Walking with Ghosts (Earthworks S.)

❰Epub❯ ➜ Walking with Ghosts (Earthworks S.) Author Qwo-Li Driskill – E17streets4all.co.uk Written from a contemporary Cherokee ueer and mixed race experience Walking with Ghosts Poems confronts the legacy of land theft genocide and forced removal of Cherokees from their homelands while sim Written from a contemporary Cherokee ueer and mixed race experience Walking with Ghosts Poems confronts the legacy of land theft genocide and forced removal of Cherokees from their homelands while simultaneously resisting ongoing attacks on both indigenous and gay lesbian bisexual transgender GLBT communities The debut work of wo Li Driskill a young Cherokee poet also of African Irish Lenape Lumbee and Osage ancestries these poems move across Cherokee history From the infamous Trail of Tears and the Allotment Act to the Indian boarding school Walking with MOBI :ò system and contemporary manifestations of racism these poems reach into Cherokee collective memory asking its readers to not only remember the history of colonization but also the survival and continuance of Indigenous Nations With this collection Driskill who identifies as ueer as well as two spirit a contemporary term used in North American indigenous communities to describe diverse sexual and gender identities becomes one of only a few of American Indian ueertwo spirit male writers in print; Refusing to compromise identities Driskill also grapples with the impact of hate crimes on GLBT communities multiracial and multi tribal identity the AIDS crisis psychic trauma and war Yet the poems in this collection are rooted in a sense of love and the power of words to heal the legacies of colonization and other forms of violence Cherokee love poems weave into eulogies to the dead while ghosts draw the living into a place of wholeness Tender startling confrontational and erotic this book honors the dead and brings the survivors back home.Walking with Ghosts (Earthworks S.)

wo Li Driskill is a Cherokee Two Spiritueer writer scholar educator activist and performer also of African Irish Lenape Lumbee and Osage ascent Hir artistic and scholarly work appears in numerous publications and she performs and facilitates workshops at events across Turtle Island wo Li holds a PhD in Rhetoric Writing from Michigan State University and is currently an assistant.

Walking with Ghosts ePUB ô Walking with  MOBI :ò
  • ebook
  • 108 pages
  • Walking with Ghosts (Earthworks S.)
  • Qwo-Li Driskill
  • 12 August 2016
  • 9781280950117

10 thoughts on “Walking with Ghosts (Earthworks S.)

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    In Seattle 100 lit candlesI wanted the city to burnIn San Francisco a rainbow flag hung half mastI wanted the earth to split openIn DC the president finally spokeI wanted screams to shatter glassIn Laramie they wore armbandsI wanted revolution

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    This is not an easy book to read and it shouldn't be It took me months One tear filled poem at a time There is a ring of beauty and joy hemming each poem in like a ring of salt to keep out despair I loved the imagery and the heart and the life found here even in the face of overwhelming odds

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    This is a book of strong poems it brings the reader through many emotions anger love fear sadness He uses his words to educate mourn heal and take back power He gives us his native language and traditionsMy favorite poem is his long one written after Reagan's death Eulogy for the 40th he reminds us there are many in America who We don't care if Ronnie was a gentleman or looked good incowboy boots Please don't talk about the smile flashingin his eyesMurdered nuns flashed in his eyes Granada Nicaragua El Salvador AIDS flashed in his eyes Indeed through out this book he brings up AIDS rape murder of gays and drag ueens He rises their memory in elegies and rememberances He speaks in first person in some of these and we feel the fear it is to live a life as outsider In the one story in the book named Story this fear is bracingThis is a book to take back stolen territory in the poem Song of Removal he addresses Columbus AIDS and all the removals that have taken place through time he writes And this white college student says to meI hate it when Hispanics won't speak EnglishThis is our countryBut it is not your countryNever will be your countryand the Xicano and the Xicanashall speak whatever they chooseshall keep alive their ancestorsshall keep livingand I wonder why you don't speak Cheyenne —punch in the belly writing on nearly every pageMy second favorite poem is Evening With Andrew Jackson who shows up at his door trailing blood like satin ribbons These days Andrew is writing a New Age bookHe is making a dream catcherHe is mining minerals from the Black HillsHe is leaving trails across the continentAnd another favorite short poem is To Your Rude uestion What's your Pedigree? A Response I would love it if this book were widely read schools should teach it

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    I really appreciated this book for the fierce history survival stories Think that many of these pieces would be amazing performed live

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    Vivid imagery intertwined with experiences both uniue and sharedI read through on a long bus ride but anticipate many years of listening and learning

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    Incredibly raw and powerful collection that maintained its lyrical uality while tackling issues of HIVAIDS in the gay community hate crimes the refugee making of Native Americans violence towardsin indigenous communities and the author’s own struggles as a two spirited individual in a society that likes to check boxes I loved this and would definitely recommend reading it; ultimately we’re all interconnected share the same hearts and the same wounds this author has a deep understanding of this

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    Beautiful and Powerful Poetry

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    wo Li Driskill has a way of describing tragedy with a beautiful usage of language Each poem I felt deeply Beautiful book

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    A magnificent poetry collection by a Two Spirit Native American The poems in this book are just consistently tight and haunting 8510

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