Souvenir and threenot uite straightforward tales

❮Read❯ ➳ Souvenir and threenot uite straightforward tales Author Daniel Kelley – A collection of four extraordinary stories not one of which travels a predictable route On a weekend jaunt with her parents a 15 year old girl shoplifts from the wrong souvenir shop The conseuences ar A collection of threenot uite eBook ↠ four extraordinary stories not one of which travels a predictable route On a weekend jaunt with her parents a year old girl shoplifts from the wrong souvenir shop The conseuences aren’t immediate but a disconcerted Frankie Spitz soon discovers how overpowering an unexpected punishment can be Marleen lives an isolated existence except for work and her best friend “Little Souvenir and PDF/EPUB or Sister” follows a day in Marleen’s life as revelations surface and things that seemed obvious at the start begin to blurA glimmer appears in the center of a boy’s bedroom not uite a ghost not uite ANYthing that Tommy can name Except that he knows it’s a girl and that she’s trying her best to communicate with him In “Catching Lisette” Tommy chases explanations and threenot uite PDF/EPUB ¶ for his phantom visitor never anticipating the beguiling answers to his uestions The fourth tale in this word collection is “Photo Finish” Rosalie Turner’s about to field the biggest curveball life’s ever thrown at her Mysterious strangers are showing up in her photographs; are the reasons for this rooted in her past In the Bad Thing that Rosalie never meant to do years before Or is there a simpler explanation Rosalie along with her daughter Jenna tries to massage clarity out of an enigma and ends up exploring not only her past but also her present life Events conspire to overtake her speculations though and Rosalie ends up understanding all too muchA fabulous read with well drawn characters and plots These are four thrilling stories.Souvenir and threenot uite straightforward tales

Daniel Kelley is threenot uite eBook ↠ an author and a music arranger His fifth novel Raffle Ticket was published in October Nearly books of Daniel’s compositions and arrangements have sold worldwide and over of his e books have captivated readers With lyricist JoEllen Doering he also composed the music to the classic holiday song “It's Christmas Time Again” Daniel mosaics bakes constantly.

Souvenir and threenot uite straightforward tales PDF
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  • 69 pages
  • Souvenir and threenot uite straightforward tales
  • Daniel Kelley
  • English
  • 05 August 2016

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    Daniel Kelley has a writing style that is refreshing These four set of stories are very creepy but really interesting to read The first story Souvenir although not amusing had me laughing It was probably my favorite I would highly recommend these stories Daniel Kelley

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    I enjoyed these stories In my opinion they were written and put together well All the stories were thought out nicely and each was cohesive and left nothing to uestion Of all the stories I liked Little Sister the most I thought it was a particularly interesting ideaI did have have two issues with the stories although these are nit picky and should be taken as my opinion not an accurate assessment of the works For me the endings were a bit predictable I can't however say this will be the case for everyone I tend to enjoy dark and speculative fiction as well as the horror and science fiction genres but for those not usually fans of the the extreme contained within those categories I believe you may be surprised by the endings and enjoy the stories uite a bit Also I thought the dialogue in the female voices was a bit off; I am NOT someone who believes that an author shouldn't write from the perspective of the opposite gender in fact many authors do this very successfully I wouldn't say that Daniel Kelley didn't pull it off but I couldn't help but see the influences of a man's take on a woman and possibly a bit of stereotypical views on the dialogue The male voices was excellentAll that being said I did enjoy the collection of stories and thought they were well done

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    This is a collection of four short stories all on different themes The first – Souvenir – is a weird story about a girl and a journal Has an unexpected twist at the endLittle Sister – No spoilers but this story was incomplete for me probably a little too deepCatching Lisette – literally I liked this one A story about how knowing a little about something can help you in the long runPhoto Finish My favourite of the four as I thought it was the most complete and I liked the way it ended I didn’t guess what was going to happen and what did fitted the title and the story I don’t usually read short stories as I prefer getting to know characters and the reasons for their actions However this is a nice little collection which filled the gap before I got stuck into something else longer term I received a complimentary copy of this book in order to review it

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    I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest reviewThis is one of those books where at the end of each short story you want to rub your temples shake your head and ask the author “What happens next?” Souvenirand three not uite straightforward tales is the perfect name for this collection The title story Souvenir has the makings for a mysterysuspense film Little Sister left me with too many uestions Did the sister really exist? Was she an abortedmiscarried child? The shell of Marleen? Chasing Linette was my least favorite of the four short stories though I don’t know why It actually has a very interesting storyline Photo Finish was the perfect way to end this collection It has a haunting tragic yet beautiful feel to itI think this short story collection will appeal to both teens and adults alike

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    Daniel Kelley has laid out for us four interesting mentally ueasy short stories Each of them has something about them that twists reality on the noseThere are four stories Souvenirs Little Sister Catching Lisette Photo Finish I don't know why he Mr Kelley chose Souvenir for the first story well maybe because the other three would have been odder titles for the collectionMy favorite read was Little Sister which might appear obvious early on but the author gives nothing away and you must make your own decisionThe best story was Photo Finish with full characters and a growing sense of forebodingIf you like short stories with a hint of creepiness you will definitely enjoy this

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    This collection of 4 short stories really piued by interest I saw a write up on it that grabbed my attention and was pleasantly surprised to find myself reading all of them in one day Stealing from a souvenir shop definitely changes Frankie's life in Souvenir Marleen and her little sister is an amazing introspective into the mind of a girl whose life is not uite what it seems at first Catching Lisette is a great paranormal read with a surprise answer for Tommy And Photo Finish really grabs the readers attention when the final story line becomes all too clear for Rosalie at the end Kelley's ability to capture a character is a talent I wish publishers would showcase

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    Souvenir by Daniel Kelley is a praiseworthy assemblage of well written thought provoking short stories all with a kind of supernaturalparanormal type vibe Although I am not typically drawn to short stories I believe this collection was definitely worth reading If I had a to pick a favorite of the 4 stories I would have to say that Photo Finish was probably the one If you enjoy The Twilight Zone and have a couple spare minutes I think you will enjoy this compilationI received this ebook through the Early Reviewers Program at Librarything for my honest review

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    Souvenir and three not uite straightforward talesThe collection of these very well written and entertaining stories entail Karma Escape from Reality Intuition and Psychic Phenomenon Daniel Kelley Novels and stories are always so well written They just seem to flow as I read them I glanced through some of the other customers’ reviews and was surprised that Little Sister wasn't a favorite I believe that I understand where the writer was going with that story All four were my favorites Thank you for a great afternoon

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    Souvenir and three not uite straightforward tales by Daniel Kelley is a collection of four self contained short stories arrayed like the items in a Souvenir shop Built around a journal a sister an unexpected visitor and photographs of strangers each well written story draws the reader through surprising events with believable characters to an unexpected ending It is easy to find yourself within the story and wondering where it will end A good read for a uiet evening

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    I really liked this book It reads like an episode of twilight zone with wild paranormal stories that really get you thinking My favorite is the last tale of the mother of the teenager if all the photo's of her or the photo's that she take a man and a little girl show up in them I was surprised to find out why Good read Author has done a great job and I would like to read of their writing

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