
  • 9780373773268

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    I feel like this book in many ways sets women back Mallory is the MC whose goal is to become of partner at the law firm she works She definitely meets the conditions of a woman in a man's worldwork force until she has to work with a good looking divorce attorney Jack Jack tends to take things that Mallory says during client interviews to heart and sees them as negative so he isn't too kind in return So Mallory ends up using her womanly wiles and to me it becomes a step backwards for women Definitely not in the workplace I won't even say anything because the title says the rest of it for the reader Not my cup of tea but maybe it is for you whoever you might be

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    As a Carly Phillips fan I have to admit to being than disappointed in this story; there is simply nothing about it that I enjoyed The dialogue is horrendous; it's one cheesy line after the next it all felt juvenile and unrealistic The best of the horrid lines was he wanted to be the man to plumb her hidden depths I laughed so hard I was crying Their chemistry goes from being non existent to being exaggerated and unbelievable What I think really went wrong with this story was making the characters fall in love Carly tried to create a deep and emotional tale out of a shallow office romp I can understand the whole vacationoffice fling It happens it's believable But after a few embraces these two start acting like they have uncovered each others life's secrets Give me a break They never shared than a few personal facts about themselves yet suddenly they are in love The part that really irked me was Mallory has worked so hard to be seen a certain way and then after a stupid comment from a virtual stranger she is willing to throw away all she's worked for to prove a guy wrong It just wasn't believable I would have preferred it if she just would have seduced him because she was sexually attracted to him not making it some childish answer to a challenge like he double dog dared her This is one Carly book I will not be keeping Cherise Everhard January 2008

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    I picked up this book thinking it would be like Carley's other books but I was a little disapointed I liked it but I don't think I would read it again Mallory is a woman on a mission to become a partner at the law firm that she works at She has sacrificed just about everything to get to the top She has de feminized herself and worked non stop for 8 years but now she has been assigned to work with a handsome divorce partner Mallory and Jack go away to meet with their client at a resort and when Mallory tries to put her own feelings aside about how the clients wife has been treated and use everything for their client Jack makes a comment about how cold she is and Mallory doesn't like that Jack is a partner at the law firm that has a real problem with marriage He not only has watched his clients go through the ringer but he has watched his father take it for years from his mother Mallory seems an enigma to him Non descript but definately smart and on the job he accepts her assignment to help him with this new client But he is tired of women without a heart He is looking for a little softness a careing femanin woman When Mallory makes a cold hearted comment about useing something about the wife against her he makes a rude comment about her being cold Mallory is out to prove that she isn't the cold hearted woman that Jack sees So she sets up a little seduction scene and when Jack shows up he is surprised to find that Mallory is different than what she protrays The beautiful and sensual woman that sent him the invitation is so different from the day time one he is blown away But Mallory only sets him get a little glimpse of the real her and ends their night The next week is spent with Jack and Mallory taking turns at seduction But though they think that this is all a game their perseptions of each other are changing and they are comeing to mean a lot to each other What will happen when the real world has to come back into the picture?

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    I am not new to Carly Phillips and her writings I can say I’m consistently inconsistent when it comes to whether or not I like her books Seduce Me was not overly impressive but it was okay Jack Latham is a well known divorce attorney in his law firm He’s almost as well known for his win record as he is for his motto that marriage is the ultimate evil and that women are the enemy He enjoyed women for a night or two but that was it He would never be caught in a relationship let alone a marriage That’s why when a female colleague is catching his eye and making him think thoughts of the future he’s not only confused but it has turned his life upside down Mallory Sinclair has spent her entire life trying to prove herself to men Her dad always wanted a boy and has never hid his disappointment that he didn’t get one Mallory is convinced that if she can just make partner he will finally be proud of her To make partner in the all male law firm she has to gain the respect and trust of the older conservative partners If hiding her sexuality behind severe hair no make up and ultra conservative clothes is what she has to do to achieve that then so be it Now she’s being summoned to help Jack in a divorce case The very eccentric client is reuiring the pair to stay at his resort so he can get to know them better How is she going to hide the real her night and day for days on end? “If you love someone you want to trust them You want them to trust you” This book was a nice uick read It was very basic and not overly cerebral but great if you are looking for a uick beach read or something of the sort You can find this review and others at

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    While visiting my family in Pennsylvania I managed to sueeze this in during the few uiet moments The ice princess associate lawyer has to work with the sexy partner on a case He hates women and she has daddy issues Of course they are perfect for each other and are willing to throw away everything to pursue each other? Well maybe not uite but close If it weren't for some redeeming sex scenes this would have been a solid two stars

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    My first time reading this author and I really enjoyed the book I read it in one day

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    A VERY FAST readPlenty of build up to keep you interested Has a happy ending Classic Carly Phillips You can always count on Phillips for a great beachweekend read

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    Funny sexy VERY entertaining story

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    Second time I read this book

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